As Andy pulled Max away from the knife, He kept wondering how they could make it out of this predicament. Dave was probably on the lookout for them. "Well," he thought to himself. "I guess we should at least try to free ourselves. He told Andy to go free Martin, who was the smallest of the four and would be the easiest to loosen from his ropes. "If you can get him untangled, maybe he can help you untie Chad and I." Max told Andy. So Andy wiggled and shimmied over to Martin's platter. 10 minutes later Martin, Chad and Andy freed Max of his own platter. Just as they were freed, the conveyor belt started up again! They quickly made it over to the side of the conveyor belt where they would be safeā€¦er. Max glanced over at the gears and saw why the machine had started working again. All the cranberry sauce that had been sticking the gears together had dribbled off. He looked back at the conveyor belt and, to his utter horror, saw other chickens on it. All four of them watched as the chickens began to come down the belt toward the blood-stained knife. He looked at the one closest to it and saw that it was a rooster. He was very frightened and moaning in pain from the loss of his feet. Max watched as the rooster stopped under the knife. Quickly the four of them pushed his platter out of the way. It was easier now because there were four of them. But they couldn't keep this up. There were many more chickens on their way down the belt, and there wasn't an endless amount of non-moving space. He decided that a plan needed to be made. Quickly he gathered the others around him. He told Andy and Martin to go free the chickens already on the safe, non-moving sides of the conveyor belt while he and Chad pushed the other chickens away from the knife. The team agreed and went to work. While Max and Chad worked on pushing a hen out of the way of the knife, Martin and Andy started untying The rooster, who had told them his name was Nathan. Nathan was kind-of muscular, not exactly one of those guys who is all muscle, but he was pretty strong. Once Martin and Andy had untied Most of the ropes, he snapped the rest in half. "Thanks, guys," he said. "I'm pretty sure I would have been people food if you hadn't saved me. What are your names?" Martin pointed at himself. "I'm Martin," He said. "That's Andy, the one with only one wing and brown feathers on his head. And over there pushing the hen to the side are Chad, the tall one, and Max. Max rescued us from the knife a few hours ago." Nathan looked over at Max and Chad struggling to push the hen away from the knife. Chad and the hen were out of the knifes way, but Max wasn't safe yet. And the knife was getting awfully close. "Looks like they could use some help," said Nathan. He made his way over to them and helped push the hen the rest of the way. Max was now safe. But Nathan was not. He had tripped, (hard to walk with no feet.) and fallen on his stomach. So when the knife came down, it cut him in half. "Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!" Nathan yelled with a blood curdling scream that made everyone's stomachs turn. His legs and lower belly moved on down the belt until they reached the chef. He put them on a platter and said "Mm, Drumsticks."

Nathan kept moving on down the conveyor belt. He was too pained to do anything about it. Max ran after him, right up to the end of the belt. Right in front of Chef Handlow.

Handlow stared at the two chickens. One was without feet. The other one was holding on to the footless one. The chef stared at them, anger in his eyes. He turned to Dave. "These chickens refuse to be cooked," He said. "I am through butchering chickens. Send them to the factory. I don't care that some of these chickens are roosters or that they weren't raised at the factory, or that some of them are half cooked. I want them butchered, NOW!" Dave knew that voice. It meant he could be fired if he didn't obey. Without a word he took off the lid of the butchering machine and gathered all the chickens inside it. (About 30.) All were in the same state. Footless, featherless, covered in cranberry sauce, and all very frightened. He grabbed Max, Andy, Chad, Nathan and Martin and took them back out to the truck. Inside there were about fifty more chickens. "Man," muttered Dave. "How many customers are we expecting?" he placed them down inside the truck, shut the trailer doors, and went back in for more. All the chickens knew this was the end. Andy took off the napkin that had covered his bleeding arm and inspected the stump. He was no longer bleeding. He walked/wiggled over to Nathan and wrapped it around what was left of his waist. "Let's see if that will calm down the bleeding" said Andy. Nathan smiled. Even in their last minutes, he had made friends.