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Basically, I'm going to try to update these as often as I can, while still trying to knock some bigger projects out of the way, savvy? So without any further ado, I present: From the TARDIS, With Love.

Done for fanfic 100 prompt #40: Sight.

A/N: Oh, End of Time. You Make me bawl every time.

He wanted her to be the last person he would see with these eyes.

It was logical, really. She had been the first person he had see with his most recent set of eyes, so it only made sense for her to be the last as well. It brought time to a full circle, (he loved timey circles) effectively ending this chapter of his life. Out with the old, in with the new, so to speak.

Of course, his desire to be with her in his final minutes was so much more than just logic, but he would never admit that, not even to himself.

Besides, it didn't need saying.