Hello There ! I hope you had the best Christmas ever ! I wish you the best for the new year to come.

Enjoy yourself, your family and Be Happy !

-You should sit down.

Kelly just nodded. She was tired. And her brain was trying to go back to work. Not exactly the brightest idea ever. Flashes of the car crash popped up in her mind, and she started to shiver. Trying not to think about the crash, about her mother, about death, she didn't noticed at first that someone had sat by her side.

-Hey... I'll help you.

-But yu can't...

-Bring them back ? No. But we'll figure it out.

He seems so confident that he made her nod.

-Yeah, look at that ! A Mall !

-It's not that exciting...

-Come on ! You're a teenage girl. EVERY teenage girl looooooooooooooooooove malls !

-That's supposed to cheer me up ?

-We're going shopping. Come with me !

As the bus stopped, Tony hopped out, followed by a very puzzled Kelly. The young man took her hand and started running happily to the mall.

-Yeayee ! Kelly, it's shopping ! They've got dresses and shirts and shoes and jackets and high heels and ballerinas and... and make-up !

-I don't like that...

Stunned, Tony froze without leaving Kelly a single chance to stop. She bumped into him.

-How on earth is it possible that YOU don't like shopping ?


-Girls love shopping, cute kittens, babies, horses and gossips ! That's... that's universality !

-Uh... I like horses.

-Great. One thing we definitely don't have in common. Never mind. You love malls. Starting now.

-Why !

-Lotta people. No one will be looking for us. Good place to buy new clothes, food and to give you a new hair cut.

-A new hair cut ? Seriously ?

-Yes. You're not Kelly anymore. You're going to be... well... Help me ! Find yourself a name !

-Why would I...?

-Because you're a runaway !

Kelly gave him a sad look. He smiled at her once again.

-So, what do this lovely sister of mine wanna eat ?

In the mall, they bought a lot of brand new clothes, trying new styles and even laughing a little bit during the process. Tony had recommended Kelly urge sun glasses that covered part of her face and made her look like an actress.

-Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease ! Take these ! You're adorable with these on !

-No friggin way !

-Aw pleeease Tony !


Kelly had tried to force Tony into buying fuchsia pants, which don't seem to please the young man very much.

-'look like a friggin Pokemon player in these.

-You made me take the Princess dress !

-'Cause it suits you !

-I'm not Elisabeth of Wittlesbach !


She smiled at him. Tony's credit card number... well, no one knew, was burning up.

By the end of the afternoon, Kelly Gibbs, brunette, and turned into a strawberry-blond girl named Allyn Paddington. She was dress in a casual but "a la mode" dress, lips bright red and eyes turned from blue to green.

Tony himself had changed a little bit : he was now wearing a black suit with an opal-blue shirt, his hair a little messed-up. They had gone into a photo booth to talk in private and take some pictures. Then, they had made a plan : they would escape the city and go to a safer place until mister Gibbs unit came back from deployment. Then, they would join him and decide of their new step.

-But, first of all, we need a car !

-A car ?

-Yeah, a rental !

-Who's going to drive ?


-That's not safe. You told me we needed the crowd.

-Yeah... but at some point, we'll need to hit the road.


-'kay... I'll make some call.

They were sitting in a diner, eating junk food while Tony used his brand new phone to prepare their journey. No one would detect them. They were the Paddington siblings. And they were going to spend their holiday in the familial villa, in Connecticut.