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This is the sequel to 'Because I'm the Spy, that's Why' (it may help to read 'Because I'm the Spy, that's Why' first but you might be able to pick up on what happened)

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Chapter 1: Cammie POV

As I walked back through CIA headquarters a round of applause greeted me. I flipped back the blonde hair that belonged to my latest cover and took out my brown contacts, leaving my sparking eyes to dazzle everyone.

"Agent Morgan-Gallagher welcome back." The director of the CIA held out his hand to mine and I shook it proudly. My last mission was one of my most successful, as long a 'successful' means that it didn't take very long. As I looked past the director I could see a tall figure leaning against the doorframe.

"Excuse me sir." I walked past the director and joined the man in the doorway. Over the past five years he had grown out of the confused boy and into the man before me who still had the same smirk, emerald green eyes and ruffled back hair.

"Welcome back Gallagher Girl."

"Thanks Blackthorne boy, it's good to be back."

"What ever happened to man?" Zach smirked

"What ever happened to woman?" I asked, with a hint of sarcasm in my voice.

I took Zach's hand and we walked through the hall lined with offices and into my empty office. I haven't been round here for over four months; a thin layer of dust covered everything. The pictures of Bex, Liz, Macey and I at graduation stood proud on the desk and even the picture of my mum and dad smiling after being reunited after so many years gleamed through the dust. I circled both my hands around Zach's neck and pulled him closer to me, pushing our lips together. However our kiss was short because no one other than Bex Baxter strode through the door followed by Liz and Jonas in white lab coats, Macey the super stylist –senators daughter-cosmetic billionaire- spy and Grant still looking like Brat Pitt's body double only hotter (don't worry I don't fancy Grant, never get between Bex and an OOD (Object of Desire) if you know what's good for you).

"Welcome back Cam." Said Macey, Bex and Liz at the same time. They managed to hug me despite Zach still wanting his moment.

"How was Italy? Is the food really as good as it's supposed to be?" Asked Bex.

"Like you don't already know Bex, I did hear about you and Grant's little holiday to Greece, you were just around the corner." I replied playfully. Bex blushed and was quickly pushed away by an overexcited Liz.

"Guess what!"

"What?" Com'n what else was I supposed to say?

"Jonas and I are engaged!" Liz held up her hand to show a ring circling her middle finger. It was gold with and studded with diamonds.

"Congratulations Lizzie!" I gave Liz a huge hug and went over to Jonas and gave him a hug too. Jonas pecked Liz lightly on the lips before grasping her hand in his. Liz was always going to be the first one out of all of us to get married, it was just a matter of time before Jonas plucked up the courage and asked her.

"So Macey I hear Preston is secretly in love with one of his secret service agents."

"Oh and where would you hear a rumour like that Cammie?" Asked Macey, the playful look on her face revealed she was lying; it didn't take a spy to figure that out. I smiled at her again and turned to face Bex, who was kissing Grant full on.

"Ahem, may I remind you that Liz did upgrade the cameras to 360 vision." Grant and Bex immediately broke apart and Bex gave me a bone-crushing hug.

"Bex…. can't…. breathe." She let me go, but not before Grant got his hug. "Alright you've all had your hugs go out." I shooed everyone except Zach out. He was leaning against my desk the picture of us at the sophomore dance in his hands.

He sighed and said, "The game sure did change Gallagher Girl." He circled his arms around my waist and we began swaying around my office. Everything spun as Zach dipped me a kissed me. My mind flashed back to when he left Gallagher after exchange.

"Right where's Macey? I don't like being a blonde."

"I think you make blonde work." Zach sarcastically replied,

"Ha ha Zach." I pulled myself up and skipped out of the door. Had I stayed a second longer I would have seen the serious expression on Zach's face, and the sadness behind his eyes.

"Alright you are all done Cammie." Macey had rinsed all of the dye out of my hair leaving my natural brown waves behind.

"Thanks Macey. It's such a relief to be home." I wrapped a towel around my hair and walked out of my bathroom into the living room of my apartment. I plonked down on the couch; not caring that I was still half wet or that I was wearing my trashiest pair of trackies and an old Gallagher sweatshirt. I closed my eyes and breathed in the familiar smell of D.C.

"Cam what happened in Italy?" I broke out of my daydream and back into reality as my heart started racing.

"Can we not talk about this? I just got home and I'm tired and…"

"Don't lie to me Cameron. What happened?"

"I was almost killed Macey. I know that that has happened heaps of time but this time something clicked. I need a break." Macey slunk back onto the couch opposite me.

"I think I know just who can give you that opportunity, and he's standing right outside. I'll leave you to it." Macey picked up her handbag and let Zach in through the door.

"How'd you know I was there?" I heard Zach ask Macey.

"Instinct." Replied Macey softly as she closed the door behind her. Zach walked into the living room, his hands in his pockets and hair slightly damp from the rain. He slipped next to me and I rested my head on his shoulders. He unwound the towel from my head and took my hands in his.

"Come away with me Cam. We always said we would do this and now is the perfect time."

"Zach what are you talking about?"

"I want to find my father." I swear my heart stopped. He wants ME to help him find his father.

"Of course Zach, I'll come with you." Zach took me by my shoulders, ignoring my wet hair tickling his hands and he leaned in and kissed me. His lips brushed lightly against mine and I felt his warm breath on my face.

"I love you Cammie." Not Gallagher Girl, not CamsCammie.

"I love you Zach."

"So how'd it go with Zach last night?" Asked Macey, her stiletto heels were clicking against the marble floors as we walked to the secret entrance to CIA headquarters.

"If you are going to ask if we did it," I put air commas around 'it', "then your answer is no Macey." Macey sighed and winked at the agent sitting behind a desk. "Macey," I scolded, "what would Preston say?"

"Calm down Cam, I only need a little favour from him."

I stopped Macey and looked her playfully in the eye, "What?" Macey knew there was no use in lying to me (come on CIA legacy here) so she told me the truth straight up.

"Ok I want to bug Preston." My chin almost literally hit the floor, Macey – the boy-man-honey potting-expert wanted to bug her boyfriend?

"Since when did this happen?"

"You know just extra protection you know, it's almost been 7 years since the accident in Boston and maybe having him think that someone still might be after him gives me a romantic edge."

I sighed and turned my head, unfortunately I am a spy and I'm trained to notice everything, including my boyfriend sneaking into his office. I bid goodbye to Macey and followed Zach into his office. He was standing looking at a photo. The edges were curling over and the colours were faded but I could still make out the smiling boy missing his two front teeth, the woman with the emerald green eyes that both excited me and haunted me and the man whom Zach clearly got most of his features from, especially his messy black hair.

"Is that your dad?" I asked putting one arm around Zach's shoulders.

"Yea." Zach replied.

"You have his messy hair." Zach almost laughed. "We will find him Zach. No matter how long it takes."

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