Beware the Weeping Angels

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Chapter One: The Stony Gaze

Something just felt... wrong. It was Christmas Eve and rather than sitting round a big old tree with her family (an event the girl only had the faintest memories of) or even idling the day away, watching old Christmas specials with her likewise family-less partner, while they volunteered to man the precinct come Christmas, Seras Victoria was slowly inching her way through an old, abandoned city drainage system. But the grafitied walls, moist floor and utter lack of any indications of the holiday was not what bothered Seras. Well, it wasn't the main thing that bothered her anyway. No, since becoming a vampire she'd found that she'd developed a certain sixth sense. She could literally feel it when things just didn't add up, could sense danger and threats, hidden just beyond the scope of what the eyes could see. It was, she realized upon reflection, bloody annoying. And right now this sixth sense was lit up like... well, like the Christmas trees her current occupation seemed bent on keeping her away from.

The young fledgling moved a little further down the poorly lit tunnel, and the corner of her eyes caught a subtle flicker of movement in the shadows. Quickly she turned, just in time to see a ghoul break from the darkness and charge her. There was no time to draw the oversized Basilisk rifle on her back, so Seras settled for the small caliber handgun she'd brought along in case of close quarters fighting within the confined concrete drainage tunnels. Three pops, three new holes in the creature's head, and it dropped lifeless to the cold, damp floor.

"Alright, that's one less undead to be sneaking up on me," the vampire commented to herself as she examined the corpse. "Now, if only I could find the one responsible for you." No, the ghoul wasn't her target, not her real target anyway. He was victim who's suffering she'd mercifully ended, nothing more. Her real targets were others like herself. As part of the Hellsing organization she hunted not the victims, but those monsters who preyed upon the innocent.

And that was why her master's master had sent her into this all but forgotten underground maze. Citizens had been disappearing for days, vanishing from all over London, and the one thing all the disappearances had in common was their close proximity to this antiquated, broken down, series of drainage tunnels. So Seras and her Master had been sent into the vermins' hole to exterminate them. Alucard had entered the system from one end, and Seras the other, the goal being to cover the most ground in the shortest time possible.

Suddenly a whisper of wind, from one of the system's remaining vents to the world above, blew through the Hellsing agent's strawberry-blonde hair, and it carried with it the scent of another night-stalker. Seras's nose crinkled up as she sniffed at the scent, making sure it was indeed what her heightened sense told her. "Well, well, ask and ye shall find, eh?" the girl chirped happily. "Good, maybe I'll actually be able to get this over with before midnight after all," she mused aloud as she set off on the trail of the scent.

It wasn't long before the hunter uncovered her prey, but what she found was not quite what she'd expected. The tunnel she was in led to a great opening with many other tunnels converging in it. There was a deep pit in the center and an old, rusty railing around it. Seras guessed the area she was now in had once been a repository of some kind, though in truth her surroundings commanded little of her attention currently. Instead, the bulk of it was directed towards the punky looking, purple haired creature cowering in the corner of the room and the four pristine stone statues that the latter's eyes were rapidly flicking between.

"You! Who are you? What are you doing here? No! Mustn't look away. That's how they get you. Watching, always watching. They're watching us, so we have to watch them! Mustn't look away, never look away. There! That one of the left, did it move? I think it moved. It moved, didn't it?"

Seras suddenly felt a strange sympathy well up in her. She knew that this terrified, babbling creature before her was one of the vampires she sought. Seras could smell the taint on her, a taint all too familiar. The monsters had murdered fifteen people, that they knew of. And the purple haired girl's black dress still carried the crimson stain of dried blood. She was a monster, a horrible creature that preyed upon the innocent, even still she was terrified, panicky... and more than a little mad from the sound of things. What had happened to so captivate her in sheer terror?

Seras turned towards the statues and examined them. They appeared to be angels, crying into their hands. Their heads were lowered, and their arms raised so that their faces were completely covered. But even without seeing the faces, Seras felt sure that they must've been angels. They had wings sprouting from their backs and were clothed in old timey robes after all. It was... strange to see such things lying around in an abandoned drainage system, and stranger still that they looked untouched by the decay around them. But such things hardily struck Seras as enough to send the cringing vampire before her off the deep end.

"I... what happened to you?" Seras asked, her voice carrying a note of sympathy, despite the fact that her brain told her the monster deserved none of it.

"They," the other vampire replied scornfully. "They happened."

Seras turned back to the four figures once more, a puzzled expression forming on her face. "Them? But they're just statues."

"Of course they are... now. But that's only because I'm watching them. Take your eyes off of them and they come for you. Fast... so fast. Faster than my master. Faster than me. He told us. He tried to warn us. But we wouldn't listen."

"Who tried to warn you? Warn you of what?"

"The last man we took. 'Beware the weeping angels,' he said. 'Don't take your eyes off of them. Don't look away. Don't even blink.' We thought he was crazy. But he wasn't. He was right, and now my master is gone, and I'm stuck in here with them. Waiting, just waiting. Please, don't let them get me! Please, I'll be good; I will! Just don't let them get me!"

And with those words Seras was reminded of the reason she was combing through those tunnels in the first place. The killers had taken another victim, and this one... Perhaps there might yet still be a chance for this latest captive... if whatever insanity that now gripped the purple-haired vampire had struck early enough.

"This man, the last one you took, where is he?"

"The angels, beware the weeping angels."

"The man," Seras repeated more forcefully, "where is he?"

"He went that way," the other vampire finally answered as she pointed at one of the tunnels leading from the repository.

Seras moved towards the tunnel indicated.

"No, No! Don't leave me!" the purple-haired vampire called out as she rose to her feet and began to chase after Seras. "No! Please don-" The frantic pleading ceased mid-word as Seras stepped over the threshold of the new tunnel, causing the Hellsing agent to turn back to where she'd left the other vampire.

Only as Seras turned around she saw the cold clutches of a stone claw reaching out to her. The angels had moved. Three of them were standing just beyond the entrance to the tunnel Seras was now in, their hand's still covering up their faces. But the fourth was right in the opening, its arms outstretched as if reaching to grab her, its face uncovered. And now that she could see the face, the statue no longer inspired angelic thoughts, but rather demonic ones instead. Its wasn't that the face was ugly and grotesque, though those words were fitting descriptions. It was the long teeth and the hungry, lustful expression that now conjured up images of the damned, reaching, clawing after her.

Startled, Seras gasped and fell backwards, her rump landing on the hard, concrete floor. Still she could not take her eyes from the creature. And as she started into its empty, ivory, dead ones, she was just beginning to understand the sheer terror that had so gripped the purple haired vampire. The statues were indeed alive!

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