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Over the past few days, things have been getting very strange and Cassia knew that something bad was going to happen. Especially when the other night, Uncle Ned had gather Sansa, Arya and herself to his chambers telling them that he was going to send them back to Winterfell, wanting them to be safe. Sansa refused because she and Joffery had made up and she wanted to have his blonde haired babies.

'Poor naive Sansa.. If only she could see how much of a prat he is.' Cassia thought to herself while Arya refused because she was worried about her lessons with Ser Syrio. When her Uncle turned to her to be the tie breaker for this.

"I think that we should go. Lately, I've been burdened with a uneasy feeling and I'm worried for us. And Sansa, I'm sure your Father can find you someone else to marry. Someone worthy, brave and strong." She spoke, turning towards her naive cousin with a small smile. Only to see her face turn as red as her hair.

"I don't want someone worthy, brave and strong. I want him!" Quickly biting her own lip, she bit back a laugh while Arya flat out laughed. Yes, marry the whelp named Joffery. The laughter that she fought back vanished as her temper took over.

"Why do you want to marry him so much? Do you know how much of a prat he is or what he did to me the day of the tourney?" Where as Uncle Ned and Arya looked curious of what happened, Sansa turned away. Laughing slightly at how childish she was acting, Cassia just stood and walked towards the door.

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you. You are so blind in what you think is love to see what he really is." She stated before leaving the room. Even though the two disagreed on things, this was the first time it drove them to not speaking to each other.

These days, Cassia had been in peace. Jaime was called to the border of the Riverlands by his Father. Turns out that Lady Stark believed Tyrion to be the one to have pushed Bran from the tower, having taken the dwarf into custody and Lord Lannister wanted to punish her for accusing his son.

"Seems like the Lions and Wolves are not settling well with each other." She whispered to Spirit, sitting by her window reading a book about the Targaryens. It was the same book that Eira had in the cottage to teach her about her family history. Sadly, it was forever lost since Jaime had burned down their home trying to get her. It had a special saying inside the binder.

Spirit whined softly, turning her head towards the door obviously hearing someone coming. Before her mistress could ask what was wrong, the door was opened by a young boy. Lancel, if she remembered his name correctly. He was the Queen's cousin as well.

"Lady Cassia, King Robert was mauled by a boar during the hunt and both him and Lord Stark request your presence. The Maester says that the King may not survive." The news of the man that killed her Father being on his deathbed and wishing to see her shocked her so much, she was frozen in her seat until her Direwolf nipped her ankle lightly causing her to jump.

"Oh of course, I shall come right away." Cassia motioned for Spirit to stay in the room until she returned and followed Lancel to the King's chambers. Once they got there, he opened the door and closed it when she went in to see the King in the bed with bloody bandages over the wound and her Uncle in a chair beside the next with a lap desk.

"You summoned me, your highness." She mused, curtsying to the man she was raised to loathe as he motioned for her to come closer.

"Come closer, Cassia. Let me look at you." Gulping softly, Cassia approached the King and when she was in reach, he took her hand and got her to sit on the bed. The copper scent from the blood filled her senses now that she was close to the fat king.

After a few moments, a smile curved his mouth underneath the beard.

"You're the child that she had for Rhaegar that day, aren't you?" King Robert asked her, stroking her knuckles with his rough thumb. Her lilac and gray eyes looked over at her Uncle, wondering if she should answer him or not. Seeing him nod his head confirmed what she wanted to know. Tell the truth. Turning back to the wounded King, she nodded.

"Yes. I am the daughter of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen. Cassia Lyanna Visenya Targaryen, your Grace." Once again, bowing her head to him. This time, revealing her true identity. A deep laugh escaped him before a few coughs did.

"I knew there was a reason why I felt like I saw a ghost in Winterfell. You look so much like her and you have her iron." He said, releasing her hand and bringing his up to her face to stroke her cheek.

"Tell me.. Does she forgive me for all I have done?" Feeling a familiar presence and seeing something blue out of the corner of her left lilac eye, she looked and saw her Mother standing there with tears and a smile. Lyanna nodded.

"I do and you may pass in peace knowing that all is forgiven."

"She does and she says that you may pass in peace knowing that all is forgiven." Cassia repeated her Mother's words only to see Robert smile.

"Good and just so you know, I have canceled all attempts to kill your Aunt Daenerys. And I apologize for the hard life I have given you." He was apologizing for what happened to Eira and her childhood home. Holding the hand on her cheek and kissing his palm, she shook her head.

"Do not apologize, King Robert. Yes, when you sent Jaime and those men to my home, you took my mother figure and home from me but you pushed me into a quest of finding out who I am and finding my family. All while I was a child, I hated you because you killed my Father. That you were the reason why I had to hide my whole life, unable to proudly say that I was a Targaryen." Listening to her words, she could see the sadness in his face because of everything he had done.

"But know now, that all the hatred is gone. As the Dragonwolf of Lyanna and Rhaegar, I forgive you as well. May the Seven hold you forever." Cassia told him before moving forward and placing a kiss on his forehead.

"Bless you, lass. You have a good heart to forgive the likes of me. A drunken whore monger of a King." King Robert spoke with a laugh before the two said their farewells. Uncle Ned followed her out, the two letting the King pass in peace.

"I want you to keep a close eye on the girls, I have a feeling this is only the beginning of a war." He mused as he escorted her back to her room, speaking very low so no one other then her would hear him.

"Uncle Ned, please do not speak such words into the world." She begged, when he took hold of her shoulders and putting himself in front of her.

"Promise me, Cassia. Promise me that you'll watch Arya and Sansa and make sure that they make it home." After seeing the desperate worry about his daughters, she agreed.

"I promise."

Later that day, King Robert had died and Ned Stark was arrested as a traitor to the crown. Joffery was on the Throne but, Cassia was going to change that.

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