Chapter 1

Maxamillion was everything you would want a hero to be. Brave, kind, and there to help in a jam. Except there was one thing that you wouldn't think would belong in a hero. Max was a chicken. A small, kind of plump little bird. Not the kind of hero you were probably thinking of. He wasn't even a stylish rooster. He was just plain white except his yellow toes and beak, and red wattle and comb. He had big white tail feathers and little white wings, but that was it. So he wasn't considered very much of a hero in the chicken coop, especially since the other rooster, Roger, was a beautiful mix of brown and red, with huge green tail feathers. All the hens went after Roger, and Max was always left in the dust.

Now, there was a rule in the chicken coop made by the farmer. No more than two roosters in his property. And if there were more than two, well, the farmer would have a chicken dinner. Max was sitting on the top of the chicken coop, watching the sunrise. He practiced a few cock-a-doodles, when he heard a teasing voice. "Hey, bud," It said. Max turned around to see Roger standing there, big and intimidating. Max stood up and looked Roger square in the eye and said "What do you want with me, Roger?" Roger laughed and said "Just wanted to let you know that Henrietta's eggs hatched, and one of them is a boy. Max gasped. The whole farm favored Roger more than him, and if the farmer had to eat one of them his obvious choice would be Max. "Anyways," Roger continued. "Thought I might warn you that your days are numbered." With that Roger pushed Max of the edge of the roof, and sang his loud cock-a-doodle-doos. Max picked himself and brushed himself off, beginning to get worried. The farmer would be up soon, and that would be the end of Max. He shivered as he looked at the ax laying on the tree stump a little ways away. There was no easy way out of the pen the farmer had built for the chickens. The wire was way to tall to jump over, and it was obvious he couldn't fly over it. Digging would take to long, and that would have been his only option. He was pacing back and forth, racing through every corner of his brain, trying to think of how he could escape. He could try to hide under the straw in the nest boxes inside the coop, but as soon as he thought of that idea he was sure it wouldn't work. Max wasn't the skinniest chicken, actually he was quite a fatty, so he knew that if the farmer would look in the chicken coop for him he would see a large bump under the straw in one of the nest boxes, and know it was Max. Then he had another idea. He looked up and saw that the roof of the chicken coop was slightly taller than the wire fence. Maybe if he jumped off the top of the chicken coop he could jump from the roof over the fence! So Max climbed up the side of the chicken coop to it's roof. He walked to the edge closest to the fence, took a deep breath, and jumped.

It was working! Max sailed toward the fence, with full confidence that his plan would work. Until he began to drop. Max had over-looked one thing in his plan, and that was his weight. He was very heavy, and gravity was working fast on him. But he was so close to escaping! He pleaded silently that this wasn't happening, but it was. And faliure taunted him. He was so close to passing the fence that his feathers brushed against it. But he continued to fall. He was going pretty fast when he landed with a loud THUD! It almost knocked him unconscious. When he stood up he felt a terrible pain in his left leg. It didn't look like it was broken or sprained, but it hurt a lot. He was limping towards the coop when he heard the farmhouse door slam. He froze in his tracks, and gulped. He was too late. The farmer was up. The farmer came straight down toward the chickens' little pen. Max panicked and wobbled behind the chicken coop, back pressed against it, breathing hard. He heard the gate open and the sprinkling of the chicken feed. Then he heard the farmer's voice. "Here Maxamillion! Come here you little rooster you! I've got a surprise for you!" Yeah, a very deadly surprise, Max thought. The farmer rounded the chicken coop just as max started going around. He broke into a run, forgetting about his leg. Which was a bad thing. Because while he was running, the pain got so strong that his leg collapsed, and he went down with it. "Come here, little guy!" the farmer said as he approche the terrified chicken. He grabbed Max by the neck, opened the gate, and headed toward the ax laying on the stump. It seemed as if the farmer was laughing at Max, trembling in the his hand.