*Brady x Mikayla*

Hey what's up guys! My name's Claudia & I'm a HUGE fan of Pair of Kings so, one day I was watching POK & wondering about if Brady & Mikayla could ever be together so I decided to write my own story

I really hope you all like it! Don't be to rude with me I know i'm not a great writer hahaha Enjoy!:)

Chapter 1;

*Brady Parker POV*

It is so hard for me to even get some sleep tonight, I met this girl Mikayla just a few days ago & I've never felt anything like this before. Some kind of magic glazed my eyes & heart when I looked at her, she looked just so gorgeous, positive, attentive, smart & funny, and no doubts about it cause she actually is all that and more. I turned around & saw my brother Boomer already sleeping, we were supposed to be sleeping early cause we have sort of important things to do tomorrow, I actually didn't focus on the point cause Mikayla had such a beautiful smile.

I can't sleep! I know I should but I just can't stop thinking about why she doesn't loves me back? I mean, I'm a king, I play many instruments, I consider myself as a kind & great person, what can I miss? Or am I being conceited? Damn all these ideas are rolling over in my head. I saw the clock, 5:00 am already, times goes by when you have lots of thoughts in your head. Like it or not I HAVE to get some sleep…

- Brady! Wake up!.- I heard a sweet voice calling me
- Are you… an angel?- I said
- Ha-ha so funny now stop your jokes & get dressed quickly! You're the only one missing!- rushed Mikayla
- Wait…- I said with my eyes barely open, I was very tired I didn't want to do anything but sleep
- C'mon Bro I am already dressed & prepared to get our islanders what they were asking for!.- said Boomer excited about today
- What are you guys talking about?
- Great, as usual dear Brady forgot what he's supposed to do…- said Mikayla rolling her eyes.
- I didn't forget I just… lost the idea.
- It is the same thing Brady.- interrumped Boomer
- Well what ya guys expect of a tired king? I just woke up the only thing I can think of is on getting more sleep
- Not today so hurry up!- Mikayla yelled.
- Fine fine, I'll be down in a minute…
- Finally…- she left the room.
- Seriously bro what happened? How could u forget this day?
- I'm sorry man I just did okay? You should go & wait down with Mikayla
- Ok I will see ya there.

Boomer also left the room, great, I knew this will happen, man I am just so tired!… I should better hurry or Mikayla will be more angry. When I finished dressing, Lanny came by.

- Everything okay king Brady?.- he asked
- Yeah cous I'm just very tired, I couldn't sleep last night.
- Oh right, sorry I heard some of the conversation you had a few minutes ago with Boomer & Mikayla, so, I brought you this coffee so it can keep you awake at least 'til the event is over
- Sweet bro! I think it's gonna work for a while, thank you.- I said as he gave me the cup of coffee, it seemed weird, it didn't have the normal coffee colors but, who cares, if it'll help me be awake then I'll take it.
I went down there, every islander was expecting just me as I could see…

- Way to go Brady you kept everyone waiting for you.- said Mikayla. Seriously looks like I'm not the one who woke up with the left foot.
- Well I'm sorry! I'm here now, so let's begin…

It was kind of a festival, there were lots of games & Boomer & I were supposed to get into a competition with 2 of ours Kipikipi's neighbors.

- Ok now that both of our kings are here, we can begin the competition.- said Mikayla

Some trumpets began to sound, then drums, it was all so consfusing considering I knew nothing about what to do.

- Are ya ready Bro? let's kick some Kipikipi's butt!- shouted Boomer excited.
- Umm yeah right…- I said as I entered to the car with Boomer, he expected me to drive cause it seems I'm better driving.
- Well, remember it's a competition across the whole island you must gather 3 different items that are hidden, if you pass through some trouble both teams have with them a flare gun & we'll go right to help ya. The destinations are Shredder Beach, the Dark Side where the Tarantula People are & where the Razor Hawk lives. You have with ya a list of the 3 things needed to win, the first team who get those 3 things & get to the finish line wins

*Lanny POV*

- Are you guys ready?.- Mason asked after he finished saying the rules & instructions.

I am pretty sure that these foolish kings are going to lose, having Brady tired & with that "coffee" I gave him, there's no chance they can make it. Everyone will be so mad at them, this can be my chance to become king. I'm glad there are cameras around the city so we can watch the whole competition… This is gonna be AWE-SOME.

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