Chapter Title: You're All That I Have
Characters/Pairings: Mirror, Queen, The Huntsman. Queen/Huntsman dub-con :P
Rating: T
Warnings: dub-con. Now I have warned you enough. :P
Summary: Was listening to the song by the same title by same title. It might help to understand the chapter :D
I know it was quick, but no heart = no real conscience, yes? It's still dub-con. It's mostly Huntsman's perspective here, but a little Queenie...

Cookies to anyone who catches the DW reference.

There is a darkness deep in you
A frightening magic I cling to

The Queen is like a raging storm, but for some reason he finds that a bit ... that it is exciting not quite like anything else. Of course feelings now seem difficult to articulate properly.

He slips out of bed where she appears to be sleeping. He no longer contemplates escape. He has had quite enough of experiencing her Blood-Boiling Potion and other means to think of such things. He wants to see the mirror on the other side of the chamber. He no longer seems to notice his status of being unclothed, the Queen has reassured him in numerous ways they will not be disturbed at her orders. The Mirror is no one to be worried about, she says.

He would take an arrow to whatever might be left in his chest if it meant for her survival - which is quite strange, he's not sure where that loyalty might have come from...

Or so the mirror says that's what it is called. Loyalty. It's such a strange word, like a word for a pet. That's what the Queen calls him. Is it his name? He knows better than to fight remembering.

He doesn't quite feel anything but how she is the dominate one, but to him it is somehow right. He belongs here. She has caught him, trapped him, pins him against her.

Something he can't quite grasp. He feels his bare chest - staring at it in the Mirror, there seems to be nothing there. No drumbeat, no throbbing against his hand.

He must be imagining. Nobody can live without breathing. Without something there.

He's alive isn't he?

"What are you doing, my pet?" she asks, propping herself up on her elbow, her dark hair cascading down her bare shoulders, her dark eyes boring into his, feeling for any sign of disloyalty, at pulling away at being called "pet". But he doesn't. Not this time.

"I was merely looking at the magic mirror, my queen."

"Did it speak?"

"It called me loyal."

"That you are. Quite loyal. It pleases me, you know."

He stares at her briefly. Her womanhood. He knows what she wants... again. She seems to be trying to fill some sort of void. At least she found him appropriate instead of killing him or torturing him to death - as he thought she might. He is grateful for that. He has failed before, he can't fail again.

He returns, his bare feet padding on the cold stone floor, in fact this time he lies down rather submissively to whatever she might choose to do on this particular night.

To her satisfaction, it has not taken away much of her magic to bind him as an obedient servant. She didn't like to have to torture him to submit to her will. Something about the way he screams gets to her, and she can't let him just go. Not now. Tomorrow he does not need to be sent back to the dungeon. He can remain at her side, his proper place as her honor guard... and whatever he might be to her in bed. He is something, and something is better than the nothingness that she had. His warmth underneath her skin is better than the cold she'd been feeling lately.

She's dark, powerful - but something about her magic - the prowess that has drawn him in and keeps him there. He no longer wants to leave.

You're cinematic, razor sharp
A welcome arrow through the heart
Under your skin feels like home
Electric shocks on aching bones