Title: The Truth Behind the Name and the Lies pt. 6

Pairing: DracoxHarry, OliverxPercy, twincest? Ect.

Fandom: HP

Notes: An abused boy finds out he's a wizard and a hero; his tormented mind rebels. One person sees through the misconceptions to the real Harry and treats him the way he deserves. How does this change them both and those around them?

Chapter 1

School had been let out for the summer three days ago for most students at Hogwarts. As for Draco, Harry, Blaise and Hermione who sat for their NEWTS back in May, it they passed they would be awarded certificates of Completion by Minerva McGonagall, Headmistress.

Draco had asked his father, Severus, Blaise and Hermione to meet him in the Drawing Room Vault at Malfoy Manor three days after their release from Hogwarts. In the Vault were the remains of the first Horcrux they'd found: Voldemort's diary.

He paced waiting for them.

Lucius showed up first, drinking a steaming cup of coffee that no doubt had a refill charm.

Draco knew his father hated getting up to refill a glass of anything and resented calling a house elf if it wasn't absolutely necessary.

Soon Hermione came down the stairs; she'd chosen to stay at the Manor for a few days since Draco's birthday was tomorrow.

Blaise and Severus arrived for some inexplicable reason arrived together.

Draco put his hands in his robes, an unconscious imitation of his godfather, "I called you here to discuss something of imminent importance."

Severus snorted.

Draco glared at him but continued, "We know of course that I will pass my NEWTS with high marks, as will Harry, Hermione and Blaise."

The others merely nodded.

Draco sighed, "I still want to be a solicitor and eventually join Percy's Department. I have more pressing matters to attend to before I can focus on that: the Horcruxes. I am convinced as dangerous as they are to create that the Dark Lord made more then just Nagini, the diary," waving in the vague direction of it, "and Harry, but I am suspicious that it was an accident."

Severus looked thoughtful, "An accident? How so?"

"The creation requires a supreme act of Evil I believe. What would be more evil then murdering parent protecting their child and the attempted murder of a true innocent; an infant?"

Hermione's eyes widened in comprehension, "Of course."

"The rebounding curse that nearly killed the Dark Lord, leaving him weak but not whole enough to die."

"So then a piece of his already fractured soul broke off and latched onto the closest living thing, Harry." Severus' brilliance shone fiercely as he realized what Draco meant.

Draco nodded, "I don't know how many there are out there if he was using them to ensure his own immortality then there must be more out there."

"So instead of truly studying to be a solicitor you will be hunting down and destroying Horcruxes." Lucius said, his heart swelling with pride but also with fear.

"Precisely," Draco said dryly, "Not that I will be informing Adder and I ask that you not inform him either."

Severus winced, "You do know that he will be very angry with you for keeping this from him when he finds out."

Draco twisted his fingers in his robes, "I would rather not have my bondmate worrying every time I left the Abbey that I might be doing something dangerous."

"What do you need from us besides silence?" Blaise grumbled not liking this plan all that much but seeing the necessity of most of it.

"Your assistance; Uncle Sev can remove all the books pertaining to Horcruxes from the library at Hogwarts. Hermione can help me with research. Blaise,"

"I know, you want me to use my powers to attempt to see into the past to discover anything about Voldemort and his Horcruxes." A duty he was not looking forward to at all, he'd never had a vision of the past before anyway.

"What about me?" Lucius asked curious.

"Father, when we uncover possible locations, I want you to go with me to retrieve them."

Lucius went pale, a hard request but he would not want Draco to face that danger alone. He knew that his choice to side with his powerful son had led him here. He nodded sharply, "As you wish."

"Very well, we'll begin the day after tomorrow. The Manor is a heavily warded place; this Vault is unplottable and we know once closed it can only be opened by someone of Malfoy blood."

When Bellatrix had attacked the Manor with Rabastan and Rodolphus, his mother had been alone. She could not open the Vault without the assistance of his baby sister. The house elves had helped her bring Aurelian, Lucan, Artemis, Tritan, Athena, Perseus and Carina into the Vault. Mother had had the house elves bring in nappies, clean clothes and bottles before sending Stria after father and closing the Vault.

Father had sent Stria after Charlie, used his status as a Hogwarts Governor to cancel Remus and Severus' classes. With Remus, Severus, Charlie, Father, Hermione, Blaise, Neville, Adder and himself they'd defended the Manor.

Rodolphus had perished but Rabastan and Bellatrix escaped.

The Manor had suffered only superficial damage since Mother had activated a ward Father told her about when he was born.

Malfoy Manor was at that time the second most warded location in Britain, behind Hogwarts and ahead of the Ministry. Now it was third, Laude Abbey, the ancestral home of the Potters; the descendants of the youngest Peverell brother. Father and Uncle Sev had heavily warded the Abbey when it was chosen as his and Harry's home.

The ward Mother activated reluctantly but desperately with the blood of his sister sealed the Manor to all but those of Malfoy blood. It could only be released with the proper incantation spoken by the Head of the Malfoy Family and his blood.

Draco knew that it had been the longest two hours of his mother's life. Though Carina was perfectly healthy, the act of shedding her daughter's blood rattled her far more then the attack on her home. What choice had she had? A true Malfoy could only open the Vault and the Manor could only be spilled with Malfoy blood. Adopted though Blaise was, his children's blood could not be used. Mother could have used Artemis' or Tritan's but Carina was the elder Heiress. Mother had spent two days in bed crying before she could forgive herself by putting it out of her mind.

Father had cast the Fidelius Charm on the Manor making Mother who never left Secret Keeper but she immediately flooed everyone in the family to the Manor.

Severus made Hermione Secret Keeper of Wisteria knowing she would be the least suspect.

Fleur was Secret Keeper for Shell Cottage, Blaise for Eagle's Nest, Harry for Laude Abbey and Charity for Grimmauld, while Ted served as Secret Keeper for both his house Lavender Vale and his daughter's home.

Bellatrix had brought the war to Malfoy Manor and things would never be the sameā€¦