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For Republic Commando fans, I borrowed the name Skirata, just to let you know. The characters with the name Skirata have no relationship whatsoever to Kal Skirata and his group or gang (whichever).

She never knew. Never knew her parents' love for her, the warmth of their hugs, and comforting presences. In the dark murky road she travels with her brother, they hold on to each other and acted like anchors. Their sudden appearance in the cruel and unforgiving galaxy forced the two siblings to grow up without a childhood. With no dreams, hopes, or promises.

The outcome of the harsh upbringings resulted into the creation of the youngest tactician in the military, Lumi Skirata. Perhaps the finest one in the Navy, some of her colleagues might say; however, it came at a price. She felt alone. A void in her heart that even her brother couldn't fill.

Lumi knows that she isn't perfect. A tad bit moody on some occasions, impatient, unemotional, and a type of instructor that can make a grown man cry, she doesn't deny it and cast it off into the far reaches of her mind. What she does to make herself stronger was to take all of her flaws in consideration and strengthens it.

First person view

I walked around Imperial city, contemplating the elegance and stature it held. The skyscrapers nearly touched the stars above and it's grey, tall metal skeleton shadowing everything below it. Cars that worked on a repulse technology floated like a feather above. Life was still going on, with kids playing in the streets and people leisurely walking around. Sometimes, I feel jealous of them. I wished I had grown up normal like them, without a care in the world. Unfortunately, destiny had chosen a different fate for me.

My boots continued to squeak as I walked on the pavement. I felt the unmistakable tension in the people's minds as I walked by. They're staring. At me. My dull grey uniform felt even itchier than it originally was. Fear was clearly written on their faces. Maybe it's the uniform. I thought to myself. Right, it was the Olive-Gray double-breasted dress tunic, trousers, and black steel-capped boots that frightened them. The mere appearance of it scared them. Some people admired this but since it bore the brand of the Empire, people became wary.

My age didn't make anything better either. People my age are in school right now and worrying about things that would just fade in my way of life. Things that would make my life more complicated than it already is.

Third person view

Lumi was lingering by the Senate building that was currently holding one of the last fragile ties and traditions from the former Republic. The senate was in session as you could hear the distant echoes of arguing from the inside. The building itself seemed to emit a strange noise as the shape of the building was a dome, almost mushroom- shaped. It's like a massive grey speaker in its own right.

After contemplating weather to come inside or not, Lumi finally decided to risk it and meet some politicians. The entrance was so massive that you could fit a ship inside. When you see the elegance and aristocracy dedicated just to this entrance, you would want to know what was inside of the senate building. Massive red velvet pillars supported the long hallway. Just witnessing it made you feel like you have more power than even kings. The flooring was plush and a deep hue of the color blue. The best artists in the galaxy decorated the walls; the relaxing floral painted in gold was enough to calm a mind in turmoil. The ceiling however was damaged from the infamous Order 66 with blaster scorch marks. There were so many marks that the ceiling looks like an ominous cloud hanging over. Since when had there been anything to not worry about in this government? She mused as she walked to the Grand Convocation Chamber.