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Chapter 3: RE=BOOT


Why does it feel so cold...?

He opened his eyes to see white. He was standing on nothing, in no-where. He looked around, to see nothing but white. What happened...? He wondered for a while, didn't I supposed to be in the office...? His mind wasn't thinking straight, and he knew. No... What exactly happened...? He rubbed his forehead and sat down, it actually suprised him that he can actually "sit" since it seemed like he was floating in the middle of white. He tried to remember what happened to him, yet it was no-use, he couldn't actually remember what happened to him, what was the place he was in and why he was here.

Time passed he was still sitting there, still trying to remember, which was actually no-use. And suddenly out of no-where, he heard the sound of water. He jerked upwards, standing up and waited for the sound to come again.

And then, the sound of water droplets was being heard again, again, and then the droplets never stopped. Ritsu walked, following the sound. As he got nearer and nearer, the sound of droplets just get more louder and louder. And when he noticed, he heard a muffled cry. ...Who's crying...? He tried to concentrate and he was sure that what he heard was definitely cries.

The person's voice, was amazingly familiar for him, yet he couldn't tell who.

The sobs just getting louder and louder. And the more louder it get, the more his heart sunk, the more his head hurt.

He heard whispers between sobs, and he remembered.

The more he heard the whispers, the more he remembered.

"I'm sorry..."


"If I don't..."


"If I never said that..."


"You would never..."



Please stop...

"Don't leave me again..."

He screamed. Screamed so hard that his throat began to hurt. Tears blurred his vision, and he fell to his knees, holding his throbbing head and shook his head while saying the same thing over and over again. "...No...N-No...Nooooo..." He cried, cried so hard as he remembered what happened and why he was here.

He was dead.


He was huffing, crying desperately while trying to calm himself, which was useless.

Why? Why did his heart hurt so much? He already knew why he was here: he was angry at Takano for telling him to die, and then he did die. But why did his heart ache, like it was being torn apart? Why did he actually wish for Takano to be beside him again, so that he could touch Bl, feel him, always be with him, again?

And why...

Why did Takano cry?

'Why? You're the one who want me to die... So... why...? Why are you crying? Why are you apologizing to me like that? Why do you.. Why do you sound so desperate...?'

And suddenly, the white was swallowed by thick darkness, and he was being sucked in by the darkness. He struggled, trying to get free, but the darkness just kept on sucking him in, and he began to lost his conciousness for the second time. His whole body was swallowed, only his right hand was left out. As he stretched his hand out, trying to grasp something, he felt someone's hand grabbed his, and he was pulled out of the darkness.

Raven haired guy, with yellow-brown eyes, calling his name with the voice he loved so much.



In reflex, he embraced the man above him, while crying his heart out for the second time. "Takano-san... Takano-san... Takano-san...!"

He did not want to leave anymore.

He did not want to release this embrace anymore.

He did not want to be alone anymore.

He did not want to be without him anymore.

He loved him. He always loves him. And he always will.

"I love you..."

And he crashed his own lips to the elder guy.

It was all happened in a flash, and before he knew it, he was standing inside Takano's apartment, in front of Takano.

"Why don't you just lea-"

Takano stopped dead in his words, and Ritsu's breath stopped for a second. Was he going to say those words again? Those horrible words...

Ritsu looked at Takano intensely, slightly hoping that he would not said the exact same words again. But when he waited, the words just never came out. Takano just pinched his cheek, and Ritsu sighed mentally. He decided to give the bait, "what? you want me to leave?"

No, please don't say you want me to leave...!

Takano stared at him in horror, obviously thinking about the concequences that would happen, and then, he actually saw Takano smirking.

"...Then why don't you just let me have my own way with you, eh?" Ritsu stared at him, and Takano continued his words, "I'll pleasure you hundreds of time more, and you would so bound up with me that you won't want to leave me. And oh! If your 'An-chan' knows about this, I wonder what would happen...?" Ritsu immediately shouted with flushed face, "I'll definitely kill you, you annoying bastard! You perverted ninja!" Takano smirked again, "Then let your ninja have fun"

"...Wha...IDIOT!" He shouted while flushing beet red. He looked annoyed, yes, but deep inside he was glad that Takano was back to his old side-well, perverted side. He would never do something that stupid anymore, he would regret it again. He will always be with him, his one and only Takano.

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