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I originally planned it to be one chapter but decided to make it into two, since it was longer than I planned.

Takes place where Light has no memories of being Kira and is chained to L.

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Warnings; MalexMale, Two chapter one shot, may be a bit against Misa.

L typed on his computer like usual, trying to see if he could find any new clues, the task force steady at work, Light Yagami chained the raven haired detective, eyes focused on the screen in front of him, scrolling through information like normal. The day seemed just like the days before it; little did L know that, that day was going to be one that would never be deemed as normal, even with how abnormal the raven haired detective was.

The door crashed open disturbing the whole room as a loud shrill voice of a blonde haired pop-star reached the ears of everyone, who just happen to be on that floor.

"Light!" her small arm wrapping around the neck of the uncaring young brunette, him slight tilting his head away from her as if to make sure he wouldn't become deaf with whatever she planned to say next.

Not that this was anything out of the ordinary, L sighed quietly as his slender fingers made its way towards his bowl of chocolate covered strawberries. He knew that with Misa here it would be less likely that anyone would be able to concentrate on anything; he slowly picked up a strawberry, licking it slightly before placing it in his mouth.

"Guess what? I found something you just have to try!" Misa said her voice sounded more excited than normal if that was possible, her eyes fixed on Light, waiting for his response.

"…And what would that be?" The brunette said in voice that sounded disinterested but trying to sound as interested as he could in that situation.

"It's a new flavor of coffee; Misa just knows how much her Light loves coffee." She said trying to sound smart even though it failed, even more with how she always referred to herself in third person. Light decided to ignore most of what he heard from the blonde female, though his eyes went to hers momentary showing a small amount of interest. "What flavor is it?" Her brown eyes almost looked like they were glowing as she looked at him.

"It's a minty flavor, with a bit of something else…" She paused for a moment in thought. "But Misa is sure that Light will like it." Light looked at her for a moment, thinking.

'That does sound good actually, though I don't know why I have a bad feeling about it… Could she be planning something? No… Misa isn't that kind of person, she wouldn't plan against me.' "Well that's does sound like something I'd like. Where is this flavored coffee?" L continued placing strawberries in his mouth watching where the conversation went between the young 'couple', Seeing as it probably wasn't in this exact room L would be accompanying them, not that he really wanted to, after all L could careless about the bitter taste of coffee.

"Oh I bought some, when after I was done acting today, so it's in my room. You'll come and try some right Light?" His name almost said in a whining tone as she looked towards light with a pleading look in her eyes.

Light sighed slightly, his eyes briefly going over to L before going back to the blonde. "As long as Ryuzaki is fine with us going to your room to try it." Her eyes flashed towards the raven.

"Are we allowed Ryuzaki? Misa even has some chocolate cake for you, if you agree." Her voice not as pleading as it was towards the other male, her eyes focused on dark haired male, awaiting his response.

"Hmm… I suppose, after all there is cake involved if I agree." The blonde giggled loudly quickly saying a quick

"Thanks so much Ryuzaki!"

As she turned to Light gently tugging on his arm, trying to tell him to get up without using her words for once. "Okay, okay I'm coming." He said with a slight laugh before getting to his feet, as L did the same.

They entered Misa's room, as she giggled to herself before turned towards the two male, a smile wide across his face. "You two can wait here" Her finger pointing towards the couch. "While Misa gets the coffee and cake ready." The girl almost seemed like she was skipping away towards her kitchen, leaving the two males behind. L sat on the couch in his usual position, his knees in front of his chest, his back slightly hunched over, his pale slender fingers resting on his knees, as Light just sat normally. There was no talking from either of them, unlike how it would usually be, and that had drawn L attention to Light, his black eyes gazing over the features of the younger male's face, his thumb pressing into his lips slightly.

"What on your mind Light?" His voice had the same dull tone it usually carried. Light's brown eyes went towards that of the black haired detectives.

"Nothing really, just wondering how long we will have to wait, I doubt Misa is the best in the kitchen." The brunette letting out a small chuckle at the end of his sentence, Just then Misa came into the room carrying two cups and a small plate of cake with a fork on the side, amazingly not dropping any of them on the way there.

"Here you go, cake for Ryuzaki, coffee for my Light and tea for Misa" Her voice sounding proud of herself being able to make tea and coffee in such a short amount of time.

"Thank you, Misa." The raven said in a slight appreciative tone, before taking his plate in one hand and the fork in the opposite one. The blonde nodded happily before her brown eyes went to that of her supposed love of her life, obviously waiting for him to try this new type of coffee that she had found. Light's hands went around the cup slowly, his fingertips adjusting to the heat from the coffee, as well as making sure he didn't end up burning himself, oddly enough the coffee was the right temperature a mixed between warm and hot, just how the younger male liked his coffee. He slowly brought the cup up towards his lips, as he inhaled taking in the scent of the liquid, it smelled like mint with a mixture of something else, he wasn't sure what the other smell was. He then brought the cup to his lips taking a small sip of it, twirling it in his mouth a bit to get a good taste of it.

"It's good, does it have a slight apple taste to it as well as the mint one?" Lights eyes landed on Misa's before he took a normal sip of it, waiting for the pop-star to respond.

"Yeah it does… You're so smart." She giggled smiling brightly at Light before she started to drink her tea. After the finished their coffee and cake, Light and L continued on with their day as normal, going back to work on the Kira case for the rest of the day. Everyone was leaving to retire for the day like they usually did, the chief saying his bye's to his son, and everyone else leaving the building for the night. Leaving Light alone with the great detective. They continued working on the Kira case for another hour before they went for their usual shower break, for some reason or another they both preferred to shower at night rather than early the next morning.

"Shall we go shower now?" The raven haired detective asked after he had finished what seemed like his tenth bowl of ice-cream.

"Yeah, it's around that time..." The brunette stretched slightly as he removed himself from the chair after he saved the work/research he'd been doing for the last hour.

The both walked towards their room, which had a bathroom attached to it, grabbing a towel each before heading towards the shower. The room was bigger than most bathrooms that people had, it was built recently to be able to fit both L and Light inside it without being uncomfortably close to each other. It was an unspoken rule between the two of them that while they showered and change they were to not talk and pay as little attention to each other as possible, they have never discussed it of course, but they knew with how intelligent they both were that they had come to the same conclusion anyways, so they went by it.

Light removed his clothes putting them in a small pile right outside of the shower, not that he was changing back into them, they would go back to their room to change into the clothes they wore for when they slept, the brunette stepped into the shower, he normally was faster at getting in the shower than the older male. The raven haired male slowly removed his clothes more cautiously than the younger male, which he did all the time while taking of his clothes, his eyes looking towards the shower as Light entered the shower before his eyes went back to the removing of his clothes. L normally did sneak a peak at the Kira suspect, though he was sure that it was just out of curiosity, he had never had anyone close to him and Light's body did look a lot different than his own in a lot of ways, the dark haired detective placed his clothes down in a pile next to Light's and quickly stepped into the shower.

L stood under the warm water, letting it flow over his body softly adjusting to the temperature of the water. His fingers reached over and grabbed a lollipop off the shelf and placed it in his mouth, by the time he was done that's when his shower would be done as well, he put his strawberry smelling shampoo into his hair for a few moments before washing it out. The brunette was thoroughly washing his hair with the only normal smelling bottle of shampoo available, there was no way in hell he was going to use the vanilla smelling one that Ryuzaki had originally gave him around a week ago. His brown eyes gazed over towards the much paler male seeing him licking the lollipop in a long, slow lick, Lights felt his body starting to feel more heated and his vision became unfocused for a moment.

'What's wrong with me? Why do I feel this way…? I've seen Ryuzaki tons of times before licking whatever food has come in front of him so why do I feel different today…' Light thought to himself, before shaking his head, it would probably be better if he just continued his shower and ignore whatever feeling it was that had come over him, he slowly washed the shampoo from his hair, running his fingers through it as he did so.

L has his eyes closed and he felt his body relaxing under the pressure of the warm water from the shower, the only thing moving was his tongue that was licking his lollipop more slowly than normal due to him being relaxed. His eyes opened more as he decided to continue on with washing himself, he looked towards the shelf to his left that had his shampoo's and picked up the soap but stopped just before using it, bringing it to his noise, smelling it slightly.

'This isn't my soap… It smells too normal and plain.' His eyes drifted over towards where light was, then over to the shelf near the younger male. There was no doubt about it, Light has his soap and he had Light's. He placed his lollipop down, before taking a step towards the Kira suspect, clearing his throat slightly to get the other attention. Light didn't turn and continued standing there his hands going through his brown locks of hair; the raven had no choice but to tap the other shoulder. Light's brown eyes widened slightly as he quickly turned facing the older male a small mutter escaping his mouth.

"What?" L's black eyes looked directly into the brown ones in front of him before looking casually to the side.

"I believe Light has my soap." He said in a normal tone his hand rising into Light's vision showing him the soap in his hands. Light looked back towards his soap before taking it into his hand bringing it up to his noise slightly, ugh it had a really sweet smell that smelt kind of like chocolate mixed with vanilla and cherries. His hand holding the moved closer to Ryuzaki's and Light focused himself to try and smile casually.

"Uh yeah, I don't know how that managed to happen." His free hand went to the back of his head slightly before moving back down, towards the soap that Ryuzaki had in his hand.

"Not a problem Light." He gently brought his hand over Light's free one, slowly dropping the others soap bar into it, his fingers slightly touching that of the younger males. The brunette quickly handed the detective his sweet scented soap before turning around to face towards the wall once again.

"…Thanks." Light mumbled quietly as he began washing himself with his plain soap, the black eyes of the detective stared at him briefly. 'He seems to have something on his mind, kind of seemed not like his usual self… Then again I guess talking in a shower is pretty awkward.' His glance trailed down the back of the younger male stopped at the other ass before quickly looking away and going back to his part of the shower. L began to wash himself with the bar of soap, enjoying the aroma of it as he heard something coming from Light's general direction, he turned his head slightly to see Light sitting on the tiled floor of the shower, the detective automatically turning to face the other male.

"Lights… Are you alright?" He asked his voice generally sounding a bit more worried than his standard tone. The brunettes head turn to the side slightly, looking back at L, a pink flush over his cheeks. Light couldn't concentrate on anything, but he didn't want Ryuzaki to be concerned with him, he generally never did like others to be looking after him, and he hated looks of pity, no matter how deserved they were.

"… Y-yeah of course I'm fine. My legs just got tired is all, I think the heat is getting to me." Light had already turned away from the detective, trying his best to keep his voice sounding the way it always did. Light forced his legs up and made his way towards his towel, wrapping it around his waist more lazily then he would usually. L quickly washed his body and got out feeling that he should make sure the Kira suspect was indeed as fine as he had claimed to be, he stepped out of the shower wrapping a towel around his waist securely as he headed towards the younger male. Light turned and headed towards their room before Ryuzaki has managed to get to him and without a doubt question him about something or another.

"Are you okay Light?" the older raven haired male asked his voice having a trace of worry in it. Light turned to face the other, in plans of making the older male believe him more, and ended up almost falling down but using the wall beside him for support just in time.

'There's no way he's gonna believe I'm fine if I can't even stand straight... The question is what is actually wrong with me?' The brunette thought to himself before letting out a small chuckle. "I'm fine Ryuzaki, it's not like you to worry so much, I just got a little over heated and I'm feeling tired, that's all."

L stared at the younger male for a moment analyzing him, this wasn't like Light, he had never seen a time where Light seemed so… what was the word weak? No, defenseless? No, vulnerable, yes that was the word he was looking for. 'Hmm I guess it would be best to let him sleep, if its some sort of sickness, sleep should be able to help him, if not I can easily call a doctor in the morning, plus I probably will keep an eye on him anyways…'

"Alright, well I think you should go to sleep after your done getting dressed then…" L said in his usual emotionless tone. Light nodded and agreed before he slowly made his way over to his dresser, pulling out a pair of crimson red boxer-briefs and his dark red pajamas's that Ryuzaki had bought and told him to wear while they were chained together, something about making things more comfortable for the both of them considered they shared a king sized bed. The brunette lazily slipped on his clothes after letting the towel drop to the floor, taking twice as much time as he would normally, he knew by now that whatever was wrong with him had made his balance a lot worse than normal.

The black eyes of the raven had once again strayed over to the younger males body, after he had heard the towel drop to the ground, the detective saw this as just his curiosity towards someone being in such close proximity to him, after all Watari only stayed close to him as a kid and other than that they didn't really spend a lot of time in each others presence. His eyes traveled from the wet brown locks of hair down towards what the towel had been covering before it was casually dropped, usually L would get a quick glance before Light would have it covered which L had gotten used to, he stared for a bit noticing that the brunette had yet to put on his boxers. Allowing L to observe more than he normally did, he was about to avert his eyes when Light started to move bending over to pull up his boxers giving L a direct view of entrance. The black eyes widen before he quickly averted his eyes away, he could feel the slight heat that had gathered in his face.

'Am I…Blushing, no I can't be, it must be the heat Light had spoken of earlier.' He shook his head as an attempt to clear his thoughts as he went to get dressed himself, quickly putting on his plain black boxers and his normal white shirt, leaving his jeans off, he never slept in his jeans when he did sleep anyways, they weren't comfortable even with how baggy they were. His gazed went back to Light, seeing him with only his boxers and a pajama shirt on, normally he would be done getting dressed way before L was, and maybe he was really tired.

"Do you need help Light?" L asked his head tilting slightly to the side as he stared at Light. The brunette jumped slightly, it would have been unnoticeable if it wasn't Ryuzaki he was dealing with, and he turned his head to look into the black eyes that have been staring at him.

"No… I just don't see the need to hurry so much, but if you insist I can hurry it up." Light then quickly pulled up his pants and buttoned up a few button on his pajama shirt before turning to face Ryuzaki, as he took a step towards the bed, Ryuzaki following behind him.

L sat in the bed with his laptop out in front of him, typing away like he normally did, Light was under the bed covers since he said he was going to sleep, though he was far from it. The brunette had closed his eyes, and began to feel over heated, about to remove his covers he felt the heat heading towards one area, his eyes widening as his hand traveled down to his manhood to confirm his suspicions. He almost gasped as his hand brushed against his semi-hard erection, before quickly moving his hand away from himself. 'What is going on…? I didn't even have any perverted thoughts, and I know for a fact that I can control that function of my body.' His eyes fully opened now glanced towards Ryuzaki for a second, then around the room. 'If he wasn't here I could just get rid of this problem myself.' He glanced towards Ryuzaki again, trying to think of what to do before the black eyes went to his brown ones, Light quickly looked away, knowing that his face probably looked just as warm and he felt.

"Light… Are you okay? It looks like you're burning up." L said in a concerned tone, though it still lacked emotions before he closed his laptop, and turned to face the younger male who at the moment had his back faced towards him.

"I'm fine I just need some slee-" Light stopped in the middle of his sentence as the older detective was now on top of him, though at arms length away, the detective brought his face closer to that of the brunettes slowly leaning down towards him, a small gulp was heard from the younger male. As the detective closed the distance between them Light had squeezed his eyes shut, before he felt something warm against his forehead, causing him to open his eyes again to see Ryuzaki's forehead pressed against his slightly.

"W-What are you doing…?" The brown eyes looked into the black ones for a moment before looking off to the side.

"Checking your temperature of course… It seems to be fine though, do you have any type of cuts on your body, and I know infections can sometimes cause sicknesses." L's hand moved towards the edge of the cover to attempt to pull it down to check for himself.

"No! I don't have any cuts, I'm fine!" Light hands going to the edge of the covers before grasping it tightly.

"Hmm... You're acting odd, makes it seem like you're hiding something from me." His thumb pressed into his lips for a moment. "That only increases the percent of you being Kira… As I've told you before Light, I'm a lot stronger than I look." L's hands grabbed the covers before pulling them away from the brunette, quickly tossing it to the floor.

Light gasped slightly and then quickly turned away from the older detective, tempted to hide his head under the pillow if that wasn't so beneath him he would have, he knew without a doubt it would be seconds before L discovered the reason for his odd behavior. 'I have no idea how I am going to explain this to him; I don't even know why this happened myself.'

"Well this is…" L began to speak before coming to a loss of words; he never expected to see Light in this kind of situation. Face flushed, embarrassed, with a hard-on, in the same bed as him, as well as being under him… the detective shook his head of those thoughts moving his glance from the younger males 'problem' to his flushed face. "Should I get… Misa or something?" L asked as he looked away from Light for a moment as in to calm his thoughts.

"N-No… I don't want to know what she would do with me in this situation." His voice sounded quieter then it ever did before.

"Should we go to the bathroom? I could look away while you take care of..." L coughed slightly to once again try and clear his thoughts from any thoughts that would be inappropriate with this situation.

"Yeah, t-that would probably be helpful…" L slipped out of the bed slowly getting off of the younger male before stepping back waiting for the other to get out of the bed. Light slowly stepped out of the bed and took step towards L before losing his balance and knocking them both to the floor, Light now on top of the detective.

Light mumbled a quick apology before trying to get off of the other male, losing strength in his arms he fell back down on L, causing Lights erect member to rub against the detectives non erect member, causing the brunette to gasp loudly, to his dismay he was right by the detectives ear, making it certain that the older male heard him. L's eyes were wider than he had ever felt them be before, he bit his lip lightly, in a means to distract him from the random heat he felt come over him, he shut his eyes for a moment as in to gain control over the situation.

"Okay try and get up again… but take your time, there's no rush Light." L's voice had amazing come out in his usual tone showing that his effort had paid off. Light took a deep breath before attempting lift himself off of L, this time using his knees to help lift him up as well, but again he lost the strength in his arms and legs and fell back down onto of the detective beneath him. As his erection rubbed against the body under his, Light saw white for a moment then thrusted his member against to body under him a few times before stopping. Hearing a small grunt from the man under him, reminded him that it was actually L that he was laying on, and that he had just deliberately pressed his member against.

"Light… once you get up you'll be able to take care of it in the washroom..." L's voice was still as emotionless as normal though Light heard the small pant he had when he first began to talk. L knew that it had taken all his willpower not to join in Light's thrusts, Light clearly had something wrong with him right now, and wouldn't want to do anything like that with someone who was still convinced he could be a murderer, if he was in his right mind, which he clearly wasn't at this moment.

"Ryuzaki… I c-can't." The brunette tried to finish his sentence but he was only getting more heated with how close they were, he opened his mouth as to complete his sentence but ended up breathing heavily into the ear of the raven haired male. L shivered momentarily he felt Lights hands travel down his chest towards his member, briefly brushing against it… Wait no he was going for his own member not L's.

'Is he going to…? While he's on top of me?' L bit his lip and looked down trying to get a look at what Light was intending to do. Lights hand rubbed against his own member rubbing L's in the process, the brunette knew it wasn't a good idea, but he couldn't hold back anymore, with his sexual frustration and the frustration of not being able to get up, he wasn't able to hold himself back anymore. L was doing his best to not react to what Light was doing, or the slight touches he felt against his member from the other male, he was doing better than he thought, his member hadn't began to harden yet. Just when he thought he could make it through this without losing his sanity and control he felt a breath beside his ear, before he heard a moan escape the younger boys lips. A moan that went straight to his cock, L couldn't believe how much such a small thing had shattered his once perfect self control over the situation. Lights hand continued to rub against his own member before he felt something on the back side of his hand, not thinking his hand moved from his member and grabbed it, and as soon as he did Light knew that it was L's semi-erect member he had grabbed, the small hiss he heard from the body under him confirmed it.

"L… are you?" the brunette asked the detective underneath him, his voice coming out more husky than normal and his breath felt against the raven's ear.

"It's a natural human response… and has nothing to do with Light." His voice sounded once again emotionless as always. "Now if you don't mind, would you remove your hand from there?" He sounded just like his normal emotionless self, though in the mind of the detective there was nothing but panic, and the holding back of his desires. L had never had any experiences like this before, so he was dealing with it in the only way he knew of, to be calm and try and get out of the situation entirely.

"N-No… It makes it a lot less embarrassing if it's not just me whose pride is being trampled over." Light said in a low tone, whispering into L's ear, before his tongue slipped out and slowly licked the shell of the detective's ear.

To be continued….