Roland and I were running through the forest. Fatima's at it again! I ran and ran. I stopped when I ran into light. I looked around and realized Fatima's fighting against… Josie?

"Josie stop being such an ignorant brat! Hand over the Lapistier!" She yelled out. Josie hissed and answered, "You'll never get it! Master Mattias needs it, meow!" Fatima growled. She held her ice wand tightly and swung it. "You…! Breeze Dust!"

The grown shook and suddenly the ground made cracks. Roland and I stepped back. "What the…?" I whimpered. Josie jumped back. Two large shards of dark purple ice was made and aimed at Fatima. Suddenly darted at her. Fatima whipped her wand, b locking the ice.

I ran to Fatima.

"Take this meow!" Josie was about to cast the same spell. Fatima growled. The ice darted so fast! Fatima was about to block it again but instead I went in between and cast Flame Bullet. Josie and Fatima flinched. "You half witch? What are you doing!" Fatima yelled. I looked at Josie. She flew back and away. I heard Fatima grunted in anger. I looked at Fatima and grabbed her hand. She was about to pull away but I tugged her back to Roland.

"Don't you dare run away from us again! We were worried SICK!" I roared.

"Well I'm sorry, Half-Witch! I thought no one cared so I left by myself to catch that cat!" Fatima argued. I looked at her. "…" I wanted to say at least she did something good, but that'll be awkward… "Ughh! You don't do anything right… I should've never came with you people…"

We got back to the Magic Association School. I took the tray of tea Pip was going to serve, but I'm going it today. I walked towards Fatima and gave one to her. She slowly refused. I glared at her, "Take it… Please." I growled. She growled back and slowly took it. She took a small sip of her tea. I walked to Roland and gave one to her. And with the rest of the group. Luna lout out a refreshing squeal. "Uwahh!~"

I sat down beside Fatima.

"So, Fatima… care to explain?" Dia looked at her.

"No." The blue haired exposed witch replied firmly. We all sighed. "Fatima… Please. If you tell us, we might be able to help you." I looked at her anxiously. Fatima looked at me, her eye's solid, cold, and sorrowful. "This is none of your business, Half-Witch."

"Excuse me! I saved you from getting hit again by Josie!" I yelled.

The argument went on and on…

That night Fatima came to sleep in my dorm room. The Shadow Frost Witch laid down on my bed and sighed. I sat down beside her. "You do know you're gonna have to share the bed…" I muttered. She looked at me. "…Why did you let me sleep here?"

"…The same way you chose me to sleep in my room. Do you disagree?" I looked at her. Her face had a surprised expression. She looked away. "What do you mean?" She asked, "I never chose you!"

I looked at her and leaned close to her ear… Softly I whispered, "You know what I mean, Fatima…"

Fatima looked at me. My face was blushed. I looked into her red, pure eye. We both gazed. I slowly leaned closer, when I wanted to lean away. My hand pulled off her dark witch hat and I moved her bangs out of her way. "…You look pretty, showing both of your eyes."

Fatima's face flushed. She pulled me a little closer, and or lips met. She pulled away and stared at me. "…Sometimes you're just troublesome…" I smiled and wrapped my arms around her neck. I leaned in closer for another kiss. Fatima understood and we both kissed…

And at that point, we had to keep our little thing a secret… until someone finds out.