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Chapter 3: Row

The Skirata's apartment.

Jayden nervously paced in the living room in the apartment that he shared with his older sister. He changed into his civilian tunic garb after fleeing the facility. Calm down. The more you do this, the more she'll suspect and might catch on what you're doing. He warned himself.

Still fidgeting, he grabbed a cup of caf and proceeded to the semi-circle balcony to his right. It was welcoming the night sky as the sun was setting. The horizon was like a wave over the city-planet, the buildings themselves were shadows as the rays of light came at them from the side. It was these rare moments that Jayden didn't want to let go of as he sipped his caf. The smell of the caf was bitter and alluring, it beckoned him with a slight cinnamon flavor. He took another sip and tasted the bittersweet caffeine roll around his mouth like a calm wave. Placing the mug on the railing next to him, he leaned on the edge to think over the life-changing decision he made just prior when he came here.

After what seemed hours, he heard the turbolift at the entrance of the apartment open with a whoosh. Jayden jumped and accidentally knocked over his mug with his elbow. The mug tilted towards the black underworld and fell silently. All Jayden did was looking over the edge, hoping that it won't hit anyone below. Aw kriff…that was Lumi's mug.

Heavy boots could be heard coming closer to the balcony and them it abruptly stopped. "Jayden?" A familiar voice spoke, softer than normal. His heart caught in his throat. What am I going to say? He thought. Preparing himself, he stepped into the living room once again. Before he knew it, Lumi was hugging him. He was shocked; she doesn't usually act this way. She let go of him and looked at him straight in the eye.

"What's wrong?" Jayden uneasily asks. Her gaze felt like she knew that he's hiding something.

"I came to the Research Facility. There were reports that there was a bombing, so I got worried. When I came there, you were gone and your lab was destroyed! Thank the Force you're alright," she explained with relief and started to pace around the living room.

"Well, I was testing the canons when a huge blast destroyed the lab's ceiling. Luckily, I wasn't inside. I came to the blast site investigate and– " he was cut off as his sister held up a hand and stopped pacing.

"Wait- what? What do you mean you came to investigate? When I was talking to security they said that they didn't see you during the whole panic. They also said that the lab was sealed the moment the bomb came off," Lumi asks apprehensively. Jayden's eyes widened at his slip up. "I…uh…came around the back…" He trailed off as his face turned into a shade of red like the walls of their apartment.

"You what?" Lumi exclaimed. "How many times do I have to tell you, Jayden? How many? You could've gotten hurt or even captured!" She fumed as she scolded her brother.

To keep up his façade, Jayden provided a sly grin. "Well, I'm still here." His sister stopped pacing around the living room and turned to face her brother with an intense glare.

He didn't seem fazed by it as he continued, "Besides, you don't see me running around like a droid with no head when you head to missions."

"Because I was trained for that. It's not like your job at the Research Facility." Jayden raised an eyebrow. "What's that supposed to mean?"

Lumi sighs and tries to gain some ground. "I'm not implying anything. All I'm trying to do is to knock some sense into your thick skull. You can't run around to investigate at any given time, leave it to the authorities."

Jayden scoffs. "And you expect me to stay here and wait until the 'authorities' find the plans?"

She nods her head as she turns her back to him. "Exactly."

"Do you know how long my department was working on the X-wing blueprints? There was supposed to be a prototype in a few planet rotations. It showed such promise; maybe it could've been the fastest and finest fighter in the fleet! For all I know, it could be in the hands of the Rebels." Jayden practically spat. I think I'm getting the hang of this lying business. He thought, as he obviously sounded angry about the 'stolen' plans. "You of all people should've understood."

He saw Lumi visibly tensed up. She turned back to him and echoed, "Understood? You expect me to understand that my brother wants to risk his life for bloody plans that can be easily replaced?" Uh oh. Perhaps I've overplayed my hand.

"Never mind what I said. Forget what I just said," he stopped as he suddenly headed towards the turbolift. "Where are you going? Jayden?" His sister asked. When he was inside of the cylindrical lift, he looks at his black haired, steel blue-eyed, and uniformed sister and utters, "To think."

After he said that, the doors closed, leaving his sister shocked and dismayed at his actions. "What's happening to you little brother?" She whispers as she walks into the adjoined simple rustic style kitchen to brew herself something warm. As she rummages through the cupboard she tries to find her favorite mug. Stang! Where did I put it?

Darkness quickly approached the household a moment later as the light inside winked out of existence, consuming everything in its path.

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