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It would ultimately go without saying that she had been too late. She was too late to save her friend, her sister, the only one who ever truly understood her. But then, that was an interesting thought...

Did Chaos ever understand her? Her sister had long ago proven herself to be a manipulative liar, from destroying their kingdom and causing both their deaths to once again threatening Earth and bending Usagi to her breaking point. Chaos also knew how to twist her little sister until it was too late for her to realize she was broken. On the other hand, she protected Cosmos from anything that would dare to hurt her up until their falling out.

But that was protecting. Not understanding.

"Were you ever really my sister?" Serenity asked, looking out to the night sky. She expected no answer. Chaos had been pushed to the outer realm of the universe, sealed in the Galaxy Cauldron.

It took a lot of thinking after Chaos was sealed away for Usagi to feel okay with all that had gone on, but she was still far from feeling comfortable about it. She doubted she ever could be comfortable with it, and if she had to do it again, Serenity feared she wouldn't be able to do it.

"Mommy?" a small voice asked, and Serenity turned to see her daughter, Rose. Little Chibi-Usa had yet to be born.

The dark-haired girl approached her mother, and Serenity picked the child up. "Are you thinking about Auntie Chaos?" she asked, tilting her head to the right.

"Yes, sweetie," Serenity replied, kissing her five-year-old daughter on the top of her head. She had been... what? Two? Three? Years old when Chaos attacked, and numerous attempts were made on Rose's life due to her impressive power. Serenity and Endymion still had the girl in therapy for that.

"Is she gonna come back?" Rose asked warily.

Serenity couldn't help but smile at the girl. "No, sweetie," she promised. "Chaos is never going to hurt you again."

Yay! Musings from Usagi/Serenity/Cosmos about Chaos with a mother/daughter moment tagged on the end. It's part of the Senshi Spinoff world, about two or three years after the creation of Crystal Tokyo.

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