8th Contest Entry

Christmas Special Fanfiction

by Misha Arsellec Klein

Title: Forgive My Words

Summary:"I'm sorry" Takano whispered to the younger man beneath him. Some tears fell down from the older man's eyes. Yet just like he expected, the younger man didn't make any sound at all. He doesn't even blink. And the younger man lifeless body was embraced by him.

Rated: T

A/N:Guys, don't be tricked by the summary. Don't worry, this is NOT a character death fic. But it does contain tragedy,drama,hurt/comfort,supernaturalandromance.Let's just say that I love to make heart breaking tragedies. But I don't know whether you guys will cry or not since my grammar sucks and you guys get annoyed by it :P Oh and by what I remembered, Takano is OLDER than Ritsu... right? XD asking the obvious

Anyway, the main pairing is obviouslyTakano and Ritsu. Hope you'll enjoy it.

I do not own Sekaiichi Hatsukoi!

(I'm from Indonesia and MISTAKES in English is actually so MANY)

Going on with the story!

"I'm sorry..."

I'm so sorry

"If... I didn't say that..."


"You wouldn't..."

Don't die...

"You wouldn't..."

It's all my fault.


If only I...

"Don't leave me again"

"Why don't you just LEAVE and DIE, then?"

As he said those words, he slapped the brunette right on his face. Yet as the words slipped out of his mouth, he immediately regretted it. Scared, maybe nervous, he glanced at the younger man who was sitting on the floor. The younger man—Onodera Ritsu—touched his now red left cheek, smeared with fresh blood. He stared back at the one who just slapped him. Horror was printed on his face, with teary eyes, he finally spoke with trembling voice, "...you..."

"Y-You hitme..."

Yes, God only knows why, just now, the Chief Editor of Emerald just slap—no, hit Onodera Ritsu right on the face. It seemed the stress that was overwhelming inside the older man, plus the case with Yokozawa and Ritsu's fiance:Kohinata An, made everything a lot more worse. And they were having fights all over again. Only this time, when Ritsu said that he would never want to meet the Chief Editor ever again if he kept this kid like behaviour, and then the stress, anger and frustation all went out and without thinking, the older man just slapped him accross the face.

Takano stared at the younger man with guilt printed on his face. Just when he wanted to reach for the man, he stood up, bangs covered his eyes. "Onodera... I'm so-"

"Fine" He said with cold voice, yet Takano noticed enough that Ritsu was trying to not to cry.

Ritsu walked to the door. Takano called his name, tried to finish this little misunderstanding.


"I said finedidn't I?" And he walked out of the door. Leaving the dumbstruck Takano all alone.

Time passed by, ever since then, Takano never heard even a single news about Ritsu. After that argument they were in, Ritsu disappeared onceagain from Takano's life. However, his apartment was still holding his clothes, books, furnitures and all. He already checked the place using the spare key the landlady gave him. So that's mean Ritsu haven't left yet, he just didn't come back home. And plus, he was always absent since that day. He wasn't coming to the office, and he wasn't transferred to any other departments either. He just went...missing.

Takano gritted his teeth. Why? Why did he do such thing? He was so stupid to hit him, to shout at him and told him to just leave and die. Die. The words struck Takano. What if Ritsu did die? 'No,he'snotstupid'. But who was stupid enough to just leave and went missing for days, weeks, even months? Heck, Takano was not even sure that he was still alive or not. And tomorrow is his birthday either, the 24th of December. He stared out at the window. There was snowstorm outside, yesterday too. He hoped that tomorrow won't have any snowstorm, so he can search for Ritsu again, on his birthday.

He'll get a day off at that day, he promised himself.

The next day...

He went searching all over the town, yet no results at all. He gone desperate. 'WhereisOnodera..?Thatidiot...' Just when he went to buy a coffee, he heard an old lady said something.

"Is the young man already went home already...? Months ago, we found him fainted because of exhaustion and you soon taking care of him. And then two days ago, he was standing like a statue, even in a snowstorm. Is he alright?"

Another old lady that was beside her said, "Mmn, I don't actually know. But I don't see him anymore, so he probably went home, or maybe walked off somewhere... He just refuses to come back home, that Ritsu..."


Takano immediately asked the old lady, "Excuse me, is the 'Ritsu' you're actually talking about is a man in his twenties with brown hair and green eyes?" The old lady nodded, "well, yes, how did you know?"

"I'm sorry, but where did you meet him? He's my..."


"...He's someone precious to me"

The old ladies stared at each other, before one of them said, "Two days ago..."

Takano drove his car in a hurry, back to the place where he went to with Ritsu, year ago, right on his birthday too. 'Thatplace...Hewasinthatplaceforgoddamnthreedays!Inasnowstorm!ISHECRAZY?' Takano shouted in his mind, yet he was actually very worried. What if... What if...

'Why don't you just LEAVE and DIE then?'

Those words struck him yet again. Because of those words, THIS happened. Because of those words, he became this stupid to stay in one place in a snowstorm! It was all because of his reckless words. If only he haven't said that, none of this would never happened.

Takano stopped his car, he stepped out and searched for his beloved, his Ritsu, whom have been missing for God-knows-how-long. The snow already falling since 1 hour ago, and he was hell worried about Ritsu, even though this time was not a snowstorm. Then he noticed something behind the bush: a leg was seen. He quickly ran to the bush, only to find something he not expected.

His Ritsu, with pale blue skin, covered by the snow, his eyes were still open, yet they were not shining like they used to be. And he was not breathing. Takano shakily touched the man's red cheek—hell, even after so many months passed by, the red print from when Takano slapped him haven't gone?—and was taken aback by how cold his skin was. It's as if Ritsu himself was snow, a person-like ice. He stared at the lifeless body in front of him in horror, guilt and of course, he felt like his own soul was missing. He touched the man's cheek, slightly slapped him, "Wake up... Hey, wake up, Onodera!" He tried to shook his body, waking his precious up, yet it was no use, his body won't even budge. "Please... please wake up! This is not a joke!" He did hope that all of this was all joke, a dream, so when he woke up, he could embrace his precious once again, and never would let him go. He was so desperate. "I'm sorry" Takano whispered to the younger man beneath him. Some tears fell down from the older man's eyes. Yet just like he expected, the younger man didn't make any sound at all. He doesn't even blink. And the younger man lifeless body was embraced by him.

"I'm sorry. I'm so... sorry..." He said between tears. "If only that day... I didn't said that... You wouldn't... You wouldn't do something this stupid... I'm sorry, I'm sorry, Ritsu..." More tears fall, he now had it hard to breathe. "Please... Don't leave me again..."

I love you

Takano's eyes widened and he looked at his Ritsu—still lifeless as ever. He turned around, only to find nothing but them and his car. No-one was there. Was he hearing things?

I really do love you

No, he wasn't hearing things! He was sure he heard someone speaking, but... who?

Takano once again focused on Ritsu, hugged him for dear life. Ritsu didn't hug back, of course. But behind him, only God knows that certain someon—certain thing was standing, smiling and said his final words:

I'll definitely come back


"Then why don't you just le—"

Takano stopped dead track in his words. Wait a minute. He stared at the person in front of him. Onodera Ritsu, no more no less, standing, breathing, blinking. "Why don't I just what?" Ritsu bravely asked the older man. 'He even talks!' Takano shouted inside his mind. 'Is this a dream?' Takano tried to pinch his cheek, but it was hurt. 'This is not a dream?But this situation...' It was definitely months ago, the argument that started it all. Ritsu who didn't get any response asked again, "What, you want me to leave?" Takano's eyes widened. If he continue his words, the same thing would happen again. Then something crossed in his mind. And then with his oh-so-famous trademark smirk, he said the only words he could only think as a reason."...Then why don't you just let me have my own way with you, eh?" Ritsu stared at him, and he continued his words, "I'll pleasure you hundreds of time more, and you would so bound up with me that you won't want to leave me. And oh! If your 'An-chan' knows about this, I wonder what would happen...?" Ritsu immediately shouted with flushed face, "I'll definitely kill you, you annoying bastard! You perverted ninja!" (LOLZ XD The 7th Contest does help me a lot :P) Takano smirked, "Ninja? Then let your ninja have fun". He embraced the warm body. Yes, he would never let him go anywhere anymore. The one he loves with his entire heart, his Ritsu.


*sniff sniff* Finally it's done! Got me a while to write this. I hope you like it. If you have questions, tell me. (yeah I was in such a hurry when I wrote the last part) ^_^ Regards, Misha Arsellec Klein.