"Why can't I keep bunking with Satsu? I like Satsu. I trust Satsu. I KNOW Satsu." I walked towards my room with growing aprehension as I heard the racket that the red-haired kid was making. That couldn't be my roommate. Could it?

"I'm sorry Kensie. You know bunking with Satsu isn't going to be an option." Apparently it was. How old was she? Ten?

"Oh yeah... I forgot about that... Fine then. Dawn. I'll bunk with Dawn. I don't care if she could squash me. I can take care of myself!" I squeezed past the little kid and the woman who was attempting to calm her.

"No Kensie."

"Xander! I'll even bunk with Xander, I hate Xander, but I would rather bunk with him than someone I don't know." The woman shot me a look.

"I'm sorry, don't take it personally." I shrugged. It didn't particularly bother me if the kid didn't like me. Most kids didn't like me. I didn't like kids.

"Come on Vi! Don't be such a meanie!" It was then a Japanese girl appeared behind the woman named Vi.

"Whats the racket about squirt?" She asked, looking down at the small red-head. The child stopped dead at the sound of her voice before pushing past Vi and jumping on the Japanese woman, who caught her with clearly practiced ease.

"Don't call me small Satsu!" My roommate insisted, pouting slightly.
"And Vi is making me bunk with a stranger!" She whined. Maybe I had got it wrong. Maybe she was a big five year old.

"Kens, your seventeen." My jaw dropped. She was SEVENTEEN?
"You need to get over your fear of people sooner or later." Kensie wriggled out of the womans arms and hit the floor running.
"Kensie!" The Japanese woman shouted, but to no avail. She sighed before turning back to me.
"Don't worry about Kens, she's just sensitive. You'll get used to her. So your Debbie right? Debbie Thornberry? You're a lot... well you're different to how I expected." I rolled my eyes. Everyone expected me to be like Eliza. But there was no way in hell that we were similair.

"Yeah. Yeah I am." I said, not stating which statement I was replying to. This was going to be interesting.

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