South Park is PINK!

Sum: Human Rights Day was Saturday! So of course the SOCA (Students of Color Alliance) decided wearing pink on Friday was the right way to support it. Oh gawd.

"Wendy! I don't have any pink!" Kenny says to me during homeroom.

"So?" I look at him. My eyes roll.

"Can we switch binders?" My binder is pink.

"No Ken, Sorry" I say and lean back in my chair.

"Can I like, pierce my ears and borrow your earrings?" I smile. My earrings are HUGE pink feathers and beads.

"Sure" he doesn't actually do that sadly. But hell, it's a funny idea.

"Kyle, where's your pink?" I say when the fairly tall skinny boy as he walks in.

"RIGHT HERE!" He points to his shirt. Then his socks. They are faintly pink. "What'd you do, put a red something in your laundry?" Kenny asks lazily. "Yup!" The redhead smiles and plops his binder down. Then Cartman walks in.

"No Pink?" I say sarcastically.

"Heh, you look like Rebecca with that much pink" Rebecca was notorious for being an over-pink bitch.

"Shut the Fuck up Cartman" I say angrily. He knows just how to piss me off. Bitch.

"Have you guys seen Token?" Cartman says to change the subject. As if on cue, the dark skinned boy walks in. He has on a blue T-shirt. On top of that, a Pink T-shirt. On top of that, a pink bra.

"He borrowed it from Bebe" Kenny smiled.

"I see your pink" he looks at me.

"But, what the hell guys?" He says while looking at Kenny and Cartman. "Dude, I don't OWN any pink." Cartman says angrily. We all know that's most likely NOT true, but whatever.

"You could have bought something. Like Craig and Tweek and Clyde." Token says and as id on cue, the three boys walk in. It's like they're metro-sexuals again. The pink and white and boas and sunglasses and oh god. They have fricken HANDKERCHEIFS this time. Craig gives a sour smile.

"Someone doesn't care about..." he pauses.

"What is it?" He asks me.

"Human Rights. We're dressed in pink for human rights day" I frown a little. They don't even know WHY they're dressing like something they aren't? Ugh. Then the bell rings and everyone runs to their correct homerooms.

"This whole thing is stupid" Cartman crosses his arms.

"Shut up! Its important for us all to have human rights." Kenny shush-es the fat boy next to him.

"Yeah you idiot" I say to the fat-ass.

"Yah yeah yah whatever bitch" He says and rolls his eyes. The bell rings, for forum. The biggest waste of time of Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. As we circle around Mr. Garrison's computer, our teacher rushes in angrily.

"Goddamn kids." he mutters under his breath.

"Okay kids, if you cant explain what human rights are all about, then you're just an idiot wearing Pink. Today is supposed to be a meaningful day about every human having rights just for being human, not wearing the most fucking pink!" All this comes out really fast and it's hard to distinguish words. But I think everyone got the message. We are forced to watch a video which shows various kids singing "Imagine" by John Lennon since, coincidentally, its the anniversary of his death. Then he goes on about Human Rights and blah blah blah blah blah until the bell rings for first period. He made my class watch the EXACT SAME VIDEO Again, as well as a slide show on Human Rights. Why does SOCA make these stupid color days?

NOTE: Again, this is one of those 100% true stories, with just names changed and minor parts of the dialogue. Ugh... This is really what my school can be like at many times.