Chapter 4

On Tuesday morning, an eagle owl arrived outside of the house that Harry and the pod squad were staying. No one noticed the owl for about an hour since they had to stay up late last night. Michael was the first to noticed the owl and was about the blast it out of sky before Harry intervened.

"It is just a mail owl." Harry said to try to calm Michael down. "Remember, in the magical world they deliver letter."

"The bloody thing was annoying. Constantly pecking at the window." Michael said irritably.

"How else was it going to get our attention?" Harry asked which Michael did not respond to.

"Who is the letter from?" Liz asked.

"It is from Gringotts. They want to meet me at the earliest convenient time." Harry replied.

"Liz and I can go with you after we picked up our staffs." Max offered.

"I think it might be better if we go before you pick up your staffs. We don't want to create an incident at the bank by accidentally using your new staffs. Why tempt fate when we don't need to?" Harry said quickly.

"Fine." Max said. Not happy with the suggestion but had to agree that did sound logically..

"Do you need backup?" Michael asked.

"I don't think it will be necessary." Max replied.

"Do you think we should ask Adam to come with us for legal advise?" Liz asked.

"Why don't we owl him before breakfast?" Harry suggested.

"That man is great. I really believe that you should give him a bigger retainer." Liz suggests.

"When we are at the bank today. I will withdraw some money to extend our agreement." Harry stated.

"I think you should put him on permanent retainer." Liz suggested.

"He has proven his value to us. I am thinking of employing him as my full-time advisor. When I see him later today I will discuss it with him." Harry said.

Hedwig arrived back with Adam's reply at the end of breakfast.

"What did Adam say?" Liz asked.

"He said that Goblins operate under their own rules and so he would not be much help. The only recommendation he gave us was that I did not go alone." Harry replied after reading the letter.

"Okay. Let us go. I think we should dress up this time to make a good impression. Especially since you will probably be meeting with your account manager for the first time." Liz suggested.

"I can help." Isabelle offered eagerly. She missed being able to keep up with fashion while they were on the run. This was the perfect opportunity to indulge in her hobby.

Two hours later after trying their entire wardrobe, Harry, Max and Liz made their way to Gringotts.

"Who are we meeting today?" Max asked.

"Someone named Ragnok." Harry replied.

"Does he have a job title?" Max asked.

"I don't know. All the letter said was Ragnok. It did not say whether it is a first or last name or a title. My knowledge of Goblins is severely limited." Harry admitted.

Just before they entered the bank, Max removed the disguise from Harry. Two unfamiliar wizards immediately recognised Harry and walk towards them. Harry quickly walks to an empty teller.

"Good Morning Master Goblin." Harry said in greeting.

"What can I do for you Wizard?" The goblin said with disgust.

"I need to meet with Ragnok." Harry said as he showed the goblin the letter. The goblin quickly looks up and sees the scar. He motions for two guards to come before speaking to his supervisor.

"This way." The supervisor says as he leads the group to a side door. As they reach the door, a scuffle could be heard occurring in the background. One of the unfamiliar wizards calls out to Harry.

"Do you know those guys?" The guide asks.

"No. I have never seen them in my life." Harry replies honestly. Their guide makes a shooing motion with his hands and the two unfamiliar wizards are unceremoniously chucked out of the bank by some goblin guards.

"Sorry about that." Their guide says as he leads them to an elevator.

"Excuse me, Master Goblin." Harry asked. "Can you please tell us a bit about who we are meeting?"

"Be patient. You will meet him soon enough." Their guide said irritability. Seeing how unhelpful the goblin was, Harry decides to stay silent on the rest of the journey down.

When the elevator stopped they were lead down a short corridor to a grand set of golden doors. Another goblin scanned them before the doors were opened. It was an obvious throne room. The goblin on the throne was looking at some papers in front of him when Harry was announced.

"Thank you for coming, Mr Potter." Ragnok said.

"No trouble, sir. Please call me Harry." Harry replied.

"Please call me, Ragnok." Ragnok said. "Who are your friends?"

"These are my new guardians in the non-magical world, Max and Liz Evans."

"Nice to meet you all." Ragnok said in greetings.

"Are you my account manager?" Harry asked uncertainly. Ragnok laughed out loud.

"I am the chief of the British Goblin clans. The only reason why I am involved is that you almost lead to a clan war." Ragnok replied.

"I am sorry for causing you trouble. May I ask how I almost started a war." Harry asked.

"It is not really your fault. Your supposedly magical guardian has been taking large amounts of money from you with the help of others including a goblin clan. When an audit was performed on your accounts and their actions discovered. The clan and their allies wanted to go to war but I had to threaten to use all the other clans to before they backed down. Now I have to sort out the mess caused by you hewmans." Ragnok explained with disgust.

"What mess are you talking about?" Harry asked. Unaffected by the apparent insult.

"Well the wizard who claims to be your magical guardian never had the right. So all the transactions authorised by him were illegal. Your legitimate magical guardian was sitting in jail and is now a wanted fugitive. The problem is that we need to identify a replacement magical guardian to sort out the thief." Ragnok said.

"What happens if I am an emancipated minor?" Harry asked.

"That would simplify things." Ragnok admitted. "Do you have the paperwork?"

Liz dig through her bag and produced the required documentation. Ragnok snapped his fingers. Another goblin came and made a copy of the document before leaving. He then had a careful look at the original document before being satisfied it was genuine.

"Tell me about the thief." Harry requested.

"Last time you were here. You requested an audit of your accounts plus a copy of your parents will. Luckily for you, you made the request with a teller from a clan of goblins unaligned with your ex-account manager. He passed on the request to a neutral third clan who discovered the thief. It seems that your fake magical guardian Albus Dumbledore, William Weasley, Molly Weasley, Ronald Weasley and Ginerva Weasley have all stolen money from your accounts with the help of the Hook goblin clan including Bloodhook (your ex-account manager) and Griphook." Ragnok explained.

"What is going to happen with the thieves?" Max asked. While Harry was in shock at the discovery of the involvement of Ron, Ginny and Molly.

"The hook clan have already been taken care of. William Weasley has been beheaded for breaking his employment oath. Molly, Ronald and Ginerva are currently cleaning out the dragon lairs by hand. While Dumbledore has not arrived yet." Ragnok replied.

"How much did the Weasleys' steal?" Harry asked after he recovered from his shock.

"Hundreds of thousands of galleons. Dumbledore was a lot worse and stole tens of millions of galleons."

"How much do I have?" Harry asked.

"A little over a hundred million galleons. That is excluding any money we are recovering for you now." Ragnok replied to the shock of Harry.

"Did you interrogate the thieves?" Max asked.

"We have interrogated everyone involved to try to track down the money." Ragnok replied.

"Can we get a copy of the interviews?" Max asked. Ragnok snapped his fingers again and a goblin appeared with the requested documents.

"Only the interviews with the humans." Ragnok stated.

"How did you get a hold of Molly, Ron and Ginny?" Harry asked.

"We wrote a letter requesting their presence. When they arrived, we arrested them." Ragnok said.

"What is going to happen to Dumbledore?" Liz asked.

"Since he holds such powerful positions within the British Magical Society. All we can do is ask him whether he would be willing to answer a few questions for us." Ragnok admitted.

"Maybe you could say that the Weasleys ran off with his money and request information about his accounts in case they stole more money." Liz suggested. After a little thought, Ragnok broke out in a vicious grin.

"I loved it. We can find out where the rest of the money is hidden and it can be blamed on a dead wizard. Do you want a job?" Ragnok said.

"I am busy protecting Harry here." Liz replied. "That was the main reason for my suggestion, Dumbledore will divert his resources to try to track down a dead man rather than Harry."

"When you are free. Maybe you can come by and discuss some employment options."

"I will think about it." Liz replied. "Do you have debit cards or something similar so that Harry does not have to risk coming to the bank every time he runs out of money?" Liz went on and asked as she keeps seeing wizards and witchs with bags of gold which is not safe.

"We do not have debit cards because one of our treaties with the British Magical Society does not allow us to deal with the Muggle world." Ragnok replied.

"Have you thought about getting some of your most trusted human employees to start a business that invest in the non-magical world?" Liz suggested. "They can remain your employees so that their oaths are retained and you get to invest in the non-magical world through them."

"I love the way you think. Are you sure, you don't have any goblin blood in you?" Ragnok said with a grin.

"Not to my knowledge." Liz replied. "Is there some way that Harry can come to the bank without revealing himself."

"I will organise a reusable portkey." Ragnok said with another snap of his fingers.

"Thank you, Ragnok." Liz and Harry said.

"Did the teller that help catch the thief get any reward?" Max asked.

"Sharpfang and the Fang clan received half of the Hook clans assets. Do you need anything else today?" Ragnok asked.

"I need to make a withdrawal." Harry said.

"I will get Sharpfang to show you to your vault." Ragnok said as he snapped his fingers again. Sharpfang entered the room.

"Do you have any other suggestions?" Ragnok said hopefully at Liz.

"I would suggest that you make a third party audit a yearly occurrence." Liz suggested after some thought. "I will also suggest you begin looking into Harry godfather's accounts."

"Who is Harry's godfather?" Ragnok asked.

"Sirius Black." Harry replied to the shock of Ragnok. He did not look happy as Sharpfang lead to Harry's vault. Harry took quiet a bit of money from his vaults before leaving.

As they made their way up, Harry received a copy of his family account ledger which automatically updates. Just before they left the bank via portkey, Harry thanked Sharpfang for his assistance. They dropped off all the documents and the ledger for Kyle and Adam to review before heading to Ollivanders to pick up their staffs.

It took Mr Ollivander quite a while to respond to their knocks. When the door did open, an excited Mr Ollivander appeared.

"Come in, Come in." Mr Ollivander said in greetings.

"Nice to see you again. You seem unusually happy." Harry said.

"You try making wands year after year. It is dead boring. The chance to do something interesting in my craft does not happen often. Staff crafting is almost a lost art since most witches and wizards these days do not have the power to use them." Mr Ollivander explained.

"But you were able to make our staffs?" Max asked with concern.

"Of course. But I want you to try it out to make sure it works properly." Mr Ollivander said as he lead them to the cellar of his store.

"Won't the ministry detect the magic use?" Harry asked since Max and Liz were only suppose to do magic in the presence of Adam.

"This room is especially warded so that the ministry won't detect a thing." Mr Ollivander replied.

"Why do you have a room that the ministry can not detect magic from?" Harry asked.

"So that clients can show me the problem they are having with their wand without fear and to test out new wands." Mr Ollivander replied matter of factly.

The room they were lead to was covered in runes. In the back, were the two completed staffs that look like walking sticks along with various dummies. Mr Ollivander picked one of the staffs up and passed it to Max.

"This one is yours, Mr Evans." Mr Ollivander said.

When Max held the staff, the clear quartz crystal gave off a bright glow.

"A perfect fit." Mr Ollivander stated "It is a great staff for healing and combat."

Max started trying to regulate the glow from the staff resulting in the staff pulsing.

"Why don't you try firing a stunning curse at the dummy?" Mr Ollivander suggested.

Harry whispered instructions on how to perform the spell. Max followed the instructions and fired a massive red ball from the crystal that annihilated the dummy and made a big hole in the wall.

"Mr Evans, do you mind repairing the wall?" Mr Ollivander said. Max yelled reparo which repaired the wall and the dummy. The spell was one of the first things Harry taught them as it was so useful.

"Try holding onto the crystal end of the staff while pointing at the dummy and repeat the stunning spell." Mr Ollivander suggested.

Max did as instructed which resulted in a red ray of light to shooting from his staff passing through the dummy and creating a round shape hole in the wall. As soon as everyone finished inspecting the damage, Max repaired it.

"As the demonstration shows, pointing the crystal end will give you more power while the other end is for finesse." Mr Ollivander explained.

"Can we rent this room from you to practice?" Harry asked Mr Ollivander.

"Sure. It does not affect me since my workshop is above the store and once I am gone you can lease the entire building from me." Mr Ollivander replied eagerly.

They began negotiating a lease agreement. Harry got a great deal since Mr Ollivander wanted them at hand while he finished their staffs. Another condition of the agreement was that Harry and his new friends had to strengthen the wards around the store. As soon as, Harry paid the deposit sealing the deal, Mr Ollivander lead them to the ward room. It was a room with a massive stone anchored to the floor with runes covering both the stone and room.

"Please place your hands on the stone and push your magic into it." Mr Ollivander instructed. Harry, Liz and Max followed the instructions and the stone started to glow. The glow started to spread via the runes throughout the building. Mr Ollivander performed a spell which seemed to satisfy him.

"Why don't we go back to the testing room?" Mr Ollivander suggested. "I want you to try something."

"What do you want to try?" Max asked as they entered the testing room. Liz noticed that the runes around the room glowed slightly which did not appear before.

"Why don't you try directing a stunning spell to the ground while slamming the staff down?"

"What do you think it will do?" Max asked.

"I believe that it might stun everyone around you." Mr Ollivander replied.

"I will shield Mr Ollivander and myself while Liz can be the test dummy." Harry suggested since Mr Ollivander looked like a fragile old guy who might not be able to take the hit.

"Thanks." Liz said sarcastically.

Harry put up his strongest shield before Max let the spell rip. A bright red light flooded the area from the crystal and Liz was thrown back by the spell. Max, who was unaffected by the spell, immediately went to help Liz.

"Let us not do that again." Liz said as she regained consciousness.

"I recommend that you only use it for emergencies since it can cause damage to the staff if done too often." Mr Ollivander suggested.

"Can I have my staff now?" Liz asked. Mr Ollivander nodded and passed the other staff to Liz. As soon as Liz held the staff, she immediately collapsed. They tried to remove the staff without success so they decided to put her on a couch that Mr Ollivander created. Just as Harry was about to leave to call for a healer, Liz woke up.

"Are you alright?" Max asked with concern.

"I am fine. The surge from the staff overwhelmed me." Liz lied.

Liz's staff glowed like Max's but not as bright. Being knocked unconscious by Max's spell then by her staff conbined with reinforcing the wards had taken a toll on her magic. She repeated the tests that Max did earlier. Her spells were powerful but they did not breach the newly reinforced walls.

"I expected that since your staff is more suitable for mind magic. So Imperio, Oblivate, Notice Me Not and Legimens would be most effective using your staff." Mr Ollivander explained.

"Can I try using Max's staff?" Liz asked.

"That is fine as long as you don't try Harry's wand since you would burn out the core if you do." Mr Ollivander replied.

"Do you have scabbards that can hold the staffs across our backs?" Harry asked.

"I know what you talking about but sorry I do not such items. You need to custom them order it." Mr Ollivander replied.

"Could you order it for us?" Harry asked. "We don't want anyone to know we have these staffs."

"That will be fine. I can order them from my supplier of wand holsters. What materials do you want the sheath to be made out of?"

"Maybe Horntail dragon." Harry said cheeky.

"You will have to pay me upfront as they are expensive. As much as the cost of the staffs." Mr Ollivander replied.

"That is fine." Harry said as he gave Mr Ollivander the money.

Max, Liz and Harry found they could use the different staffs but not to the degree of the intended owner. Before they left the store, Mr Ollivander gave them instructions on maintenance for the staffs.

They arrived back at Adam's office to find everyone busy. Madam Bones and Auror Hammer were also present. This time they were reading through the interrogations of the Weasleys. Their presence prevented Max and Liz from showing off their new staffs. Harry decided to get the important business out of the way first. So he asked to see Adam alone so they could negotiate a long term service contract. The contract covered not only Harry's legal needs but also the Pod Squads.

"You sure know how to pick friends." Max said as Harry and Adam came back in.

"What do you mean?" Harry asked confused.

"Your friend, Ron and his sister was going to dose you with love potion. They had already started dosing your other friend, Hermione." Liz explained.

"I have to tell her." Harry said.

"You can't, she is staying with Dumbledore's inner circle." Kyle said.

"Your godfather, Sirius Black is also trapped there. In fact, Mrs Weasley was trying to convince him to make Ron his heir."

"Does that mean that Mr Potter is the current heir to the Black family?" Madam Bones asked.

"Yes." Liz replied.

"That means that Narcissa Malfoy was acting illegally whenever she voted on behalf of the Black family." Madam Bones said in disgust.

"So how many votes do I have in the Wizengamot now?" Harry asked.

"Three." Adam supplied.

"It might be four since you could claim the Slytherin vote via conquest." Madam Bones added.

"You should do it, Harry." Adam recommended. "I had a closer look at the legislation regarding the French Asylum seekers. It only requires 10 votes to enforce the oath."

"Alright. How do I do it?"

"All you have to do is go to Gringotts and tell them you wish to claim the title. If the goblins believe you have a valid claim then they will try summoning the ring. You will have to pay a ten galleon fine if the summoning does not work. So the risk is minimal." Madam Bones explained.

"I thought Gringotts was only a bank." Harry mentioned. "This sounds like they are doing more than banking."

"They are not deciding who owns a vault. All they are doing is assisting people in claiming what is rightfully theirs." Madam Bones explained.

"Okay I will do it tomorrow." Harry replied.

"You should claim the other rings as well." Adam suggested.

"I will delay the lodgement of the form to change your proxies to the last minute." Madam Bones added. "Who will you have as your proxy?"

"Adam here." Harry replied.

Later that night, after Harry had gone to bed, the Pod squad sat in the dining room.

"Liz. You called this meeting. Do you mind starting? I want to go to bed." Michael said irritably.

"I had a vision when I first received my staff." Liz said.

"That is why you fainted." Max said.

"Yes. I saw glances of the future as well as a warning. We have to help Harry as much as we can as he is the key to our future." Liz said.

"What did you see?" Maria asked.

"If Harry fails to overthrow the current administration then we will be on the run for the rest of our lives. But if he succeeds then the government will no longer be searching for us as the wizards will force them to back down." Liz explained.

"That is your interpretation of the vision but could you tell us exactly what you saw?" Michael demanded.

"I saw us leaving then Harry in chains followed by an older version of us running from men in black suits. But then the vision changed and showed us fighting with Harry against some guy with features like a snake before defeating him. People in the same type of robes as Auror Hammer arresting people in military outfits. Followed by a vision of us sending sending our children off to school." Liz said.

"That is different. You usually get visions of danger that is just about to occur." Max said.

"I think it might be a message from my future self." Liz suggested.

"That makes sense." Maria admitted.

"Did you get any more visions?" Michael asked.

"I felt a desire to nod my head when Adam mentioned the Slytherin Ring." Liz admitted.

"That is new. You have never been able to do that. Why don't you try with lottery numbers." Michael said in jest.

"I think your staff amplifies your powers." Max suggested.

"I think so too?" Liz says as she tries to workout how to test the hypothesis.

"Should we tell Harry of this new abilities?" Maria asked.

"Not yet. We not sure of anything." Liz replied.

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