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-Break: Five minutes ago: Hokage tower-

Sarutobi chuckled at Naruto's reply to the Nara heir as the blond took his seat.

He currently had all of this years Jonin-sensei, even the ever late Kakashi, in his small office, they would be watching the team placements in order to see how their future students interacted with one another.

"What's he talking about?" One of the Jonin in the audience asked with a confused look on his face.

Sarutobi chuckled before he replied.

"Naruto-kun was forcibly passed using one of the Shodaime's founding laws," Sarutobi explained, his comment received a few shocked looks from the audience.

"Forcibly passed?" Kurenai Yuuhi, Konoha's Genjutsu Mistress, asked with a raised brow. "Isn't that special treatment? If he couldn't pass the exam then he should have been left out."

A few of the Naruto haters in the crowd nodded in agreement.

Sarutobi took a puff of his pipe before replying.

"Its not that he couldn't pass," the old man spoke. "Its that he didn't want to pass."

"I don't understand Hokage-sama," Hatake Kakashi stated in a bored tone but his eyes betrayed his curiosity, he was to be the blonds instructor and he was quite curious about the Jinchuriki. "He didn't want to pass?"

"Not at all, he has never wanted to be a shinobi of Konoha" Sarutobi said in a saddened tone. "Given the life he has led, who can blame him? Naruto has no love for this village, in fact the only reason he even accepted the promotion was because I mentioned the few people that do care for him."

The shinobi in the room were shocked before outrage swept through the room.

"Then why pass him?" Kakashi asked, for one who valued teamwork he couldn't fathom a shinobi of the village that didn't want to protect it; Konoha didn't need another traitor, especially one with the power of the Kyuubi to back him up.

"He could betray us all!" A Jonin shouted before the Sandaime could reply.

"You should have just left him as a civilian." A Jonin at the back commented. "The de- 'brat' can't be trusted."

Sarutobi sighed and silenced them all with a wave of his hand.

"Yes, I understand why you would be upset about this but I assure you that his loyalty is not in question." The old man began. "While he may despise the villagers as much as they despise him," here he glared at the assembled shinobi, especially the Jonin that had spoken up a few seconds ago. "He will still fight for it, if only to protect those few he cares for."

Kakashi nodded in thought as he glanced down at the crystal orb that was currently focused on the blond. If his student hated the village that was fine, he had a justifiable reason to do so, as long as he fought to protect it.

"But why pass him?" Kurenai asked with a raised brow. "I understand why you would want him as a shinobi but based on his exam scores he's a failure, he would die on his first out of village mission."

The one eyed, grey haired Jonin glared at his female counterpart. In the blink of an eye his ever present Icha Icha was gone and his hands were angrily crossed over his chest as his one visible eye narrowed, causing the few beside him to take a step back.

"Are you suggesting, Yuuhi-san, that I would take one of my students on a mission they weren't prepared for?" He ground out.

"Not at all Hatake-san," the woman replied in an even tone, matching his glare with one of her own. "I am simply curious and I apologize if I insulted your teaching abilities."

Sarutobi spoke up before Kakashi could reply.

"While your concern is appreciated Kurenai, I assure you that I am not that senile yet." The Sandaime replied with a chuckled.

A few of the shinobi laughed as the tension in the room vanished.

"I apologize Hokage-sama," Kurenai replied in a respectful tone. "I did not mean to question your wisdom over this situation."

Sarutobi waved off her apologies.

"To answer your earlier question Kurenai-san, Naruto-kun passed because he deserved to. He had the skill and power required to pass but simply refused to show them." Sarutobi explained. "While his grades in the academy make him out to be a dead last failure, I can say with confidence that Naruto is one of the most powerful shinobi in the village."

Shocked silence met his declaration.

"How?" Kakashi muttered with a wide eye. "How could he be one of the strongest? He's only twelve."

"As I remember Kakashi-kun, you were quite powerful when you were twelve." The Sandaime replied with another chuckle.

"Yeah, but Kakashi-sempai was a prodigy." A Jonin commented from the back.

"And what makes you think Naruto isn't?" The Sandaime asked with a raised brow. "Although he chooses to keep a majority of his skills hidden, even from me, the ones I have seen are truly devastating."

The room was shocked into silence once more.

"What skills could he possibly have? He's still in the academy, there's a limit to what he can learn." Sarutobi Asuma asked lighting a cigarette, the last one had fallen out due to his shock at his fathers declaration.

"Yes, it is true that he was limited before his promotion but Naruto was training himself in a different skill altogether, a Hijutsu." The Sandaime explained.

"A Hijutsu?" Kurenai asked. "He has a bloodline?"

The Sandaime shook his head. "No, I believe this one comes from his tenant." The old man replied. "I've heard rumors that the Ichibi host is granted control over the sand element while the Yonbi host gains the Lava element. This proves that the Biju are able to grant their hosts power over certain elements, hence a Hijutsu without a bloodline."

"Interesting," Asuma muttered to himself as he stood deep in thought. As Konoha's foremost elemental specialist, having the rare wind element, he was quite interested in elemental techniques and their applications. "What element does he have? Based off your comments on the Ichibi and Yonbi, I'm guessing its an advanced elemental nature."

This caused some of the others to perk up, there hadn't been an advanced elemental nature in Konoha since the Shodaime's Mokuton, even if the ability still lived on in Yamato, having another person that could use an advanced elemental nature would be good for the village.

Sarutobi puffed on his pipe as he looked down to the crystal orb, all eyes followed his and they widened in shock when the blond haired boy sent two Kunoichi flying with his fingers alone.

"Oops, guess I overdid it." The blonds voice filled the silence of the room as the sound on the orb was reactivated.

'What the hell?' Was the general thought of all those in the room, minus Sarutobi.

"Was that Tsunade-samas strength technique?" One of the Jonin asked in shock.

"Not at all," Sarutobi replied gaining the attention of the room. "That was the basic application of Naruto's Hijutsu, gravity manipulation."

The room fell silent as jaws dropped and eyes widened.

"G-gravity m-manipulation?" One of the Jonin stuttered out.

Sarutobi nodded. "I only know so much from what Naruto has informed me but it allows him to manipulate gravitational force itself, he can easily make something heavier or lighter, pull it to himself or push it away; as long as it involves gravity, he can do it." The Sandaime explained to the awed crowd. "There are also several dozen techniques that he can use through the ability but to date I have only witnessed five."

"Can I be informed of them? It would be wise to know what exactly my student can do." Kakashi stated in a low tone.

Sarutobi glanced and him as he puffed his pipe once more. "He won't really be your student Kakashi, like I said before, he is one of the most powerful shinobi the village has. While I can force him to graduate from the academy, I can't force him to accept a promotion so he will remain a genin until he has taken and passed the subsequent exams." Sarutobi explained. "While on missions he will be under your command but other than that you are to leave him to his own devices. I don't want him to feel like we're holding him back by limiting his advancement, Naruto has been training by himself for years and if he requires assistance he will ask for it. Understood?"

Kakashi nodded even if he disliked the command, this meant he couldn't force the boy to participate in teamwork exercises and if one student was not involved then there was no way he could force the others to do the exercises. He would have to actually train them, if they passed his test then it was goodbye Icha Icha time; training would definitely cut into his reading time.

"As for his techniques I can inform you all of the five I know," Sarutobi explained much to the shock of the gathered shinobi. Most Hijutsu were ferociously guarded and there were a multitude of laws built to protect them, after all none of the clans wanted their techniques stolen by their fellow shinobi.

"Naruto has given me permission to inform others of his techniques, if I remember correctly his words were 'it doesn't matter if they know what the technique does, it just means I get to have a more exciting fight'." The Sandaime explained with a slight frown. "Naruto enjoys battles, tough ones. It is his belief that the harder the battle the stronger you become, so he doesn't mind if his opponents know what his techniques can do."

'Cocky.' Kakashi decided from the Sandaimes words, Naruto was cocky and believed that no one would be able to defeat him even if they knew his capabilities. 'I'll have to fix that somehow, can't have him getting killed because he was too arrogant.'

"As for his techniques I can only inform you of the five I have witnessed, the rest will have to wait to be seen." Sarutobi continued.

"The first and simplest is the one he used on the Haruno and Yamanaka girls, it has no true name but he likes to refer to it as Gravity Push. As you can tell from the name it allows him to push objects or people away from him with great force by simply touching them."

"Hm, its like a wind manipulation technique except without the wind." Asuma commented. "I could probably do the same but it would take a lot of concentration and chakra, not very effective for battle."

"Hm," the Sandaime made a noncommittal sound.

'He didn't agree with Asuma's analysis, is there more to the technique?' Kakashi pondered glancing into the crystal orb, it was still focused on Naruto mainly but from the look of things Iruka had arrived and was listing the teams.

"The second technique is another simple one called Reis," the Sandaime continued. "It allows him to fire a ball of concentrated energy that sends the target flying for quite a distance, if used strategically it can even crush the target by forcing them to collide with an obstacle."

The room was silent as the usefulness of such a technique filtered through their minds.

"Hmm it sounds like its just a ranged version of his Gravity Push." Kurenai commented.

"It is but it also seems to have more power, as you saw with the two girls they were simply knocked unconscious from impacting with a wall ten feet away." Sarutobi replied. "A Reis on the other hand would have broken several bones and could have even killed them depending on how much chakra he poured into it."

More eyes widened at the description of such a powerful technique, while there were plenty of Jutsu that could do the same, most being wind based, to do so with a 'simple' technique was incredible.

"The third is a useful immobilization technique known as Gravirei, so far it has proven to be unavoidable since there's no indication of its use other than a slight aura around Naruto's hand." Sarutobi continued. "The technique increases the force of gravity affecting the target, rendering them immobile, he used it on the Chunin traitor Mizuki and it caused the man to fall to the ground, immobile."

"He used it to stop Mizuki?" Kakashi asked with one wide eye, they had all heard about Naruto assisting in the capture of the traitor but most had assumed Iruka had done all the work while the blond had been no more than a simple distraction.

"Yes he did, however Mizuki was also able to dispel the technique." Sarutobi replied. "From what I viewed it took a chakra spike around the level of high-genin to dispel the technique, that would make it the equivalent of a C rank Genjutsu."

"It seems kind of useless then." A Jonin spoke up. "The only people it would affect would be civilians and bandits since most shinobi would spike their chakra the second they found themselves immobile."

Sarutobi nodded at the assessment. "That is true, most would assume killing intent or Genjutsu if they were rendered immobile and both are dispelled by spiking chakra." The Sandaime took another puff of his pipe before continuing. "However Naruto has mentioned that he has more powerful techniques meaning he could have some that would require high Jonin or even Kage level reserves to dispel."

Most of the weaker Jonin gulped at this, if the boy had such a technique they wouldn't stand much of a chance.

"His next technique only proves that hypothesis," the Sandaime continued with a smirk. "Its known simply as Baber Gravidon, its another immobilization technique similar to Gravirei except it works on a larger scale. The technique affects objects and people in a five meter radius of the target, it forces them to the ground and renders them immobile."

Eyes grew wider at the description of the technique.

"This technique requires high Chunin level chakra to dispel, anything weaker will be rendered useless, even Jutsu." Sarutobi explained. "It forces all weapons and Jutsu to the ground making them useless, earth style Ninjutsu may work but it has yet to be proven."

Many shinobi that day decided to learn as many Doton Ninjutsu as they could, just in case.

"The last technique and the most powerful of the five I have witness is one that even I would hesitate to face." Sarutobi explained with a shudder. "It is known as Gravidon, it creates a pitch black ball of gravitational power that draws in everything in a large radius, after a few seconds the ball explodes, destroying everything that was drawn in."

The assembled shinobi stood in silence as they contemplated the Sandaimes words. Basically what they had was a super powered Jinchuriki that had no reason to fight for them and plenty of reasons to fight against them. They were screwed.

"What do we do with this information Hokage-sama, if the boy is as powerful as you say then some of us may not stand a chance against him." Kurenai asked after several moments of silence.

Sarutobi puffed his pipe and glanced at the orb before him, he could clearly see Naruto as the boy sat in class, eating his lunch.

"You will do nothing, simply stay out of his way and try not to give him anymore reason to dislike the village." Sarutobi said with a sigh, he would hate the next words out of his mouth but they needed to be said, the village came first. "Keep and eye on him however, his loyalty may not be in question now but that could change. Kakashi, should they pass, try to keep him occupied with missions and training, this means you will be on time and you will pay attention."

The cycloptic shinobi nodded hesitantly, Sarutobi could almost see the tears in his eye as he realized he would hardly have time for his book.

"That is all, you may all leave." The Sandaime finished in an commanding tone.

The gathered shinobi nodded and left rapidly, they may not have learned much about their 'future students' but what they had learned was far better, many rushed off to find their friends and comrades and share this interesting bit of gossip.


Naruto frowned in annoyance as the wait for their sensei reached hour two, his two teammates sat a ways away glaring at him.

Sakura after being awakened by Iruka had been immensely frightened of the blond, especially after finding out they were on the same team, but after Sasuke had been placed on her team and had sent a glare towards their blond teammate, she had lightened up and cheered something about her 'true love' being there to protect her.

Sasuke on the other hand couldn't care less about the pink haired harpy, he was more interested in the blonds strength. Naruto had clamped up after flinging the two girls across the room with ease, he had refused to answer any questions and only the timely intervention of Iruka had caused the questioning to cease.

While many of their classmates had been easily distracted by their new teams and sensei, Sasuke was still interested in the blond. Naruto had some sort of strange power and if it allowed the blond to fling others across the room with such ease then it was definitely something he wanted.

"Naruto," the Uchiha survivor spoke breaking the silence that had permeated the room for the last hour.

The blond simply glanced over at him with a bored expression while Sakura continued to stare at him with star struck eyes and a dreamy expression.

"How did you do that earlier?" Sasuke asked.

Naruto rose an eyebrow in question. "Do what?" The blond asked.

"How did you throw Sakura-san and Ino-san with only one finger." Sasuke asked trying to keep his temper down at the blonds expression.

"Why should I tell you?" Naruto replied looking away.

Sasuke seethed but before he could reply his fan girl beat him to it.

"Damn it Naruto-baka, answer Sasuke-kun's question!" The girl shouted leaping to her feet.

A moment later she collapsed to the ground with a crash, causing some of the floorboards to splinter and crack.

"Haruno-san, it is unwise to be so disrespectful to someone that can easily end your life." The blond spoke up in a bored tone.

His sapphire eyes turned and locked with the onyx orbs of the Uchiha.

"If you must know Uchiha, this is my power." The blond stated glancing at the girl who was struggling to move beneath some sort of invisible pressure.

Sasuke stared at the girl with a shocked expression, what the hell was going on? Sakura lay gasping on the floor trying hard to lift herself up but whatever force was affecting her kept her pinned to the ground. "Consider it Hijutsu or a Kekkai Genkai if you want, similar to your Sharingan, it is something only I can do."

'A bloodline?' Sasuke thought shocked. 'The dobe had a bloodline? That means I can't use it to defeat 'him'."

"What are you doing to her? How are you doing that?" He asked turning to the blond. He hadn't seen Naruto do any hand seals, so it was believable that this was a technique special to the blond, however that didn't stop him from being curious over his teammates power.

"Just like you Uchiha had an affinity for fire Jutsu, I have an affinity for gravity jutsu." The blond stated, still in a bored tone. "I can manipulate the force of gravity anyway I desire, currently I've increased the amount of gravity affecting us all."

"Although," the blond continued with slight disgust evident in his tone. "She should still be able to move, after all a genin should still be able to move under this low amount of pressure, you yourself barely seem to be affected by it, perhaps she is weaker than I thought."

Hearing Narutos words Sasuke couldn't help but notice the light pressure on his body, it took more energy to move but it was nothing he couldn't handle. Was this what Sakura was feeling? This was what rendered her immobile? Was she really this weak?.

'How pathetic.' Sasuke thought at he watched the girl struggle under the pressure, pressure that barely affected him.

As quick as it had come the pressure vanished and the Uchiha noticed as his movements became easier. Sakura continued to lay on the floor breathing heavily from her previous struggles.

"Impressive ability." Sasuke grunted. "Perhaps you won't be as useless as I thought dobe."

Naruto smirked in response. "And perhaps you're not as pompous as I thought Uchiha."

Any comments from the dark haired boy were cut off by the sound of approaching footsteps. Both males turned their attention to the classroom doors as the footsteps came closer and closer.

'Finally.' Naruto thought with a huff. 'I can finally meet this useless excuse for a sensei and get this over with.'