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"Cary HIT THE DECK!" I yelled as I watched the multicolored firework fly toward my best friend. At my yell he turned but before he had time to react, was hit square in the chest by the firework which lifted him off his feet and flung him back five feet or so.

"Cary," I called, but got no response, "Cary!" I called again, but still nothing. By now I was running toward his prone figure, and once i got close enough I gasped. He has a bright red burn on his chest where the firework hit him, it had burned through his shirt and the jacket over it. I hurriedly picked him up, praying he was ok and rushed to the hospital.

That had been three hours ago, and I was just being let in to see him. I was worried about him, hoping that nothing serious had happened. I walked into the room and almost broke down at the sight of him, he looked so frail and helpless and unnaturally pale. I could see the bandages peeking out from under his hospital gown and felt guilt well up inside of me.

'If only i hadn't lit that last firework...'

My internal grief session was interrupted by the doctor in the room.

"Hello Joe," He said, and I realized it was Doctor Gower who was usually the doctor that checked on us when we actually went to the ER, "So, care to tell me what happened to Mr. Williams this time?"

I looked at my feet and sighed, "It was my fault... We were shooting off fireworks and I set one of the bigger ones up, but apparently i didn't set it high enough and... and... well, it hit Cary in the chest and now he's here and it's all MY FAULT!"

I shouted the last word and punched the wall, accomplishing nothing but causing myself pain and slumped into the seat next to Cary's bed. Dr. Gower placed his hand on my shoulder.

"It's not your fault Joe, things happen, and this isn't the first time I've treated Cary for firework burns.." He started to say before i cut him off.

"But he's never taken one full on in the chest either."

Dr. Gower just sighed and nodded, before checking on Cary and walking out the door. I turned the chair so it faced the bed and grasped Cary's hand in my own, until now I had never noticed how much smaller and surprisingly soft considering he handled explosives almost twenty-four/seven, and held it between my two larger ones. Lacing one hand with his, I felt the rise of tiny burns along his fingers against the sides of my own and pondered how he managed such smooth, leather-like skin when he really did have some burns. His palm was warm against mine.

'Please be ok Cary, please...'

He breathed in long and deep and I set my head down on his legs, watching his sleeping face.

'You've got to be ok...' Was my last thought before i fell asleep.


When I woke up again, the first thing that registered in my mind as the steady beeping that sounded behind my head. I raised, more like forced, my head up from the warmth it rested on and took a look around, the memory of the past few hours slowly coming back to me. I leaned back in the chair and pulled my knees up to my chest. I gazed at Cary's face, which had gained some color back, and prayed he would open those amazing blue eyes again.

'What, amazing? Where did that come from?' I asked myself, if i didn't know better i would say i was... crushing on my best friend. Looking back, he and Cary had always been closer than others. Little things that he had simply taken in stride now stood out vividly in his memory. Brushes of their hands when working side by side together on something or as they walked closer than usual on cold days, tight hugs as they embraced each other in the heat of the moment. The way Cary's gentle snoring would always put him at ease when they had sleepovers; inside, outside in a tent, didn't matter. It didn't matter what other noises there were, he only heard that soft, constant rumble next to him, lulling him to peaceful rest.

And then there was that day. Before now Joe had never really put any thought into it other than that they had been curious and they were close friends. But now that he was here, eyes tracing the boyish curve of Cary's slumbering face, thinking about this kind of thing... They had almost kissed then. He clearly remembered the other boy's breath so close to his, mingling, becoming one in the air between them. How his heartbeat had thumped in a loud doki doki hard against his ribcage. He was sure that Cary must have heard it too, that sound urging him on. But in the end they had backed off all red, dappled cheeks and awkward mumbles.

I was pulled from my trip down memory lane when the door opened, and in walked Alice. I hadn't even thought of her since I learned i was spending the day with Cary. Maybe another sign i like him? Holding back the heat rising to my face, I greeted her with a silent nod that she returned by furrowing her eyebrows in concern at my quiet manner.

"I saw all of Cary's fireworks in the field you guys usually go to and figured one of you got hurt, but I didn't know it was this bad," She said, trailing off at the end as she neared where I sat by the bed. For a moment she simply stared down at Cary and then came to stand beside me, placing a hand on my shoulder to let me know she was there if I needed her. I sighed and rested my head against her hand. To most people, a sigh is a sigh, nothing more. But Alice seemed to understand the emotion that sigh conveyed as she squeezed my shoulder. I could feel her eyes shift to look down on the top of my head as I hung it, looking between my feet.

"Joe... go take a walk, you need a break," She urged after a long moment. I didn't move so she shook me a little and lifting my eyes to her with another sigh, I reluctantly rose from the chair. My legs felt dream heavy, my shoulders achy.

"If something happens, I'll come find you."

I smiled weakly at her, my first smile since Cary got hurt, and I walked out of the room.


I sighed as Joe walked out of the room. I hadn't missed the way he had been looking at Cary. It was the same way I look at him, he liked, or loved, our resident blonde. A small smile appeared on my lips.

'Who would have thought?'

Joe and Cary always seemed to be closer than the rest of the group, but I never would have thought it was this close, that from their friendship, something like this could grow. But in a way, it made sense. Why Joe always stuck up for Cary when Charles was being a jerk. Or when he played peace-keeper between Cary and Preston or Martin, even though we all knew he agreed with Cary most of the time. And the stolen looks the two shared, as if they where having an entire conversation with that one look, eyes shifting across the other's gaze, a language on their faces. In the tug of eyebrows or the quirk of lips, sometimes mesmerizing to watch but infuriating at the same time because you couldn't understand them.

I couldn't help but feel bad, because I had gotten in the way of them, taken Joe's affection, seen his cheeks flush pink and his body language jump because of me. But, now that I knew about what was really happening, I couldn't just stand here and stay between them, it wouldn't be right. Seeing Joe a moment before and recalling the peace the two boys obviously found in each other; it was all so obvious. They were perfect and Joe's face had said it all when I stood there and he dipped his chin in a sad nod at me. He was so worried, upset, scared.

They were perfect, fit so beautifully.

So, instead I resolved to nudge them together when Joe got back. I gently grasped Cary's hand, and placed a soft kiss on his cheek.

"Don't worry, I'll try and get Joe to realize he likes you more than he does me." I promised the sleeping boy, and I could have swore i saw his mouth twitch in a small smile. I smiled back, feeling like the day was about to take an interesting turn.


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