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Chapter 1

Max, Liz, Michael, Isabell, Maria and Kyle were in England on the run from the authorities. They come across Harry as he was attacked by dementors. Harry was able to successfully repel the dementors but it left him a wreck. Dudley being the bastard as normal, ran home as soon as the dementors had been repelled. Leaving Harry slumped on the ground. Max feeling pity for the kid, attempts to heal him. As he does so, the Horcrux in Harry tries to takeover Max but gets destroyed. The backlash from the destruction results in both of them falling unconsciousness. The remaining members of the Roswell gang panic. Michael takes charge and asks Kyle to move Max back to their current lodgings. The girls insist on taking Harry as well which Michael finally agrees to after being yelled at by Maria.

After an anxiety night they both wake up around the same time. Everyone could tell that Max was still exhausted by whatever happened. Harry was the exact opposite. He was a picture of health for the first time in his life since his parents died. The only down side to his situation was that he was in chains.

Michael had his hands pointed at Harry as soon as he woke up ready to blast him if he made the wrong move.

"Who are you?" Michael demanded immediately.

"Harry Potter. Who are you?"

"We are asking the questions here." Michael said threateningly. Maria then chimes in and says.

"Calm down, Michael. You are scaring him."

"He is a threat. Look at what he did to Max."

"He just a kid. I am sure he did not mean to hurt, Max. You saw how scared he was after the attack. What were those things, Harry?"

"They were dementors." Harry replied then he remembered he had broke the law. "I am in so much trouble."

"You will be if you don't start answering questions." Michael said.

"You have not ask any." Harry said innocently.

"Don't get smart with me. How old are you?"

"15 turning 16."

"What are you?"

"A wizard. Who are you people?"

"We are asking the questions here." Michael said. Max however had recovered enough to see what was going on.

"Stop it, Michael. He is just a kid. Untie him now."

"But he did something to you."

"It was not his fault." Max assures Michael. Michael still refuses to release Harry.

"Izzy could you release the kid for me. I am too tired to do so myself." While Max sits up in his bed. He walks over to Harry who was also getting up.

"You don't have to be scared, kid. What is your name?" Max said.

"Harry Potter. What is your name?" Harry asks.

"I am Max, that is Liz, Maria, Kyle, Isabel and that scary guy over there is Michael." Most of the others acknowledge the introduction except Michael.

"What time is it?" Harry asks in concern.

"You have been out since yesterday and it is now 11 am."

"I need to get back to my Aunt and Uncle's."

"Why don't we all get something to eat first before we take you home?" Max suggested.

Harry talked about being a wizard while Max tells him about being an alien. The healing of Harry by Max had created a feeling to trust between the two. Max had seen his life but without context could not understand what he saw. As Harry talked about his past, the more pissed off, the others were at his treatment. Michael gave back Harry's wand halfway through brunch after he described some of his experiences. When Harry talked about the underage magic warning, Liz pointed to an owl that was trying to get to Harry. It was the official notice from the ministry for underage use of magic and breach of the secrecy act. Seeing how worried Harry looked. Liz said.

"Their must be leeway in those acts for self defence. You should get a magical lawyer or something to represent you. In fact, you should get a magical lawyer to take a look at your life. Professor Dumbledore does not seen like such a good guy to me if you are allowed into so many dangerous situations under his watch."

"That seems like a great idea. But where would I find a magical lawyer?"

"Ask the bank, look in the newspaper or ask the barman at that magical pub."

"Less go to your Aunt's and Uncle house." Max said after they had finished brunch. Max leaves the room and when he arrives back his clothes resemble a bobby's uniform.

"What are you doing?" Harry asks.

"I decided that we are going to protect you. The best I can come up with, at the moment is a story where I say we are coppers. After seeing you being bashed by some kids, I chased the abusers away but could not identify them. Liz here, stayed behind to help you but since you were unconscious. We could not identify you so you were taken to a clinic. After finding evidence of child neglect and abuse we are taking you into protective custody. We going to get them to sign a form that they think is to go acknowledge the fact they had been informed of their rights. When in actual fact they will be transferring custody to one of our fake identities."

"What about the wards?" Harry said.

"I don't think they work. Think about it. You were attacked by Dementors and this Voldemort guy has used your blood to resurrect himself. I don't think it has ever worked, since your Uncle has been able to hurt even though he is not your blood. He should have been barred from his own house." Liz explained.

"Besides we will protect you. I know what you going through and I will not let someone go through the same thing if I can help it." Michael said.

So Harry, Max, Liz and Isabel proceed to the Dursley. While Maria kept Michael calm so that he did not go and hurt them. When they arrived back, Harry had all his magical stuff and they were all laughing.

"Did you see how scared Vernon was of an official investigation into Harry's treatment." Liz said.

"Or how Dudley was desperately trying to hide and hear what was going on at the same time." Isabel said.

"I like how Petunia knew her family was as good as dead since Harry would not provide them any more protection." Max said.

"I like how Mrs Figg was trying to wake that drunk up for some reason." Harry said.

"First order of business is go to Diagon Alley to get you an magical lawyer."

"I probably should go to the Gringotts first to withdraw some money. Lawyers usually cost an arm and leg." Harry said.

"Kyle do you mind going with Liz, Harry and me to see the magical lawyer since you know the law better than anyone else."

"I don't know magical law."

"You understand how the law works and some of the terms they use might be the same."

"Okay, if you think it helps."

"I appreciate all your help." Harry says. Determined to help them in return.

Harry drops off his stuff. Before they take the knight bus to the Leaky Cauldron. Harry hides under his invisible cloak as Max uses Harry's wand to get to Diagon Alley. Liz, Max and Kyle are amazed at what they see. Harry quickly leads them to Gringotts. Once there, he removes his invisible cloak and goes to the counter that Griphook is serving.

"How can we help you today." Griphook said with distaste.

"Good Afternoon, Griphook. Nice to see you again. I need to visit my vault." Harry said. Griphook was surprise that a wizard knew who he was and greet him rather than just demand what he wants.

"Do I know you, sir?"

"I am Harry Potter. You took me to my vaults the first time I came here."

"Do you have your key, Mr Potter?"

"I do. Here it is." Harry said as he hands over his key.

"You should be careful who you hand your key too. Since it allows them access to your vaults and it is very easy for them to copy." Griphook said as he takes the key.

"Can I take these people with me to my vault?" Harry asks.

"It is your vault and your money." Griphook said as though it was none of his business. Griphook then takes them to Harry's vault where he starts filling Harry's backpack with gold. As they are leaving Harry asks Griphook.

"Excuse Griphook. I was wondering if could you recommend a magical lawyer for me."

"Sorry but I do not like to get involved in the affairs of the wizards. We are a bank and that is all we do."

"Thank you for your help anyway." After they leave the bank, Harry sneaks back to the Leaky Cauldron by himself. Max, Liz and Kyle goes to the bookstore to wait for Harry.

Harry goes to Tom at the Leaky Cauldron.

"Hi Tom."

"What are you doing here? Quite a few people are looking for you." Tom asks.

"Getting my life in order. Can you recommend a lawyer that has no links with Death Eaters or Dumbeldore."

"What is wrong with Dumbledore?" Tom asks.

"I recently realised that he never had my best interests at heart. After I examined the events in my life I realised that Dumbledore does not really care about me." Harry said matter of factly.

"May I ask what you mean?"

"It is better if you don't know at the moment. Just don't tell anyone you saw me."

"Okay but I expect an explanation next time."

"So can you recommend a lawyer?" Harry asks again.

"The lawyer I would recommend is Mr Entwhistle. He knows the law inside out and as long as you pay him. He is your best friend. The only thing he cares about is money. So pay him upfront and work out the contract before you tell him anything." Tom says after going through the lawyers he had come across in his head.

"So basically you are referring me to a shark."

"A brilliant but greedy shark."

"Okay how do I get in contact with him."

"I will recommend you go via floo. His floo address is Mr Entwhistle and Associates. You can go using the public floo over there."

"I will be back later with some friends to use the floo."

"Okay." Tom says. Harry gives Tom some money for the information before leaving to collect Max, Liz and Kyle.

Harry finds his new friends at the book store with a number of books.

"Can we get these books?" Liz asks Harry. "I think it will help us understand what is going on. We will pay you back later."

"Okay. You don't need to pay me back after all you are helping me." Harry says as he takes the books from them so that he can pay for them. The group then go to see the lawyer. They were met by a pretty secretary in a normal looking office.

"How may I help you?" The secretary said. Harry remembering what Tom said. Harry replied.

"We wish to hire, Mr Entwhistle."

"What type of matter do you wish to hire him for?"

"A number of different matters. Is it possible to pay for an entire week." Harry asked.

"You have to discuss that with Mr Entwhistle. If you will take a seat I let him know you are here. May I ask who you are?"

"I am Harry Potter and these are my friends. Max, Liz and Kyle." Harry said. The secretary looked at Harry's scar before quickly going into a room off to the side. Harry and the others take a seat. After a short delay, a balding man comes rushing out of the room.

"Mr Potter, a pleasure to meet you. I must say I don't believe what all those articles say about you. Are you here to take action against."

"Pleasure to meet you too, Mr Entwhistle. These are my friends, Max, Liz and Kyle."

"Pleasure to meet you all. Please call me Adam. Why don't we go into my office so that we can discuss how I can help you today."

"My friends and I wish to hire you for a week to deal with a number of different matters. Possibly longer if you do a good job." Harry says. Adam thinks about the publicity he will get from being Harry Potter's lawyer and quickly says.

"I usually charge 1 thousand galleons a week plus overtime and application fees. Since it is for you, Mr Potter, I will charge you a thousand for the week but throw in this consultation."

"If you include everything you do for us today and tonight then we have a deal."

"That is acceptable. Will you be paying by vault transfer or cash."

"Cash once the contract between us is signed." Harry says. Adam quickly takes one of his standard contracts and then makes the necessary changes. He passes the contract for Harry to review. Harry immediately passes it to Liz and Kyle to look over before suggesting a few changes before being satisfied. The contract gets signed and Harry pays Adam who counts the money before putting it in his safe.

"So how can I help you?" Adam says as he comes back into the office.

"I don't know where to begin."

"Why don't you tell me everything that happened to you." Adam said. So Harry spent the next 3 hours talking about everything that has happened to him with Adam taking notes throughout. Max and the others were still shocked that the kid in front of them has gone through so much already in his short life even though they heard it once before at brunch. Adam was in greater shock than Max but his years as a lawyer allow him to present an unemotional face to the world.

"I will begin processing this adoption papers and getting you emancipated in the magical world among other things. It should not be too hard to get you emancipated since the ministry already recognise you as an adult when they forced you to compete in the Triwizard tournament. In the meantime, I would recommend that you go to Gringotts to get a copy of your parents' will and see if Mr Black made you, his heir. While you are there you should get your accounts audited by the Goblins since I do not trust Dumbledore."

"What about Max and my friends?" Harry asked.

"I will apply to be their home school tutor this week even though I will not be teaching any of you. It just so that you can get a wand. You should get a tutor for two owls and maybe two newts. It will make your life a lot simpler if you do. Once you get it then you can apply for an apparate license which would make travelling a lot easier."

"What are owls and newts?" Liz asks.

"They are examinations levels and getting two means you need to know two subjects to a certain level. When you get a tutor, they can explain it a lot better than me." Adam replies.

"We will be right back after we visit the bank." Harry says.

"I should have the forms ready for you to sign when you get back."

Harry, Max, Liz and Kyle leave for Gringotts while Adam starts the paperwork and gets his secretary to move his appointments for the week to some other day.

Later that day, Harry comes back with a copy of his parents' will. He is accompanied by the entire Pod Squad including Michael, Maria and Isabel. Adam had a stack of forms for him and the others to sign with another 300 galleons required for application and processing fees. At the end of the day Harry and the others had sore hands from signing things with the blood quill.