Title: Noah Effect
Characters: Jason Blood/Etrigan the Demon, Klarion the Witchboy, the Light (mentioned)
Warning: Spoiler for Light membership reveal, obscure comic references
Rating: G

Jason never thought he would actually miss Klarion's childhood. The running, the explosions, the screaming… it had been bad enough the first time through, and he most emphatically did not need a repeat. Ever. Still, sometimes he missed the more innocent times when the witch-boy's most evil act had been merely swapping the ages of every hero on the planet or trying to murder him with mirror clones… it had been a simpler time.

Not like today.

Blood could buy that his faux-nephew had joined a super villain alliance, yes, he could even buy that he'd joined an usually powerful one given his skills, but to join the single most powerful assembly of villains known to date in order to deal with another, even more powerful alien dictator while influencing almost every other active rogue? And then double-crossing the Light at the crux of the fight? Purely, seemed, to screw with them?

There was Chaos, and then there was Klarion...

Jason missed the time when he could grab the boy and stick him in a snowglobe for a few decades.

S/V: Just a short bit from a longer series concerning the possibilities of a Chaos Lord with canon ties to a nonappearing character.