Chapter Two: Dancing Through the Darkness

Startled, Seras gasped and fell backwards, her rump landing on the hard, concrete floor. Still she could not take her eyes from the creature. And as she started into its empty, ivory, dead ones, she was just beginning to understand the sheer terror that had so gripped the purple haired vampire. The statues were indeed alive!

"No, you don't want to look them in the eyes, trust me," a voice called out to Seras's right.

"What, who are you?" the Hellsing agent inquired, keeping her eyes upon the statue but now being careful to divert her gaze from its eyes.

"Me? Oh, I'm the Doctor," the voice replied, sounding altogether too cheerful and upbeat in Seras's opinion for the situation they were in.

"What, doctor who?"

"Just the Doctor," the voice answered. "Oh, and you don't need to keep your eyes on the statues, not right now at least. I've got a clear view of both entrances to this tunnel. So long as I keep my eyes open, they can't step inside."

"Are... are you sure?"

"Me? Oh, I've seen far too much in my life to be sure of anything," the Doctor replied then paused for a half second. "But I'm pretty certain in this case. I've faced them before you see, and I know their tricks. All those little, tricky tricks. They can't get you while you're watching them, or step into your view. They just turn to stone whenever anyone can see them, and then they're stuck. Can't help it; it's part of their biology."

The man sounded a little loony to Seras, but, assuming this was the same man the other vampires had taken, he'd been right so far about the statutes. So, she decided that, in-lue of any first hand experience of her own, she mine as well trust in his judgment. Slowly she turned her head from the frightening statue and looked towards the man who's knowledge she was intrusting her life too.

His appearance helped to allay some of her fears. His clothing gave the impression of a learned man: brown tweed jacket with elbow patches, dress shirt, gold wrist watch, dark-blue trousers. Seras reflected that he looked a little bit like a lounging college professor... or perhaps more accurately a childhood fantasy image of a lounging college professor. The big, red bowtie around his neck struck her as more than a little odd, since really who wore bowties anymore? But it was a whole heck of a lot better than the tiny-foil hat she'd half expected to find him wearing.

"So... you've faced these things before?" the vampire asked awkwardly.

"Yes, a couple of times actually," the Doctor answered as he rose from where he'd been crouched down, his back resting against the solid end of the tunnel.

"Then there is a way to fight them."

"Fight? Me? Oh, if we're going to work together, there's one thing you need to know about me," the man responded as he drew up closer to the vampire then paused for a second before continuing. "I never fight when there's the option to run."

Seras's mind briefly flashed to what her master or his master would've thought of such a statement. Doubtless they would've dubbed the man a coward and detested him for it. But, after seeing those 'angels' in action and understanding the terror they inspired, Seras wasn't above the idea of running from them... at least not until she could figure out a better strategy. After all, she wasn't going to be able to do much of anything if they got her.

"Okay, so we run... Um, how exactly do we do that if we're keeping our eyes on them though?"

The Doctor smiled. "Simple... we run very slowly," he answered cryptically before explaining what exactly he was talking about. "The weeping angels can't get anyone if they're being watched by anyone else, right? So, all we need to do is carefully back our way out of this place, keeping our faces always towards each other, making sure the angels don't sneak up behind either of us."

Seras felt like slapping her head. Of course that made sense, and it was such a simple solution. "Sounds good," she replied with a nod.

"Okay, so you start backing up, and I'll direct you as we go. And if I need to backup, you direct me."

"Alright," Seras responded and the two began to put the plan into action. "So," the vampire asked while she took a step backwards, "why didn't you do this with the others?"

"You mean the ones who took me?"

Seras nodded.

"There were fifteen reasons why."


"That was the number of victims we passed as they dragged me through these tunnels. I warned them when they first grabbed me, but after that... They bled those people, draining their lives away and leaving them empty shells. Maybe feeling their own life energy taken by another will help them learn a lesson," the Doctor answered in an odd tone of disappointment mixed with outrage.

"Oh," Seras replied in a subdued voice as she thought about her companion's answer. "But, what about you? Not helping them trapped you here... or would of if I hadn't come along. Weren't you worried th-"

Seras's question was cut short as the sparse, utility lighting in the tunnel began to flicker. Each time the lights went out, the angels gained more ground on the slowly moving pair. And Seras could see them slowly inching their way every closer each time the power flickered back on.

"No," the Doctor exclaimed, and Seras suddenly felt terror seeping back into her soul.

"What's... what's happening?" she asked in a frightened tone.

"It seems they absorbed enough energy from their last meal to begin tapping other sources. They're draining power from the electrical system, making the lights flicker on and off."

"They're going to get us!" Seras yelled as the horrible, monstrous faces and outstretched arms drew ever closer.

"No, not just yet they're not," the Doctor responded as he quickly spun around and reached his hands into the pockets of his jacket. "Come here, run," he commanded as he quickly pulled one of his hands out and pointed a strange gizmo at a nearby electrical switch box. There was a sudden humming sound, and then the box exploded in a blast of sparks and the tunnel went complete dark, save for the green glow of the Doctor's strange device.

"What have you done!" Seras screamed.

Then the Doctor pulled out his out hand, and bent and shook a long, red cylinder object. "Here, take this and hold it in your hand," the man instructed as the object began to light up, and Seras recognized it as a large glow stick. "The light it gives off is chemically based, so the angels can't drain it."

Seras quickly snatched up the offered object and held it out as far as her arms hold allow. "Okay, but why did you shut off the lights?"

"They were draining the energy from them, getting stronger off of it," the Doctor offered by way of an explanation.

"Oh, but what about yours?"

"Quadnight shielded power core. They'd have to get a lot stronger before they could drain my baby."

"Alright," Seras responded, satisfied by her partners reasoning. "But what about our escape plan? We can hardly see more than a couple of feet with these, how are we going to navigate out of here?"

The Doctor smiled yet again. "Do you dance?" he asked as he leaned in to take her empty hand in his.

"I... This... this is very strange," Seras answered as she started to follow his lead.

"True, but it's also the best way to navigate through these tunnels with so little light. Besides, one should never be too busy to dance with a beautiful woman."

Seras thought she felt herself blush a little, but she couldn't be certain. "No, I meant dancing without music."

"Oh, yes. The music. How thick of me. Hold on a second," the Doctor replied as he let go of the vampire's hand and began to fiddle with the strange object in his own. "Hmmm, something Christmassy, but with a beat I think. Better for the dancing." And just like that the strange object's hum was replaced by a folksy version of Greensleeves, the music that the lyrics of What Child is This were set to. "There we go. After all, what's the point in having a sonic screwdriver if it can't pound out a beat or two."

Seras stared oddly at the man who, despite their circumstances, seemed to be rather enjoying himself. "You're... not exactly normal. Do you know that?"

The man chuckled. "No, normal? Never be normal. Normal's boring. And who'd ever want to be that?" He offered his hand once more.

And, though she raised an eyebrow, the girl took it again, and they danced, using the dance to cover their escape through the interconnected tunnels.

Seras had to admit, the music and dancing were helping. In fact she'd half forgotten about the horrible monsters stalking them. Until, that was, they began to draw even closer, and she accidently banged her head into one of their hands as the pair spun around. The vampire shrieked and screwed her eyes shut.

"No, don't close your eyes," the Doctor instructed. "That's what they want. They're just trying to scare you. They can't do anything so long as we can see them."

"But we can't see them," Seras complained as she followed the man's instruction and re-opened her eyes.

"We can if they get close enough. And that's all we need. See, just stone," he responded as he paused their dancing to let Seras stare at the hand she'd bumped into. "They can't get us, so they're trying to scare us, hoping we'll slip up."

"Well, they're doing a bloody good job of it," Seras commented as the pair resumed their dancing once more.

"Tell me about yourself," her dancing partner replied in an obvious attempt to give her mind something else to concentrate on.

"Oh, um, my name is Seras Victoria, and I... well, I'm a vampire. Buuut, I guess you've probably figured that out what with the red eyes and all. But, don't worry, I'm not like the ones who took you. I work for the Hellsing organization; we protect England and it's people from... other creatures of the night."

"Sounds like an interesting job," the Doctor responded. "How'd you get it?"

"I... A man was... kind to me once. He saved my life, but that saving came at a cost. So my choices were either join up with Hellsing, starve, or become something I couldn't tolerate. Not exactly the best way to get a job, huh?" Seras finished with a sad, sardonic laugh.

"No, I suppose not." The music cut out, and the sonic screwdriver began its previous humming once more, the Doctor pointing it at a box on the wall. But, after a second the music resumed.

"What was that?"

"Oh, nothing, just a little glitch," the Doctor lied as they continued dancing. "So, what did you do before you became a vampire."

"I was a police officer," Seras stated proudly.

"Ah, so no what matter your lot is in life, you seem destined to protect others," the Doctor responded with a grin.

"Yeah, I guess. How about you? What do you do?"

"Me? Oh, I travel."

"Really, where?"

"Oh," the Doctor shrugged his shoulders, "wherever I think might be interesting," he replied as the tunnels they'd been passing through opened up into another repository.

"You must be rich," Seras laughed.

"Nah, haven't a penny."

"Then how?"

"I took a ship a while back, and she brings me wherever I want to go... well, 'need' to go anyway."

"Wait, you're a thief?"

"Blah, that's a rather nasty way of putting it. I had every intension of returning what I took... time just sort of got away from me. Besides, I've never taken anything that would be missed."

"Even still, you did steal."

"Steal is such a harsh word."


"Shsssh, this is my favorite part?"

And so the vampire cop held her tongue while the strange thief twirled her around, the green glow of his sonic screwdriver combining with the red from her glow stick and casting them both in a faint, hazy light. Music filled the air, and coldhearted angels crowded around them in the darkness just beyond. And then the song began to die down, and Seras noticed with fright that the glow stick in her hand was fading. It seemed the pair had reached the end of their dance, and Seras realized with a sad irony that it was time for them to face the music.

However, right as her light was about to be extinguished, the Doctor made an odd comment. "Thank you for the dance, Seras. But I believe it's time for us to step into the light," he stated dramatically as he flipped a switch on the wall next to them and the lights in that section of the tunnel sprang back to life, revealing the four angels, their arms outstretched and gathered in a near perfect circle around the pair.

Seras eeped.

"Relax," the Doctor responded. "They can't hurt us now, can't hurt anyone now. They're stuck staring at each other." And as Seras looked around she realized that indeed, every one of the angels was within view of each of the others.

"Wait, you mean, that if they can see each other, they can't move either?"

"You've got it."

"Then this all - the dancing, shutting down the lights, just waiting until the glow stick was about to give out - it was all just a trick to get them to crowd in closely enough to trap them?"

"Yup," the Doctor replied with a proud smile.

"But... but I thought you said that you didn't fight?"

"What fight? This was a trick... and I'm very good at those," the rouge replied with a wink.

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