This is the last episode, but I'm writing a new Brakayla story so don't worry! I consider it better than this one, thank you all so much for reading my story it really means a lot to me! (:

The next day arrived, the fight was about to start & I was very concerned. I was the spectator, Lanny was behind me, smiling & filming, Boomer was Brady's mental support & my dad was just angry because the fight & the prize was getting me. Wow that sounded just so awful… Lanny made the introduction & the fight was about to start…

- Bring it on Baby!- James shouted
- It's Brady you fool!
- C'mon Bro you can do it!.- exclaimed Boomer

I was quiet watching. James started with the first punch, poor Brady! He got a hard punch, I really felt horrible, in fact I was against this silly fight, Brady could get really hurt. The fight continued, Brady & James were head to head but James hit Brady harder, I could notice that. Brady got a really hard punch.

- Get up! Or what i'm seeing is a looser?- Exclaimed James to Brady, who was on the floor all damaged.

Brady really tried to get up but he just couldn't, he was very very injured...
- I wont surrender...- he said with a weak voice, as he tried to stand up, he was about to get it but James hit him even harder. The poor Brady bounced to the right side of the arena.

Brady looked at me, those eyes... they were decided to continue even though he was really hurt, he tried once again to get up and fight back. In that moment James walked to him & was about to punch him again. This was just too much... I can't take it anymore!

- ENOUGH!.- I stood as quickly as possible, ran to Brady and looked at him, he was just so vulnerable... I stroked his face- Enough already...- I started crying, it was just too hurtful to continue looking... Everyone who was watching the fight were shocked.
- Mikayla? What happened?- James asked.- Don't tell me that you actually care about this stupid and weak idiot...

Those words made me feel about to explode, NOBODY, not even a handsome jerk like him could mess up with Brady like that.

- YES! OF COURSE I CARE ABOUT HIM!- I screamed. Watching Brady like that was just so horrible for me, I felt this was my fault or that he wouldn't be this injured if i had done something before. Oh how stupid I was...- I'm so sorry.- I turned around and said it to Brady still crying.
- Mikayla...- Brady said with the little strenght he got left. I saw him, his eyes & mine where like one, we got a special connection in that moment, I could feel it, it was a hard one.
- Shh... don't say anything... you've done enough already... great job Brady, I'm so proud...- I said with a smile as I cleaned the tears that were running through my cheeks. James was getting mad second by second, word by word...
- You better step aside Mikayla, I'm definitely getting this clear and done.- he threaten me.
- If you dare to touch him once again, you're going to mess up with me.- I said, standing up to be at his same high
- You don't have to...- Brady said trying to stand up.
- Brady, just, close your eyes, for me, please... now's my turn.- He smiled, said something in a low voice, closed his eyes and fall asleep in a matter of seconds, after all the pain he suffered... it was really easy to pass out. I couldn't listen what he said to me.
- I will not fight with a girl...
- Awesome! I have an advantage!.- I smiled as I took his arm & made him tumble. I returned to him every single punch he gave to Brady. He deserved that and more.- You should better leave now, you're fired so, never come back…
- Fine! If you rather THAT stupid guy over me, it's your decision, I'm leaving…
- Bye!.- I said happy

Everybody gathered around to see how Brady was, I was really concerned. Daddy carried him to the infirmary so the nurse could check him. He had his arm broken, so she put a cast on his arm. It was night already. I stayed with him all night waiting for him to open his eyes…

It was morning yet, Brady was still sleeping. I sat right beside him & hold his hand.

- It was my fault; you're here because of me. I feel awful…

In that moment I could feel his hand moving, he was waking up.

- Mikayla…? - He asked with his eyes barely opened.
- Hey, how are you feeling?
- I'm fine, just a little pain in my arm, what happened?
- Well, you remember the fight with James?
- Oh right… I lost…
- Actually, you didn't…
- How's that?
- Well, I'm here & he's not, right?
- R-Right, and… I also remember that you helped me out, everything's still blurry...
- Yeah, I couldn't handle it anymore, he was hurting you…
- So, you actually care about me?
- Of course I do you silly.- I smiled.
- How sweet… can I ask you something?
- Sure, anything.
- Well… you're holding my hand, and, you care about me… does that mean that…

I stood up & interrupted him with a kiss on the cheek. He was speechless.

- It's that a ... yes?- he asked to be clear. I couldn't help to let go a little laugh.
- Oh Brady, you're sweet and all that, but I still don't feel that way, I don't dislike you, but I think you're pretty awesome.- I smiled
- So… do I still have any chances?
In that moment someone knocked the door right before I could answer, the nurse came in.

- Oh King Brady, you're awake, how are you feeling?.- she asked
- I'm fine thank you, how many time do I have to be here?
- You can leave if you want to, you spent the night here because you were very injured and we put you the cast
- So... can I leave?
- Yeah sure, whenever you want to, so, I'll leave you guys alone.

She left the room

- So… you didn't answer me Mikayla.- he blushed.
- Right! I'm sorry what did you asked me?
- … Do I still have any chances?...
- Step by step Brady, I've seen these days you're a wonderful & awesome guy, you've been there whenever I needed you. I still don't know much about you but, I should answer yes, you still got chances.- I smiled.
- Mikayla… you have no idea of how much those words meant to me… I promise I'll do my best to show you…- He tried to stand up to give me a hug so I leaned down & helped him out.
- So, How about if we leave this place and take some fresh air?.- I asked.
- Wonderful idea Mikayla, I'm right behind you if you don't matter helping me to get out of here
- No problem.- I smiled.

*Brady's POV*

In that moment I was the happiest man ever, I swear. I can feel that my relationship with Mikayla is definitely gonna work, I almost had a "yes" as an answer, and I can feel she's starting to have some feelings for me so, who knows what future prepare for us? Meanwhile, I was having the best time with her. So the answer to my question "could it ever be possible?" is now a completely YES. I am never going to forget how dear Mikayla changed my life… Never…


Thank you once again! I don't know if it's a continuation but the other story I'm making could be one. So, stay updated hahaha!

Much Love:)