Hey guys! Sorry for the short first chapter; I didn't want to go too in-depth with this part. I promise the other chapters will be longer.

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Kim's head hurt like fire every time she moved. She didn't open her eyes, for she knew the pain would spike if she did. She didn't remember what had happened. She had been gulping down a bottle of soda as she walked home from the library, and then…darkness. A void in her memory. Selective tabula rasa.

Car accident, she figured. Ugh…where am I? This isn't asphalt…this feels like…

Kim's eyes flickered open, but surprisingly the pain did not increase. Her room was very dimly lit. The only thing she could really make out was another bed beside her own. There was someone sprawled on it, hands stretched above and behind her head like he or she was doing pull-ups in her sleep.

Wait…there's only one bed in my room…

Kim tried to sit up, but found she could not. After straining for a moment against seemingly invisible bonds, she fell back with a heavy breath escaping her body. Attempting to blink away the post-unconsciousness fog, she tried to process the facts. When she squinted, she realized that the person on the bed beside her was another girl, maybe four or five years older than her own age of fifteen. She was not doing pull-ups in her sleep at all; her wrists were fettered to the rough wooden headboard behind her.

As were Kim's.

With a sickening jolt, Kim realized the implications. She tried to cry out, only to realize that she was silenced by a gag. As soon as she noticed the gag's presence, it immediately became unbearably uncomfortable.


Kim turned her head in the direction of the other bed. The girl in it was stirring, groggily pulling at her bonds. She turned her head and saw Kim lying next to her; neither girl could distinguish the other's face, but Kim noticed that she was not gagged. "Wh…where am I?"

"Ah, you're both awake. Good."

Kim started, trying to cry out for help around her gag but to no avail. There was movement in the corner of the room, and a man slowly walked into her sightline. It was so dark, she hadn't noticed him sitting there.

"I was beginning to worry that neither of you would wake up. Anesthetic can be very potent to young people when taken in excess."

Kim's eyes widened. Anesthetic? She realized that her soda had tasted odd – of course, after she had downed the entire bottle – but she was too thirsty to really care.

"Ah, you realize how I did it." The man sat on the edge of Kim's bed. "Don't think you're too special, though. I had no idea who would buy the spiked bottles. I must admit, though, I am surprised to have gotten you two, of all people. The famous duo."

"Get the hell away from her," the other girl spat. Definitely older than me, Kim thought.

"In due time." The man scooted even closer to Kim – a little too close for her liking. He twirled a lock of her fiery hair roughly. "Please don't waste your energy screaming. No one will hear you."

Kim's heart started to pound against the confines of her chest, and she tried to speak through the gag. "H…ha ah oo?"

"Who am I?" The man laughed silkily and leaned over Kim so she could see his mask. 'If I wanted you to know that…"

Kim's breath caught in her throat as the man's hand found the collar of her shirt, and she tried to jerk away. "Ah!"

"You're trapped," he whispered.

When the police found Kim a day later, bloody and still tied to the bed, the other girl had vanished.