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"Promise me, Ned." Were the last words spoken by Lyanna Stark, as her Brother Eddard stood over her holding a baby boy. Her son. When he agreed to the promise, she passed on knowing that her children were safe. But, where was the other baby?

Shortly after the birthing of the twins, a boy and a girl, a young mid-wife saw that the girl had the Targaryen hair and offered to protect the child. To keep her from Robert Baratheon's war hammer and judgement. Weak, bleeding Lyanna agreed placing a small kiss on her baby girl's forehead only to watch her leave in the midwife's arms.

Eighteen years later - Trident

"Cassia! What did I tell you about sneaking out?" The now middle aged Mid-wife Eira scolded the young lady as she dragged her back into their little cottage in the woods.

Cassia ran her fingers with her free hand through her long and thick black and silver curls. One side was the genetic and highly well known Targaryen Silver while the other was black. To have two different hair colors were very unusual in Westeros, she was as far as she knows, the only one that is blessed with it.

"I needed some fresh air, Eira." She defended, with annoyance in her mismatched eyes. On the left, where the black hair was, had a dark lilac eye while the side with the silver, was gray.

The woman shook her head, muttering to herself when they were in the house about how she was just like her Wolf Mother. Always looking for adventure instead of staying where she was supposed to be.

"Now, where's the fun in that? There's nothing for me to do in these woods besides needle point." Cassia stated, gesturing in disgust towards the discarded embroidery that she had been forced to do earlier.

"I want adventure. I want to ride a Horse, Eira! I saw a stable just outside the woods, if you would just like me out for one day and let me ride. I promise never to sneak out again." She continued in almost a begging way, thinking that her motherly figure would give in and let her out. Instead, she was given this as her answer.

"You have your Mother's Wolf blood." That just caused her to nearly scream at the top of her voice from frustration.

"If I have her blood. If I am so much like her, why don't you tell me about her! Tell me her name, tell me how she was like, where she was from! Just tell me something about her so it doesn't feel like I'm in her shadow, constantly being compared someone I don't even know." Cassia exclaimed, letting out her anger on never being told of the woman who brought her into the world.

Eira sat down in a nearby wooden chair and sighed.

"It is not my place to tell you about her. But, what I can tell you that she is from Winterfell. You have Northern blood in you, my little Princess of Love and Beauty." The Mid-wife told her using the title for the young lady, causing her to smile. At least she knew something. Even though it wasn't much help.

Embracing her, Cassia laughed.

"Guess that makes me a Northern Dragon, huh?" She teased, pulling away only to go over and mess with the pots.

"No. You have both Wolf blood and Dragon blood." Eira said, pulling a bag of potatoes over to her to peel. When looking for a knife, Cassia handing one over to her handle first.

"Cassia.." She heard from behind her, as she walked over to the cutting board to start cutting up some meat.

"Yes, Eira?" She asked, looking over her shoulder at the graying haired woman.

"Should anything happen to me, promise me that you'll travel to Winterfell. There you will find out who your Mother was. You should see why Rhaegar Targaryen, your father, loved her so." Eira told the young mismatched eyed lady.

The very though of losing the woman who cared for her made her throat clinch tightly to where she could barely speak. Fearing that if she did speak, it would be weak and wavering, Cassia only nodded.

The two women prepared through supper, clueless of what was going to happen after night fall.

Seven hours later - Midnight


Cassia sprung from her bed in the back of the cottage, hastily putting on her robe before running to the front to see that someone had thrown a lite torch. Quickly setting the room ablaze, as well as the rest of the house.

"GIVE US THE TARGARYEN BASTARD! KING ROBERT WON'T REST UNTIL THE TARGARYENS ARE DEAD!" A male voice shouted, as Eira got to her with a thick black cloak in hand.

"Cassia, you have to run." The Mid-wife told her, putting it around her as questions of what was going on buzzed around the young girl's mind.

I like to think that Jon Snow is Rhaegar and Lyanna's son so, that's another reason why this fic was inspired. Though I do owe CityGirl13 because I've been reading her Game of Thrones fan fics and they are just WOW! If you haven't read her, please do! You will not be disaapointed!

Now, I hope you liked the first chapter and how Cassia looks. I figured it would be a good little quirk to add to a child of Westeros! And the reason for the little title Eira gave Cas was because of Lyanna, being crowned The Queen of Love and Beauty by Rhaegar being given blue winter roses. *Thank you Google since I only have the first book*

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