Chapter 16: Cammie POV

"Come on Cammie, you got to get up." I groaned and blindly swatted Bex away.

"I don't want to go get ready for school." I mumbled into my pillow.

"Well it's a good thing you aren't at school anymore isn't it." I shot up straight. Who I had thought was Bex was not my roommate but my smirking boyfriend. "I hate you Zach." I flopped back on my back and blew a loose strand of hair out of my face.

"That's not a very nice thing to say to the guy who made you coffee."

Coffee sounded good right now.

"Thank you Zach. I love you."

"Love you to Cams."

I sat up, drained my coffee and stumbled into the bathroom. A shower always woke me up in the morning; Bex had a habit of sometimes making them icy cold, and short, and in my bed. I changed into a pair of shorts, singlet and canvas shoes. Zach was sitting on the couch, obviously ready to get back on the search.

"I thought we could get breakfast at one of the little street stalls. The smells yesterday were tempting me."

"Ok, but you're buying."

Zach had bought us each a strong Greek coffee and a bag of fried doughnut holes to share. "Dessert for breakfast, I like this idea." I said, popping another piece of doughnut into my mouth. "But Macey wouldn't. According to her I'm not allowed to eat anything that could contain more than 700 calories in one meal."

"Is this for the wedding?" Zach asked.

"No, it's just Macey's way 24/7."

"Well anyway Gallagher Girl don't go changing, you're always perfect." Zach pecked me on the cheek and two little old Greek women sitting in a café swooned and started gossiping in Greek of how 'young love' was always so beautiful.

"Good morning." I said in Greek. "Would you mind helping us? We've been looking for this place for hours now. If you could point us in the right direction that would be most helpful." I showed the ladies the map and they starting blabbering to one another about the quickest way to get there. I picked up some words from their conversation. Road, direction and … cemetery?

"Go down to the end of this street and turn left. Keep walking until you see the Mable town gardens."

"Ok thank you." I grabbed Zach's hand and we started to follow the directions the ladies gave us. I saw their reflection in a car window and they were pressing two fingers to their forehead, then to their chest and then to both of their shoulders. I recognised the gesture but ignored it.

When we reached the place that the ladies had given us directions to I immediately regretted ignoring their earlier gesture. The Marble Town Gardens weren't a park or botanical gardens. They were a cemetery ground. When I thought about I it I realised that Marble town was another word for a cemetery.

We walked through the iron gates and into the cemetery. Colourful flowers decorated some of the tombstones while families dressed in black mourned their loved ones across the garden. I suddenly felt out of place, wearing something so colourful.

"You take the left and I'll take the right." I left Zach and stared reading the name on the tombstones. Most of the names were Greek and had last names that I didn't know how to pronounce. The dates on the tombstones were as many as 97 years apart to only four years. As I finished another row I felt relieved. Zach and I had checked almost every stone. Towards the back of the cemetery were several stones that had bushes that had grown over the engraved name. I pulled away a branch to look at the name engraved. The name obviously wasn't Greek.

"Zach, come over here." I called. Zach raced over to the back of the cemetery. I think he was hoping not to find anything but I found something. He stumbled beside me and read what was on the stone.

"Zach. Zach I'm really sorry."

Alexander Goode

Father. Husband. Friend.

His secret died with him.

"I'm so sorry Zach." I had tears in my eyes.

He didn't say anything for a few seconds (7seconds).

"It's ok Gallagher Girl, its ok. I have all the family I need. You, Bex, Liz, Grant, Jonas and even god forbid McHenry." He smiled. Yes Zachary Goode actually smiled, not smirked, smiled.

"Com'n we will go get some flowers." I said, taking Zach's hand. I gave his hand a squeeze as we walked away.

We spent the next two hours clearing away all the weeds and trimming the branches of the tree back. I was brushing away some leaves at the back of the stone with my hands when I my fingers grazed over something else that had been engraved into the back of the stone.

I'm sorry Alex. C.G

"Look at this."

"It looks like my mother knew all along. She didn't tell me."

"But it looks like she loved him after all." I whispered.

"Yeah, she did."

I know the whole plot of the story is kind of finished but there is still the wedding to come!