Secret #1

Pairing: Caius/Aro

"My, that human girl will make such a welcome addition to our collection," Aro sighed happily.

Caius didn't resist the urge to sneer. "The Cullens will never bend to your will."

Aro always had a smirking superiority derived from his ability to shape the world to his own liking; when he bribed Brutus to betray Caesar, when he killed his sweet sister with a smile; Caius's lip curled...when Aro manipulated his own hate. "But perhaps our dear Chelsea's..."

She stared at the ground, fearing her own words. "Their bonds are stronger than ours, my Lord."

Caius relished Aro's rare speechlessness.

So just some 100-word drabbles to give me some structure and inspiration that I've been needing. It's based loosely on the "Twilight Post Secret Challenge," except I'm just using all the pictures/quotes as inspiration for each drabble chapter; obviously this isn't for the contest, I am just utilizing the inspiration.

Prompts can be found here: http:/twipschallenge(dot)blogspot(dot)com/p/post-secret-prompts(dot)html?zx=ea869d489668ca1f, to see what I am referencing.

- The Romanticidal Edwardian