rainediamond: Thanks, and David is just a romance interest for Cosmos. I couldn't help but see her falling in love (or at least getting a crush) within seconds of her creating Earth. And he might indirectly play a role later on in The Book of Changes.

Chicwa88: Aw, thank you. If you want to read more about the whole Cosmos/Chaos dynamic, you can read The Book of Changes when it comes out (shameless plug).

Cosmos kept her lips pressed into a thin line as she stared at the sword the Terrans had prepared for her. It was made of the best metals found: an alloy of steel, gold, silver, titanium and tungsten. It sliced through diamond with ease, making it the strongest, sharpest sword that had been created on Earth thus far.

"Are you okay?" David asked from behind her. Cosmos turned around to see his concerned face.

"I'm fine," Cosmos lied. In truth, she felt horrible. Her sister declared war on her, and Cosmos couldn't shake the sinking feeling in her stomach as they came to the one year anniversary of their falling out.

David practically read her mind and embraced her in a hug. "No matter what happens, I will always love you," David declared, planting a kiss on her lips.

"Thank you," Cosmos whispered, tears forming in her eyes. "I love you, too. But... if this doesn't turn out well, and Chaos wins..."

"-which she won't," David assured her.

"-you need to run away from here. She will kill you in an instant," Cosmos insisted. "Do you understand?"

"You will make it out of this," David promised.

"But if I don't," Cosmos reiterated, staring at David intently.

"Okay," David yielded.

As David left the room, a close friend of theirs, Theon, walked in. Cosmos turned towards him. She smiled a small, sad smile at him. "Hello, Theon," she whispered.

"Hello, your majesty," he replied with a bow.

Cosmos' smile grew a bit. "Theon, we are close enough friends that you mustn't bow," she told him.

"I suppose," he agreed, walking towards Cosmos. "I just hope that you won't think less of me when I do this." Now standing right before her, he leaned down and placed a kiss on her lips. It was chaste, nothing more than two pairs of lips pressing against each other. Yet in that second, Cosmos felt his love for her surging through the kiss.

The two pulled apart, and Cosmos looked up to Theon in wonder. "I've been wanting to do that since I first met you," he confessed.

"I... I had no idea," she whispered, at a complete loss for words. And she didn't object as Theon leaned in to kiss her again. In fact, her eyelids closed in anticipation.

Cosmos let out a nervous breath as her friend, Melanie, fastened the clasp on the right shoulder of her uniform.

"Are you scared?" Melanie asked.

Cosmos turned to brunette, pony-tailed girl. "No," she replied. "I'm not scared because you love Xander."

Melanie furrowed her eyebrows, not understanding the goddess's explanation.

"My sister missed this little thing that I worked into the grand design when it was being built," Cosmos explained. "What she didn't know was that as long as people love, the light will win, for love is the light. And even if this battle does not turn out well, we will be reincarnated again and again until we get it right, so long as someone on this planet loves."

Before Melanie could reply, a horn sounded. Chaos was attacking. There was no time left for just talking. Now, the war would begin.