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Warnings: In this chapter there is some strong language and sexuality including a sexual scene (dry humping). They are most likely also out of character (I always say this just in case). This shockingly does adhere to the season three canon and takes place around the time of Hold on to Sixteen (Episode 3x08). Also there are most likely errors (maybe less than usual seing as I did read through it before posting it.)

Summary: Everything was perfect, until Blaine's desires start gravitating toward Sebastian. As Kurt and Blaine drift apart, will they decide they are perfect for each other or will they discover that love comes from places they never imagined?

Named after the Ron Pope song "A Drop in the Ocean." It seemed to fit how some of the characters feel as the story progress

"I think my relationship is ending," Blaine looked over at his bed to look at a boy who was not his boyfriend.

For the past few weeks, he was sneaking behind his boyfriend's back. Kurt was convinced that they were completely honest with each other. But there was a blatant lie in their relationship. "Sebastian doesn't mean anything to me," he was lying when he said that. Ever since they first met, Blaine had kept in contact with him. He knew Kurt was threatened, how couldn't he be? Sebastian was the anti-Kurt: he was confident, sexy, and easy going. Out of all of the guys that Blaine had been around, Sebastian was shockingly emotionally low maintenance. He never forced Blaine to do anything that was out of the question, he didn't even force his way into being involved in Blaine's personal life, it just happened.

Blaine had pretended that he didn't care about him, every time that Kurt down talked Sebastian, he would just smile and nod, pretending that it wasn't killing him to see his boyfriend feud with someone who made Blaine feel so appreciated. However, contrary to what many would believe, Blaine hadn't slept with Sebastian— they hadn't even kissed. The most physically intimate that they had been was some light hugging and air kisses. The only time that could piss Kurt off was one time where Blaine had fallen asleep on Sebastian's chest, fully clothed, after one of their hang outs had gone on for too long.

At the same time, Blaine knew that Kurt was onto him. Only a few days ago he was complaining that Blaine's sheets smelled like someone else's cologne. It was ended after Blaine convinced Kurt that he was the only guy who had ever been in his bed and that there was no one else. As Blaine saw Sebastian curled up on his bed, resting against his pillow, he knew this was a talk that they needed to have.

"Are you blaming me?" Sebastian rose from the pillows to look Blaine in the eyes. "Because it was your idea to start this, I just went along with it."

Blaine moved to sit at Sebastian's feet on the bed. "He's onto you…"

Sebastian rolled his eyes. "We haven't even done anything…"

Blaine knew that Sebastian wanted to take this relationship to more than just friendship. There were times where he was a little too frisky during their embraces. Sebastian was in this relationship so that he could have sex with Blaine. He was waiting for the moment where he and Kurt would break up and Blaine would be open for sloppy, rebound sex. Blaine knew this, yet at the same time he enjoyed how Sebastian gave him a link to the Warblers, made him feel like he was special again. At McKinley he was nothing, but in Sebastian's eyes, he was a god.

"I know we haven't," Blaine moved closer to Sebastian. "But he doesn't know that…"

"Well if you told him that you were still talking to me maybe you wouldn't bitch all the time. I told you he doesn't need to know, but if it's bothering you, tell him," Sebastian clearly didn't understand what was at stake. "What's the worst he could do? Break up with you?"

"Yeah, and he's going to," Blaine shook his head as he felt Sebastian move closer to him.

"And then we could see each other all of the time," Sebastian's voice was like liquid honey, Blaine salivating as he heard that tone, that deep sexual tone. It took everything he had not to kiss him, not to rip of his Dalton Academy uniform and attack him. "No more assigned days. Just you and me…"

Still he had to resist him. He couldn't do that to Kurt. "I really care about him, Sebastian…"

He heard a scoff as he felt a pair of strong hands on his shoulders, warm breath condensing on his ear as his body shook in temptation. "If you cared about him you wouldn't be with me right now…" he smiled as Blaine swallowed hard, inhaling sharply. "You said he hates me, if you cared about your boyfriend you wouldn't be in your bedroom with a guy that he hates, a guy that he knows is trying to get into your pants."

Blaine turned to look Sebastian in the eyes, his breath caught in his throat. "Don't…" he shook his head. "I can't do this…"

"You said your relationship is over… it's gonna be over once Kurt finds out about us. I see the way you look at me," Blaine swallowed the temptation again, hearing the Warbler chuckle at the reaction. "You're trembling, you want me." Sebastian moved closer to his lips, his hands sliding down Blaine's back, pulling him closer. "So why don't we stop trying to fight it… it's going to happen eventually, why not now?"

Blaine closed his eyes as his body shook, Sebastian's breath hot on his lips as his hands were tight on his back. Kurt was perfect. He was everything he could have asked for. He loved Blaine. He kept him in line. He was proud of him. But as Blaine felt Sebastian so close to him, he knew what was missing: physical intimacy. Kurt and Blaine had only had sex once. After they had done it, Kurt felt awkward, like he rushed things between them. Since then it was cold between them, only cuddles and kisses. Blaine wanted more. He wanted so much more. He wanted his boyfriend to find him attractive. Kurt didn't make Blaine feel like he was sexy. As he felt Sebastian so close to him, he could taste it, this is what he was looking for.

"Come on, Blaine," Blaine shuddered as he heard Sebastian whisper his name. "Kiss me…"

Blaine was about to give in before he heard the front door open.

"Who is that?" Sebastian backed away for a second to look at the door, reaching his shoes so he could get out of there as fast as possible. "Is that your dad? I thought you said you had the house to yourself all weekend."

Blaine was about to answer before he heard a voice. "Blaine? Are you up there?"

"Shit," Blaine practically jumped off of the bed as he knew who the voice belonged to. "It's Kurt…"

"Oh, well in that case," Sebastian got off of the bed, moving closer to Blaine with a smile. "Where were we?"

"Why were you worried when you thought it was my dad?" Blaine's voice was low as he heard Kurt's footsteps on the stairs, his hand pressed against Sebastian's chest, pushing him away.

"Because your dad might actually hurt me, and why exactly does Kurt have a key?" he chuckled as he was enjoying this a little too much. "You really don't know how to cheat on your boyfriend, do you?"

"I'm not cheating on him, we haven't done anything," Blaine searched the room for a place to hide Sebastian as he heard Kurt's footstep and his voice get closer.

"Then explain what was going on only minutes ago. You were going to kiss me," Sebastian crossed his arms in protest as he realized what Blaine was doing. "I'm not hiding in the closet again. You said two days ago was the last time you would do that to me."

"It's either that or under the bed," Blaine moved to push at Sebastian, moving him toward his closet. "You can't be here… if he sees you we're both dead."

"I think it's about time you let your boyfriend know… like I said if he knew we'd be able to see each other all the time…" Sebastian wasn't going down without a fight as Blaine struggled to move him to the closet, Kurt getting closer to the bedroom door. "Come on, Blaine. You know that you're fucked anyway… why not just get it over with and save Kurt a lot of trouble."

Finally Blaine pushed him into the closet and closed the door, hiding Sebastian from sight as he heard footstep outside of his door. He was surprised that Sebastian was being so quiet this time around. After all of the effort that it took to get him in the damn closet, Blaine thought for sure that he was going to ruin his relationship. He opened the door to his room to see Kurt in the doorway.

"Hey Kurt," Blaine looked toward the closet and then at his boyfriend.

Kurt inhaled sharply and then walked into the room. "There's that cologne again… is your dad coming in your room more often? If so, you need to tell him to stop pouring the whole freaking bottle on himself."

Blaine shrugged his shoulders as he closed the door behind them. "What brings you here? It's not one of our assigned hang out days. You usually don't just show up out of the blue."

Kurt sat on Blaine's bed, raising an eyebrow, his hands gliding along the wrinkled sheets. "Were you sleeping just now? Your bed's warm."

Blaine knew that the clues were adding up. He could see Sebastian smiling in the closet right now, laughing to himself as he knew that Blaine was caught. Kurt looked at his feet as he took a deep breath. He knew. Kurt knew what was going on here. He could smell Sebastian. Feel Sebastian. Hear his almost silent breathing from the closet. Kurt looked at the closet once before he looked back at Blaine, his eyes asking him what was going on.

"I just wanted to see you. You've been pretty distant lately," he looked around the room as if he were searching for Sebastian, too scared to open the closet as he knew that he was in there. "If I didn't know any better I'd say you were cheating on me."

"What?" Blaine shook his head as he could practically hear Sebastian's laughter from the closet. "Where would you get that idea? Am I not allowed to spend time on my own?"

Kurt shook his head. "I just think that we should talk about us, you know…" he blushed as he moved to the center of the bed. "… Sexually…"

Damn Sebastian was having the time of his life eavesdropping on this conversation. Blaine was going to get an earful once he opened that closet. "What do you want to talk about?"

Kurt took a deep breath as they finally had the talk. "Are you upset that I haven't had sex with you since… since we lost our virginities?"

Blaine shook his head. "It was wrong for us to do it in the first place. We weren't ready and you just did it because I was flirting with some slut at a bar and you felt like you were losing me."

As he said those words, his phone vibrated with a text. He opened his phone to see that in that instant Sebastian had texted him: "I resent that. If I recall correctly, you LOVE my company. I was just in your bed, and you were about to kiss me." Damn cheeky bastard. He put his phone back in his pocket before looking back at Kurt.

"The point of the matter is that you don't need to have sex with me to keep me around, I love you," he moved to sit on the bed, placing his hands on Kurt's feet. "I like spending time with you… with our clothes on."

He could sense Sebastian gagging in the closet, nauseated by their gooey banter. It was so sugary sweet between the two of them. Sebastian added some spice to Blaine's sweet world and it drove him crazy. As he talked to Kurt he tried to his hardest not to give any hints to the fact that Sebastian was still in the room, or even still in Blaine's life.

"You know now that we're speaking about Sebastian," Kurt said his name with such bitterness. "Have you heard anything from him?"

"Are you threatened by him?" Blaine knew that Sebastian was eating this up.

Kurt shook his head. "No, because I know that what we have is really sacred and I doubt that some man-whore who can't take a hint is going to break us up. I just wanted to know if he was making any more advances."

"It doesn't matter, Kurt," he moved forward to kiss him on the lips.

Kurt turned his head, avoiding the kiss. "I have to get to dinner with my family."

"You'll be back in time!" Blaine moved to kiss Kurt on the forehead. "Stay for a little while…" he kissed gently at Kurt's lips before pushing him down onto the bed, climbing on top of him, straddling him as he kissed at his lips, Kurt's trembling hands pressing against his back.

Sebastian suddenly was the last thing on Blaine's mind as he moved from Kurt's lips onto his neck, kissing at the flesh gently as moans passing the older boy's lips. As he got deeper into the moment, Kurt's breathing rugged as he cursed quietly under his breath, he felt his phone vibrate. Sebastian had texted him again.

"Sounds hot out there, I'm getting so hard just listening to you two."

Kurt looked into Blaine's eyes as he asked a single question. "Who are you texting?"

If he answered that question he was dead. "No one…"

Blaine put his phone next to them on the mattress before kissing at Kurt's lips again, his hands moving to undo the buttons that were on Kurt's sweater, breath catching in his throat. He had gotten the green light. Kurt was his to possess, to do with as he pleased. Kurt didn't protest as Blaine peeled the sweater off of his body, tossing it onto the ground. It didn't matter that Sebastian was in the closet, moments like this were scarce. Getting too lost in the moment, Blaine kissed at his boyfriend's neck as he pushed him to the bed.

"Not my neck. Kiss my lips, Blaine," Kurt was starting to revert back to his demanding, high maintenance self. "Don't leave any hickeys. I don't want my father or Finn to catch onto what I'm doing…"

His phone vibrated again. He groaned as he looked over at his phone, his lips still attached to Kurt's as he finally grasped it. It was Sebastian yet again. If he was going to be doing this the whole time, it was going to be a long day. He opened the text to see another condescending message: "Wow, no wonder you've been thinking about me lately, your boyfriend sounds LAME! I'm willing to take over whenever you want."

Blaine had the urge to text him back, but he knew that the noise from Sebastian's phone would give him away and then it would be obvious to Kurt exactly what had been going on here. He put his phone down again, going back to kissing Kurt. He was going to ignore his phone until this was over. He kissed at Kurt's lips, placing his hands on his shoulders as he tried and failed at fighting the urge to take off more clothes, but as he moved to pull at Kurt's shirt, he heard him moan in protest.

"No," he shook his head. "We're not going to get naked now…"

Blaine knew that Sebastian was most likely biting his hand to control his laughter as he overheard their very Discovery Channel-esque make out session (it was painful to watch as the male was always rejected by the female in most of those scenes, but Blaine felt their frustration). He knew that Sebastian knew how to make out and make it sexual. He had several fantasies about it during a few of his own make out sessions with Kurt when they started getting a little stale. Sebastian was different, he was confident— there was no place on his body that was off limits. Kurt was a lot more subdued. Sebastian only gave green lights, whereas Kurt was a permanent yellow light that always wound up flashing red. As much as he loved Kurt, he would be lying if he said it wasn't getting a little frustrating.

He continued to kiss gently at Kurt's lips as he felt himself starting to think about Sebastian, what it would be like to kiss him. He was thinking about how his lips would taste, how his voice would sound, how his body would tense. As the visions of the forbidden fruit flashed through his mind, he got more into the kissing, his tongue sliding past Kurt's lips as he pressed his body weight against him. Kurt moaned deep in his throat as he wrapped his arms around Blaine's body, pushing their chests together. Blaine tried not to be too vocal; Sebastian's name was right on his lips, waiting to come out. He swallowed the name down as he continued to kiss his boyfriend. All of a sudden, the fact that Sebastian was in the closet was the furthest thing from his mind.

This was his chance to repair his relationship, he couldn't lose that opportunity.


Kurt had left hours ago to go to his family dinner, leaving Blaine alone. His parents were away all weekend as they usually were. He was the only one in his house. There were several urban legends that came to his mind that involved being alone in the house, he was still jittery from that night where he spent hours looking them up, he unable to sleep for a week. The house was too quiet. He just had to get to sleep and everything was going to be better. As he was getting comfortable in his bed, he heard his closet door open, chills rolling through his body as he heard footsteps come to the end of his bed. He rose from his bed and let out a loud gasp before he noticed who it was.

"I've been in the closet for four hours, Blaine," Sebastian moved to sit on the bed, his voice a low whisper, Blaine was starting to come down from his rush of adrenaline. "I'm hungry and I'm uncomfortable."

Blaine rolled his eyes. "Why are you bitching at me? You could have come out once you heard Kurt leave."

"And how was I supposed to know you guys weren't downstairs. That would be a hilarious meeting. You try explaining why I was upstairs to your psychotic boyfriend," a smile came to his face. "Besides bitching turns you on," he moved to sprawl out on the bed, his body next to Blaine's. "I heard the whole make out session. It was lot of 'don't do that' and 'don't touch that', and then you guys just talked about the most boring shit in the world and I dozed off, it was hilarious," he moved to snuggle up against a pillow. "When you said he was frigid, you weren't kidding. If you were my boyfriend, you'd always get a little something something, no restrictions."

"And if you were my boyfriend you would cheat on me every chance that you got, because that's what people like you do," Blaine playfully shoved at Sebastian's shoulder, both of them chuckling as their eyes met. "I've seen the way that you talk to other guys when we go out together. I know what you do to them. You sleep with them and then you move on to the next conquest."

"When I see something I like, I go after it… you're the exact same way" he moved closer to Blaine, running his hand along his face, moving so close that their foreheads were touching, their breath condensing on each other's lips. "That's why I'm in this bed with you… and that's why you aren't resisting me…"

"Sebastian…" Blaine breathed, as he turned his head to avoid his lips as Sebastian moved forward. "We have to get something straight: nothing is going to happen between you and me. I have a boyfriend and you don't care about me. You just want to get into my pants. The second that you know that you can't you'll be out the door and if you get it you'll be even more likely to leave me alone. I know that you're using me."

"I'm still here, aren't I? I like spending time with you, Blaine, I really like it," Sebastian's voice was low as he fell back into the pillows, exhaling deeply before he spoke, Blaine's eyes drawn to the way that his chest was rising and falling with every breath. "Are you going to drive me home? I mean you kind of owe it to me… you did lock me in a closet for four hours. If you were my parent, someone would call Child Services, Betty Draper."

Blaine looked into Sebastian's green eyes and took a deep breath, moving to stroke his shoulder as he moved over to his side of the bed, resting his head on his chest. He heard the Warbler gasp as he felt Blaine so close to him, his arm moving to wrap around his shoulders, pulling him closer. It was wrong, Blaine knew it was wrong. It was the worst thing that he could do, but as he lay in Sebastian's arms, listening to the steady pumping of his heart, he knew that this was where he wanted to be. This was something he needed to do. He needed to get it out of his system before it drove him insane.

"No, I'm not driving you home. You're staying here tonight … you owe it to me after scaring the shit out of me…" Sebastian opened his mouth to argue. "I know, I know, I locked you in the closet, but next time tell me when you're going to sneak up on me. Right now you're going to stay here and protect me…" he snuggled deeper into Sebastian's still uniform clad chest, inhaling the smell of the cologne that was going to get them caught. "I think that'll make us even… but no funny business… just go to sleep and keep your hands where I can see them…"

Sebastian laughed as he ran his hand down Blaine's back. "Okay…"

Blaine closed his eyes, draping one of his legs over Sebastian's body, burying his face in his chest. This was the most physical intimate that he had ever been with Sebastian. The last time he had been on Sebastian's chest, he had fallen asleep, having no clue where he had wound up. This time, he knew where he was, relishing in the feeling of his body so close to his, his strong hands running up and down his back as his nose ran through his curls, bathed in the soft breaths from Sebastian's lips. As much as he hated to admit it, there was something fulfilling about being in Sebastian's arms. He felt a sense of power, of belonging, like he was supposed to be there. As their embrace tightened, Blaine closed his eyes loosely, trying to get to sleep, finding comfort on the firm muscles of his friend's body.

"Are you gonna sleep in your clothes?" his breath was hot on the top of Blaine's head, his arms tightening around his shoulders before he felt a firm kiss pressed against his head.

"I said no funny business," Blaine moved to sit up on the bed, pulling his sweater over his head to reveal his white tank top, watching as Sebastian's eyes lit up as they were drawn to his chest. "Any more of that and you'll be on the couch."

"You don't want me on the couch," Sebastian's words sent chills down Blaine's spine. "You want me right here…"

Blaine gulped as he looked into Sebastian's eyes. "Sebastian… don't…"

"This is more than just me playing a teddy bear," Blaine closed his eyes as the mattress creaked as Sebastian moved his weight to lie on his side. "I see the way you look at me. You want more…" Sebastian sat up, his hand up against Blaine's cheek, stroking it lightly as he moved his hands to undo the ex-Warbler's pants, deep breaths passing Blaine's lips as he did so. "You want me…"

Blaine didn't know what had come over him, but he lost all his resistance. He had done so well for the weeks that he had known Sebastian. Every advance was shot down. Every flirtation was brushed off as nothing. This time, he had become overcome with the aroma of pheromones, his testosterone taking control of his body as he knew what it wanted. It craved the sensation of Sebastian's hands on him.

"You want me so bad…" Sebastian's voice was deep in his throat, Blaine's body stiff as hands dipped into his pants, pulling at them. "Come on, Blaine… don't hold out on me now… come on…"

He fell onto his back against the mattress, as Sebastian pulled the pants off of his body, throwing them to the ground, visibly fighting the urge to attack Blaine, to possess Blaine. He could see the primal urges in his eyes, his chest heaving with every breath. The moment thickened with passion, becoming almost sexual as Blaine's shaking hands moved to undo Sebastian's tie, pushing the blazer off of his shoulders, moaning as it fell to the floor, pulling the tie from around his neck. Sebastian's breathing became ragged as Blaine fumbled with the buttons on his shirt, trying his hardest not to rip them off.

"Blaine…" Sebastian's voice was deep in his throat as his shirt was finally opened, Blaine's fingers tracing the outline of his waist before he pushed the garment of his shoulders, discarding it with the rest of the clothes.

Blaine wanted to kiss him, God did he want to kiss him. He wanted to do everything that Kurt would never let him do. In this moment of lust, he was willing to throw away all of the love and dedication that he felt between him and Kurt. For one kiss, for one touch, for one shaky breath, he was willing to forget about Kurt. Slowly, he was turning into a very bad boyfriend. Pressing his hands to the white tank top underneath Sebastian's uniform, he knew that he wanted this, he needed this. Overcome with lust, his hands moved to Sebastian's belt, fumbling with it as his memories of how difficult this uniform was came back to him. Sebastian was panting as Blaine struggled to get the belt undone; his hands were too sweaty and too shaky.

"Sebastian," Blaine's body was shaking as he continued to struggle with his belt, their eyes meeting in a deep stare, moving closer to each other's lips. Sebastian's body was jostling as Blaine tugged at his belt, every movement accented with a grunt from both of them.

"I could get used to you saying my name like that… you need some help?" his hands moved to his belt, undoing it with one simple motion. "There we go… better…?" Hands moved to pull his pants off to throw them on the ground before he moved closer to Blaine's lips, almost touching them, breathing ragged as he wrapped his arms around Blaine's body.

As their lips touched, it was everything that Blaine imagined and more. His lips were strong, his kisses hungrier than Kurt's ever were, yet there was a sense of desperation to this moment as their tongues writhed together. It was too good to last— both of them knew that, so they had to make the best of this moment. Gravity pushing them to the bed, Sebastian's body on top of Blaine's pushing him deep into the mattress, his lips making their way to his neck, his teeth gently grazing his pulse point.

"Sebastian…" Blaine's eyes were closed tightly as his legs moved to wrap around Sebastian's body as he continued to kiss at his neck, one situated on either side, his hands pressed to his shoulder blades. "Sebastian…"

He threw his head back in pleasure, allowing him more access to his neck, lips possessing his flesh. Their bodies shuddering as the passion continued. Shockingly, Sebastian was being delicate. In all of Blaine's fantasies, this was supposed to be rough. He was supposed to be helpless under Sebastian's weight, sobbing in pleasure. This was different. The kisses were forceful, but he was still holding back, he wasn't being as rough as he had potential to be. Sebastian Smythe was a force to be reckoned with, Blaine Anderson knew that. He kissed back at his lips, his hands pressed harder against his back, legs tightening around his hips as he let out a series of low moans.

"Tell me what you want," Sebastian's voice was thick on Blaine's lips, his hot breath opening all of the pores on his skin.

Blaine swallowed hard before kissing at Sebastian's lips again, hearing him let out a small moan. He could feel Sebastian's erection against his own; his pulse pumping at a speed that Blaine didn't think was humanly possible. He swallowed as he felt him so close to him, not wanting to seem too desperate. "Sebastian…"

He couldn't think of the words to say. His mind was a blur; nothing was making sense at this moment. All common sense, all critical thinking skills were gone as he was focused on Sebastian on top of him, trying his hardest to memorize the way his body felt wanting to remember this moment so he would never have to fall so far again. The words weren't coming. There was so much he wanted Sebastian to do. There was so much that he wanted to do, so many sensations that he wanted to feel. As he struggled with his urges he made a single movement as he rolled his hips up against Sebastian's hearing him let out a deep groan as their erections brushed against each other, waves of pleasure overtaking them as they looked at each other with cloudy vision.

If it were Kurt, they would have had to discuss what Blaine wanted, but this wasn't Kurt. There was no discussion. Without a word, Sebastian knew what to do and he rolled his hips forward, their clothed erections, rubbing against each other, both of them letting out a deep moan. All of the tenderness was thrown aside as the animals took over. The bed creaked as they moved in tandem, the rhythm starting slow, and then getting faster, more forceful. Words were replaced with grunts, moans, and shaky breaths. Lips collided, the warm sensation of saliva rolling down Blaine's chin— it was Sebastian's saliva. He relished in the taste as all of the nerves in his body ignited, feeling Sebastian bury his face in his shoulder gently kissing at him. It was the best Blaine had ever felt. He grabbed a handful of Sebastian's hair, pulling at it as he fought the urge to orgasm.

"Look at me, Sebastian," Blaine swallowed hard as he pulled at Sebastian's hair, his voice breathy and shaky with every motion that their bodies fell into. "Sebastian, I want you to look at me… I need to see your face…"

Green met honey in a deep gaze, their tongues reaching out for each other, swirling with each other as moans filled the room, their fingers weaving together. Blaine knew this was wrong. He knew that he shouldn't have been enjoying this. It was a disease that was inside of him. Whenever he looked at Sebastian, he had this urge, this hunger that demanded to be fed. He swallowed as he looked Sebastian in the eyes again, his hand tightening.

"Harder…" he breathed, turning his head to the side to let Sebastian kiss and bite at him, letting out a high pitched gasp as he complied. "S-Sebastian…"

The way that the bed creaked, the feeling of lips up against his skin, hearing deep moans in his ear, it was all sending Blaine over the edge, his hand tightening on Sebastian's as he bit at his own lip. His legs shook as his whole body shuddered, his eyes moving to meet his secret friend's, the boy he was not supposed to be spending time with. He got lost in the sound of breathing, skin colliding, the wet sound of kissing, and the bed's telltale creaking. It was like a symphony to him, a symphony that he never wanted to end. But it had to, like everything else in life, this too would end.

"Sebastian, I'm gonna…" Blaine inhaled sharply, almost sobbing as Sebastian bit at his Adam's apple, trembling as his teeth brushed against his skin. "I'm gonna cum…"

"Not yet," Sebastian tightened his grip on Blaine's hand. "Hold on for me, Blaine… h-hold on…"

Tears formed in Blaine's eyes as he tried to hold back his orgasm, his right hand tightening on Sebastian's left as his left hand dug it's nails into the flesh of the Warbler's back, gaining a deep purr as his nails ran down the flesh, leaving small cuts on the way down. His eyes never left Sebastian's, only breaking the gaze to close his eyes in rapture, his body burning as he fought the urge to go over the edge. Feeling Sebastian's chest up against his, their lips touching in a series of soft kisses, their hands tightening up against one another, he felt himself get closer to his release, unable to fight it.

"I can't…" Blaine shook his head, Sebastian's lips up against his cheek, his tongue running along his skin, his warm saliva burning him as he felt himself get closer. "Sebastian…" he closed his eyes, his legs wrapping tighter around Sebastian's waist, both of them groaning as their movements became more desperate, their lips meeting in another forceful kiss. "Sebastian… Sebastian… cum with me… cum with me, Sebastian…"

Sebastian kissed him, a series of moans passing his lips before he buried his face into Blaine's shoulder, biting at him as his muscles contracted. His hand tightening against Blaine's as he came closer to his release. Their bodies undulated against each other as the room filled with the symphony of their breathing—names and curses passing their lips as they clung onto each other. Blaine closed his eyes when the moment came, both of their bodies screaming in ecstasy in unison, becoming slaves to the intimacy between them. Deep moans, almost screams, passed their lips as they fell over the edge together, hand in hand.

As it ended, Blaine still clutched onto Sebastian as he desperately tried to catch his breath, feeling lips kiss at his neck, his tremulous breath felt cool against his sweaty skin. He didn't want to let go. He wanted to stay in this moment forever, attached by the hands, feeling so close to him. He had given into Sebastian's game, and he was most likely going to pay the price.

He struggled for words as his mind was a foggy haze, sex and exhaustion coming over him. "You were amazing…" Blaine moved his hands to rub against the sweaty skin of Sebastian's back. "That was amazing…"

Moving from his position on Blaine's neck, their lips met one more time in an innocent kiss before Sebastian lifted himself from between the shorter boy's legs. "You were amazing…" he collapsed next to Blaine on the bed, his eyes fixated on the ceiling. "Wasn't that more fun than anything your boyfriend does with you…"

Blaine was about to open his mouth when Sebastian cut him off.

"I won't tell him," Sebastian's voice was quiet, sweeter than usual, almost innocent as breath didn't come easy to him. "He doesn't need to know about this… I won't tell him if you don't want me to… it can be our little secret…"

It had finally sunk in. He had cheated on Kurt. Only hours ago he told him how much loved him and he was kissing his lips, telling him he was the only person who mattered to him. Now he was lying in bed, covered with sweat, trembling post orgasm with the very person that Kurt hated the most. Yet somehow, there was less guilt than he thought there would be if they ever did this. He thought he would be heartbroken, that he would be crying. He thought that Sebastian would be running out of his house as fast as he could and he would never hear from him again. None of that was true. He was guilty, damn was he guilty. But at the same time, he moved closer to Sebastian, resting his head on his sweaty chest, pressing a sweet kiss to his sternum.

He moved from his position on his chest to kiss at his lips, their bodies shaking as they desperately wanted to touch each other, but couldn't. Blaine let out a deep breath, feeling Sebastian's tongue pass his lips, his hands on his shoulder blades pulling at the sweaty fabric of his tank top. In their whole time knowing each other, Blaine never felt this connected to Sebastian, he would be damned if he lost what they had, he damned if he were never able to touch him again.

"It doesn't bother me if it doesn't bother you…" Blaine closed his eyes as he said those words. What had he become?

This was inspired by many conversations with ShinyModernOcean as well as me sitting down one night and watching The First Time approximately four times. And on top of that I have been itching to write a Seblaine and Kurtofsky story.

The next chapter Blaine and Sebastian will be dealing in the aftermath of their "intimacy" whereas Kurt will have a discussion with a "friend" about how his relationship is falling apart.

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