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Also, here is a key for anyone not familar with the terms in here:

Ravenwood - School of Magic in Wizard City

The Spiral - Basically the entire universe of the Wizard101 world, made up of many worlds

Krokotopia - Desert-like world of the Spiral, inhabited by Manders and Crocodiles

Marleybone - Non-magical world (generally) of the Spiral, inhabited by posh Canine people

Wizard City - A world of the Spiral, home to all the wizards

Malistaire Drake - main antagonist of storyline

Professor Merle Ambrose - Headmaster of Ravenwood, think of him as Dumbledore.

There is a key to the different schools at the bottom. Enjoy!

Joel Dragonsong was deep in conversation with Blossom, the Tree of Life, who resided in Ravenwood next to the Life school. With Life being a very peaceful kind of magic, both he and the tree were gentle souls, and he knew that Blossom occasionally got lonely, ever since the death of Sylvia Drake. After all, if the old Life Professor hadn't died, her husband Malistaire would not have turned to rage and anger and decided to try and destroy everything, and everyone's life would have been much simpler. But alas, it was not to be.

However, she suddenly surprised him by letting out a cry of pain.

"Blossom! What is it?" He asked urgently, placing his hand on her trunk.

"A new evil…one bathed in the power of death…it is rising!" She wailed, and he felt her mind recoil into the depths of her trunk. She would not be saying anything more for a long while. He was about to turn away and ask Professor Wu – the Life Professor who had taken Sylvia's place – about what Blossom had said, when a deep, powerful voice spoke directly to him.

"Theurgist," It rumbled, and Joel turned slowly to look at Bartleby, who was eyeing him. "The one who hears the Song of the Dragon…an evil is coming, and it seeks the Essence of Fire itself, to be used to burn away everything in the Spiral itself…you must gather a force of mages, for only together can you defeat it. You shall need a mage bathed in each type of magic…already you have the one who rides the dawn, but you must keep the death away from the key…trees will cry…oceans will bend…flowers will burn the fastest of all living things…clouds will swarm with rage…"

Joel's already pale skin turned ghost white, but he quickly straightened himself and nodded. "I will try." Half of the tree's word did not make sense, but the message was clear.

"Now go, find them!" The tree commanded before becoming dormant once more. Joel shut his eyes momentarily, trying to let the information sink in. Did he tell Professor Ambrose? The great tree had not mentioned him…and it would seem there was not much time…

He reached around in his mind until he felt the spark of Alia's mind, and clung to it as he muttered an incantation and drew the flower symbol – the symbol of Life magic – in the air. With a flash of blue light, he was gone.

Joel barely had time to register landing in a dark street paved with cobblestones before he felt himself being pulled towards a swirling vortex of combatant magic. Within seconds, he too was part of the duel. He didn't need to look at who was next to him to know who it was.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Alia Dawnrider asked with indignation as she drew the scales symbol in the air and sent a sandstorm to knock her opponents over.

"I need to talk to you, it's important!" He replied as he quickly conjured a Myth shield for her, having sensed that her opponents were also of Myth power.

Unfortunately, her one of her opponents – who were Hooligans, he noticed, and realised he was in the world of Marleybone – chose to cast a Fire spell instead, and Alia ducked and covered her face as the Sunbird swooped in on her.

"Can it not-" She paused as the Sunbird bathed her in flames before turning to dust, and she straightened up, wiping the ash off herself and breathing heavily, trying not to look as though she had taken a harsh hit, "-wait?"

"No, actually," Joel retorted as he cast the Spirit Armour spell, and a wall of green energy surrounded her, "And anyway, you need my help here! What were you thinking, taking four of them on your own?"

"It was only supposed to be two, but they kept coming! I've already taken down three," Alia argued, and kept moving around slightly, trying to work up the energy to make another power pip, as she needed four to create the Spectral blast, and only had three. "I don't need your help, thanks!"

"Well, perhaps if you let me help, you would actually get out of this alive," Joel said as he too tried to work up a pip, only he had more success, and he summoned a Seraph to take down one of the Hoogligans.

Five minutes later, there was only one left, but neither of the wizards was going to last much longer, and when Joel's Leprechaun spell fizzled out, a lot of his hope disappeared with it. He watched helplessly as the rogue rat sent a Troll at his girlfriend, but just when he thought that the beast would finish her off, it disappeared and Alia was still standing, fire in her eyes. Her wand whipped with blurring speed, and an ocean of water appeared below their feet, swirling as a sinister fin cut through it. The storm shark leapt out of the water and devoured the Hooligan whole.

Suddenly, the vortex of magic – they were generated by the conflicting forces – snapped shut and both of them gasped at the freedom, running to the edge of the sidewalk.

The moment they reached it, Alia crumbled to the ground, and he could see just how close she had been back there. The circle that had been at her feet had been practically non-existent, she had been ridiculously lucky to survive. He held out his hands and she took them as he helped her up, crushing her form to his in a fierce hug.

"Never be that stupid again," He said firmly, and she gave a shaky laugh into his shoulder. "Don't be afraid to ask for help, because no matter how far away I am, I will always be there to help if you need it."

"Okay," She whispered. "We should probably get out of here before another lot jump us…Meteor is over there," He looked to where she was pointing and saw her black stallion on the street corner. He scooped her up, bridal style, and carried her to her horse before helping her onto it, and coming to sit behind her.

"Where is this place? Marleybone, yeah, but which street?" He asked as they galloped away, back towards safety.

"Hyde Park," She murmured, leaning on Meteor's neck sleepily, "I was helping Sherlock Bones, remember?"

"Yeah, I think so…"

"Where are we going?"

"When I have the time and space to get another teleport going, we're going to my cottage in the Housing dimension. I need positive auras if I'm going to do a healing spell on you, and there aren't any around here."


The two wizards and horse appeared suddenly in a garden, one they both knew well. A waterfall fell into a calm stream that went under a bridge, and the bridge led to a cottage, one that Joel owned. Joel helped Alia off the horse and sat her down next to the stream, where he drew the Life symbol in the soil, and waited for a minute, balling the magical energy in the air into pips, which he then used to create a fairy, one that blew Life pollen over Alia.

The effect was instantaneous. Colour returned to her cheeks and her eyes lit up, and it took a total of three seconds before she had jumped to her feet.

"Better?" He asked rhetorically as he also stood up, and her response was to kiss him enthusiastically before grinning at him.

"Did I mention how much I love having a Theurgist as a boyfriend?"

"Many times." Joel said with amusement, "You know, I find it incredible how you can be so cheerful and energetic sometimes, but yet, when danger actually comes, you're a grounded, sensible person. How does that work?"

She smirked. "You know me, Dragonsong, I'm not nearly as ditsy as I make myself out to be. Even Keira has no idea, I'm not usually that chirpy, but when I'm around her, away from danger and worry, I can't help. But most of the time, I just can't afford to be." Her words were serious, and his green eyes met her blue ones, before his hand closed over hers. "Now…you had something you needed to tell me."

He relayed the message Bartleby had given him, and her mouth fell open in surprise.

"Does Ambrose know?" She whispered, and Joel shook his head.

"This is bigger than Ambrose," He replied, "And he'd only get protective. Point is that we need to find ourselves a Diviner, a Conjurer, A Thaumaturge, and a Necromancer. And quickly."

"And a Pyromancer," She added, only for him to shake his head.

"We've got Keira."

Alia's ears went red. "We are not bringing my cousin into this!"

"She's a good Pyromancer, Ali, whether you like it or not, and you tell her that yourself all the time!" Joel said firmly, and Alia stormed several yards away.

"I try to keep an underachiever's spirits up! She's failing, Joel, in case you haven't noticed!" Alia's blonde hair – free for once, her large hat lay on the ground by the stream – bounced as she paced anxiously. "And above everything else, she's a Journeyman! You want to bring a Journeyman into this? She's barely out of the Initiate class, and you want her to go up against some unknown evil?"

Joel held his own against her glare, and evenly stared back. "She can handle it."

"Like hell she can," Alia snapped, and Joel approached her, his proximity calming her as she stopped pacing. With a flick of his wrist, a tree stump rose from the ground beneath her, and she sat on it dejectedly.

Joel sat next to her, and took her hand in his, green swirls on his hand merging with the golden brown and maroon swirls on hers as their fingers entwined.

"How about this: We round up the other four we need, and if we find a Pyromancer along the way, then great. If not, we'll talk about Keira again afterwards." His suggestion was met with a long silence.

Finally, she answered, "Okay. That's fair. I'm sorry, I just…I don't want her to get hurt, she's just a kid."

"She's fifteen."


"I recall a certain fifteen year old, three years ago, being very adamant about her status as an adult when Cyrus Drake got touchy with her." He said with a whimsical smile, and she let out a small giggle.

"That was different…this is bigger than that."


"Oh, shut up." But she lent on his shoulder so that their almost identically coloured hair touched, and held his hand tighter regardless.

"Oi, Samuel!" Alia called out when she saw her friend entering the Storm school. When he didn't turn around, she conjured a handful of lizards and hurled them at his head, which got his attention.

The brunette young man turned around, and grinned when he saw her.

"Hey, what's up?" He asked, and she raised an eyebrow.

"Want to be a part of something huge?" She offered, and he nodded. "Really huge?" Another nod. "And dangerous?" A third. "Ridiculously dangerous, easily life threatening?"

"What?" He exclaimed, "What are you on, Sorcerer?"

"Something big and bad is headed our way, and we need a Diviner. Are you in?" After a few minutes of explanations, Samuel Dreamwalker was on board. She brought him in front of Bartleby. "Bartleby, is he the Diviner we need?"

"He walks through dreams and leaves thunder in his wake, it is right." The tree said, and his words were clear. Alia hugged Samuel excitedly before pulling him away to find Joel, who was supposed to be finding them a Conjurer.

So far, all was well, but they had a long way to go.


Balance School - Sorcerer

Fire School - Pyromancer

Life School - Theurgist

Ice School - Thaumaturge

Storm School - Diviner

Myth School - Conjurer

Death School - Necromancer

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