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"Hmm Misa wonders what's taking Light so long to get here." The blonde said in a slight pout. 'The aphrodisiac I slipped him earlier should be in full effect by now; I've had enough of waiting for the Kira case to be over before doing anything, I even accepted the fact that Ryuzaki would be probably watching the whole time…' She thought in slight disgust, making a sour face at the same time. 'For my Light it would be all worth it. I wonder if it didn't go well and Ryuzaki brought him to a doctor or something. I guess I have to wait and see, either way it won't bring any harm to my Light, I made sure of that' She laid down across the bed, on top of her silk pink covers that she had demanded to have, she was already in the sexist lingerie she owned. Black with pink ribbon down both sides and over the cups of her top, with black underwear that was see through, the only places it wasn't see through were on her breasts and covering her womanhood.

"I sure hope he ends up getting here soon... Misa is the only girl in this building that could help him right now." She sighed slightly and placed her head on her arms looking towards the door to her room.

L felt his face heat up and his heartbeat quicken, he hadn't expected Lights to do something, so odd, so out of character. There must be something wrong with the brunette, there's no way anyone would want to do something like this with him, he already knew how he was, wasn't exactly attractive to anyone by any standards.

"L-Light, I don't think this is a good idea." L kept up his emotionless tone but Light heard the small stutter at the beginning showing him that what he did had an effect on the great detective.

"I think this is a great idea." Light's lips went up into a small smirked as he rubbed his erect member against that of the older males, before moving his head back enough to be able to see the face of the detectives. L's face had a slight pink across his cheeks and his eyes were closed at the moment, but opened shortly after, looking directly into the brown ones in front of him.

"Light, you're not thinking well right now…" L's voice had gotten quieter as he tried to push the younger male off of him. From that Light grabbed the hand that had tried to push him away and pulled it down swiftly; making it touch his clothed hard manhood, his hand then went on top of L's making him grab it to some extent. L froze for a moment, his cheeks turning a shade of red before he averted his eyes from that of the brunettes seeing that they eyes were observing his reaction didn't help him in any way. Light pressed himself against the L's hand, letting out a small groan as he did so, his eyes focused on L's face, though L had completed turned his head away from Light's.

"Come on Ryuzaki… I can tell you're not repulsed by this." Light's voice sounded somewhat seductive even with his pants in between his words. Light's hand went from L's hand that was over Lights erection, traveling from the detective's waist up his chest then to his chin, making the other face him. L's hand fell to the side away from where Light had put it previously.

"Light I'm not comfortable with this, if you get off of me, you can continue on your own and…" L stopped in the middle of his sentence seeing Light's face slowly approaching his own. L felt soft warm lips pressed against his own paler ones, before feeling Light's tongue slowly licking over them. L being caught off guard by this gave Light the perfect opportunity to slip his tongue into the mouth of the detectives, it tasted a bit sweet from all the sugary snacks L ate, which Light kind of expected it would be. He rubbed his tongue against the inactive one inside, L gently began to moved his tongue against Light's, in the detective's mind it was like tasting a new type of candy, or at least that's what his mind had convinced him it was about. Light let out a small groan into the mouth of the detectives and twirled his tongue around L's, Lights hand moving from making the detective face him, trailing down L's clothed chest. L couldn't take it anymore; he had already tried so hard to not respond to Lights actions to get him to realize this was a bad idea. L's tongue crashed passionately against Lights, battling for dominance and moved his hips slightly upwards making them push into Light's, grinding their clothed erections together. "Mmm Ryuzaki…" He groaned out huskily, breaking from their kissing as he did so.

"This is your fault Light… There's no way of going back now… Now that it has gotten this far, there is no point in trying to go against it anymore." L's hand made its way to the waist line of Light's pants, making Light stop what he was doing for a moment before L's hand travelled under his shirt pushing it up slowly and his fingers lingered over Light's body. Light helped by pulling the shirt over his head, though it didn't go far from them since the chain was in the way. L's hands tenderly felt over Lights chest, going over to one of his nipples and pinching it softly causing Light to let out a small gasp. The detective had no idea what he was doing due to his lack of experience, but his instincts were guiding him through this, he used his strength and the fast that Light was distracted by his actions to roll them over so that L was now the one on top of Light. Light's fingers traveled to the bottom of L's white shirt tugging it up a bit, the detective understood and then took off his shirt letting it stay on the chain as Light's did.

"Ryuzaki…" L looked down at the brunette before arms wrapped around his back pulling him down, Lights lips pressing against the side of L's neck before he began to gently bite and lick at it. A low moan escaped the paler lips, before L's fingers went through the locks of brown hair. Light smiled briefly before he thrusted his erection into L's, causing them both to groan softly.

"I c-can't wait anymore…" Light said into the detective's ear before his hands moved down, starting to try and take off his pants. The confinement they brought to his erection had become far too painful for him to put up with. L's gaze went down, his eyes focusing on Light's fingers trying to remove his pants, though Light's fingers were clumsy and it seemed to be a hard task for him to do at this time. L's slender fingers slid down moving Lights fingers out of the way as they did, easily undoing Light's pants and pulling down the zipper. Light let a small groan at the as L pulled down the rest of Light's pants, tossing them aside. Though Light still had his boxer's on, but even though they were boxer briefs feeling of being less restricted caused his erection to twitch slightly, getting L's attention for a moment, as well as the small wet spot where the tip of Light's member was pressed against.

"Light you're really…" The detectives voice trailed off a bit, before his slender fingers made it to Light's waistband, pulling it down and fully revealing Light's erection. L was so fast at pulling it down that Light took a bit to notice it had happened and that L was silently staring at it. He felt the cool air against his member which made him gasp for a moment before remembering that L was still staring at it.

"Stop staring like that…" Lights gaze had shifted to the side to try and hide his embarrassment, his hand moving to shove L slightly at the same time, though he was still fully hard, and L's gaze was not helping that in the slightest.

"Sorry… It's just I have little experience in situations such as this." L continued to stare for a few more seconds before gazing down towards his own boxers, thinking it'd be fairer if he removed them as well. Though not that he was sure if he wanted to at that exact moment, but decided it would be wise to remove them, seeing as he could feel a small spot of his boxers becoming damp from the pre-cum he had from their earlier session. He slowly pulled down his boxer before kicking them off to the side, his hand making it way to Light's sides stroking them slightly to distract himself from any embarrassing feelings he could have at the time. Light's gaze went towards the detective, after he felt that L was stroking him, seeing the older male now fully nude as well, he noticed that he still had his boxer briefs at the end of his legs and kicked them to the side.

"So how should we do this…?" L mumbled softly as if he was only talking to himself, bringing his opposite hand to his lips, pressing his thumb into them. Light stared at the detective for a moment, he then began thinking about the taste of L's mouth which was sugary from all the sweets, and how L would eat these sugary sweets.

"How about if you…" Light trailed off getting caught up in his own thoughts, causing his length to twitch noticeably. L's peripheral vision allowed him to notice the twitch, making him feel more aroused himself.

"What do you want me to do Light?" L's voice came out more seductive than usual, pronouncing Light's name slower than the rest of the sentence.

Light bit his lip softly before speaking. "I was just thinking of how you eat your sweets… I mean you always seemed to have amazing oral skills with them." Light gulped slightly to himself, not believing what he had just indirectly asked L to do, to him no less.

"I see, though I have not done it before, there's a good possibility that I would be good at it based on the ways in which I eat..." L said in a thoughtful tone. He didn't wait for the younger male suspect to respond, as he brought his mouth to the tan skin on Light's neck, gently pressing his lips against it. He rested his lips there for a moments before he sucked on it slightly, licking briefly as if he would when tasting one of his sweets. Earning a shudder from the Light before he ventured downwards, he stopped at Light's chest, his fingers making their way to Light's nipples, flicking over it experimentally, earning a small gasp from Light. L's eye widened slightly at the gasp but felt more confident in his actions, his fingers then pinched Light's nipple as he moved his tongue over to the other, his tongue lapping over it lightly, before sucking it earning a groan from the younger detective.

"L-Lower Ryuzaki…" Light whispered in between groans, his fingers going into the messy black hair of the older detective, as he pushed the other down a bit.

"Call me L for now… and don't be so impatient Light." L said with a small chuckle, but continued moving down the rest of Light's body, knowing by how hard Light was that it was probably getting more uncomfortable by now. He stopped in front of his target, analyzing it for a moment as the more pre-cum gathered a bit more of the tip of Light's erection, L was thinking of just tasting it normally like he originally intended but the detective in him decided for a slightly different approach. His finger went forward sliding against the slit, before pulling it away, a white trail of pre-cum connecting his finger to Light's erect member

"Hmm seems quite thick… Guess you haven't masturbated or satisfied yourself in this manner for awhile Light." He said with a slight curiosity in his voice, as he pressed his fingers together a bit as if examining Light's semen.

"Of course not, I have been chained to you for awhile now haven't I? Plus I've been full focused on the Kira case." Light said in the most serious voice could manage between his pants and while being completed aroused.

"You mean on delaying the Kira case in a subtle manner, so that no one finds out the truth?" L blinked slightly still examining the semen on his fingers, bringing closer to his face to smell it slightly, noting the bitter/salty smell it was producing.

"No, on catching Kira. But this isn't really the time for this discu—what are you doing?!" He yelled as he just noticed what L was doing with his semen without him even noticing. At the question L placed the finger gently to his lips, before sticking out the tip of his tongue in what seemed to be a taste test.

"I was just curious and I didn't want to be caught of guard if it were to taste badly when I already have it in my mouth." He blinked a few times. "But I think it should be manageable…. You ready Light?" He nodded to himself before he looked up at Light, his eye level still at the others waist.

"Can't you do anything normally? And yeah I'm ready, have been for awhile." Light said in an agitated tone, as he rolled his eyes slightly, L picked that moment, when the others attention was off him to move his lips to the tip of Light's dick, his tongue dipping into the slit, gently cleaning up the pre-cum that had gathered there. Lights eyes widened as he let out a moan that he hadn't meant to but couldn't help with how he was caught of guard. L took the head into his mouth slowly, as his tongue swirled around it inside of his mouth, earning quiet muffled noises from younger male, who now had a hand over his mouth. L's mouth made its way a bit further down Light's member, his tongue also moving its way under to the underside of it, licking the part where the head of Light's penis ended and the length of it started.

"Mmm…. M-More…" Light said in a voice that was just dripping with Lust, obviously enjoying what the black haired detective was doing to him, his hand had moved from his mouth down into L's hair, tangling his fingers in it roughly, but not enough to cause harm that would cause the other stop what he was doing, at the same time slightly trying to push the others head more onto his throbbing arousal.

'Oh I've give him more.' L thought more wickedly then he thought he would, before removing his mouth completely from Lights erection, getting a frustrated groan at his actions. He let out a breath lightly letting the hot air from his mouth tease the member in front of him. He moved his mouth to nip at Light's inner thigh, and then began biting it gently; only removing himself from Light's thigh once he saw that he had left a mark there, not that the younger male could see it from the angle he was at. Light let out another small groan, though it was cut short as L took Light's full length into his mouth all at once, his mouth hollowing then sucking roughly on it. Light let out a loud moan as he pulled at L's hair unintentionally, arching his back and getting lost in the feeling which caused him to suddenly release in L's mouth, in which L swallowed as much of it as he could manage, not expecting it so soon. After a few moments L was the first to talk.

"Well that was fast…" Light glared at him slightly though still catching his breath from the orgasm he just had.

"It's… Not my fault okay! I haven't done anything in, I don't know how long, and obviously whatever drug I'm on isn't helpful either…" He mumbled in almost a pouting manner, if Light was the kind of person to pout it would be a pout, but he wasn't.

"I wasn't complaining, just stating a fact Light." He stretched a bit before his eyes looked back down at Light's member which was slowly becoming erect again. "Hmm… Looks like this drug is going to keep you like this for awhile."

Light let out a small sigh and ran his fingers through his hair. "Seems that way… Though it doesn't seem like you mind." Light looked at the older male while giving a sideways look towards the bulge he had.

"Activities like this would usually lead to one having an erection even if I'm not the one who is influenced by a drug of some sort." Light moved his hands down to remove the black boxers that the detective had on, even though he was still under the detective before he was stopped by the owner of the said boxers.

"What are you doing Light?" He asked as his eyes bore into that of his Kira suspect, his hand still over the more tan ones that he'd just stopped.

"What do you think? I was planning to return the favour of what you did earlier." The detective blinked a few times, before moving his hand off of Light's, no one had ever really seen him naked from the waist down before, no including the obvious people like when he was a baby/child, so he felt a tiny bit nervous with this situation. But he would never admit that, especially not to his prime suspect in the Kira case though thinking about that reminded him that what they were doing in the first place is FAR from what he should be doing with his suspect.

"If you insist, then by all means." Came the emotionless response from the detective though his heart rate was a bit faster than normal, but the chance of Light noticing that in his current state was well under 15%. Light continued on his way removing the black boxers from the older male, releasing the detective's hard member from the confines of his boxers. 'Hmm… I think his size is a bit bigger than my own.' Light thought to himself as his eyes scanned over the member in front of him.

"Are you just going to stare at it Light?" L asked in his usual tone, though all the staring was making him feel awkward along with the fact that Light hadn't said anything or moved at all since he had removed his boxers.

"Oh… Sorry, I hadn't realized I was staring." The tanner male moved his fingers to gently graze over the tip of L's member, before spreading the pre-cum over the tip and part of the rest of the length, making the L bite his lip a bit. Light moved him down more so that his head was closer to the others member, before his tongue meet with the tip of L's penis, his tongue pressing a bit into the slit, the younger males eyes look upwards to see the reaction he got from the other since he wasn't as sure of what he was doing. L's face had a slight blush on it his eyes looking straight down at Light, as he stopped biting his lip for a second seeing as Light was looking up at him, his mouth moving a bit as it silently mouthed the word 'More' Which he was hoping Light would be able to catch even with the drug effecting him, he didn't want to actually saying it since he had a feeling he wouldn't be able to control the tone he'd say it in.

Light felt his member twitch at seeing the silent plea he had gotten from the worlds greatest detective, his eyes closed as he let the tip of the member into his mouth though his teeth slid across some of it. L eyes widened slightly as he let out a small groan, which one wouldn't be able to tell if it was of pleasure or was one of pain, he then felt Light's tongue rub against it a few times. The brunette took in more of the others member, sucking a bit and licking once in awhile. There was an obvious difference in the skill level between Light's and Ls fellatio skills, Light would suck on the others member then spend a few seconds licking and rubbing his tongue against it, which did feel good, great even but with the sucking L would get close to releasing until Light would have bad timing and go back to licking. L moved himself further upwards getting his member out of Light's mouth, making Light blink in surprise.

"I think that's good enough Light." L said in his usual tone though it was a bit husky if you paid enough attention to it.

"What do you mean you didn't finish…? I wasn't that great was I?" Light whipped his mouth before he looked up to the older detective.

"Yes but it is your first time with it, and you're not the one with the oral fixation. I'll give you tips later if you desire them… Also you seem to needing more than me." Light blushed slightly then nodded.

"Yeah… This drug is really frustrating" Light's hand moved to ruffle his hair slightly.

"Yes I see that." The detective said as he moved downwards so that his hand brushed against the tip of Light's member causing the brunette to shudder slightly.

"Shall we continue Light?" L asked as he began to move himself so that he was seated on Lights stomach, as he waited for an answer from the younger male under him.

"L, you mean we're going to…" Light blinked up at the detective in surprise, he had only expected some blowjobs and maybe a hand job at this point, not going through with the whole deed.

"Yes, unless you don't want to that is. It is your choice as well... Though I suspect that you wouldn't like to be the female role, so in this situation I will volunteer myself for it." L said in an even tone, bringing his thumb up to his lips as he waited. He knew Light could refuse, he was sure this would Light's first time… With a male in any case, and with how he was he wasn't sure if Light wanted his first time to be with some like L who was always suspecting him of being a killer.

"I just didn't expect it is all… But if you put it that way L how could I pass that up?" Light said in a low more seductive voice, then letting out a low chuckle as his hand moved it way to L's thigh and squeezed it teasingly. A light pink color came over the detective's cheeks before he cleared his throat a bit and reached towards the bed and under the mattress pulling out what seemed to be strawberry lubricant.

"Since when was there lube in this room?" The younger male asked, raising an eyebrow at the detective.

"It was here from before we were handcuffed together. Believe it or not it was sent to me awhile ago, also I was using this room before we started to share it." L said in a matter of fact kind of way, uncapping the lid from the lube as he did so. Light was thinking of asking the detective since when did he masturbate, and saying something about thinking he was inhuman originally but his attention suddenly turned elsewhere. L had coated his fingers with the lube and was slowly moving his long fingers to his entrance, lifting himself a bit above Light to do so.

"You don't really have to watch this part…" L said in a voice that was only slightly quieter than his usual tone, his middle finger rubbing around the ring to his entrance, coating it with a small layer of the strawberry lube. Light's eyes widened a bit, though he had decided to not watch as L prepared himself, he was unable to remove his eyes from the sight before him. The detective inserted his middle finger into himself, letting out a small groan as he did so, causing Light's member to twitch in response. L pressed his middle finger further into his hole, moving it in and out slowly before he pressed his index finger in as well letting out a groan. His cheeks flushed a pink color as he could feel the brunette's eyes watching his every action which made L want to increase his actions and made a certain part of him twitch involuntary not that he'd admit that to Light. Then a third finger was added that made L groan loudly like he wasn't expecting and truth be told he wasn't, as far as he knew he hadn't added a third finger meaning…

"Light... What are you?" The detective said in the most normal voice he could muster at the time, though he was unable to complete his question he was sure Light would get it.

"I just thought it'd be more enjoyable if I helped, I even made sure to use lube." Light's finger then thrusted deeply into the older detective ass, having amazing luck, and hitting the detective prostate directly, making L let out his loudest and most alluring moan yet, as he arched his back trying to move more of that pleasure he just felt.

"Light… That should be good enough." L said between pants, his fingers and Light's were then removed from his hole, the detective then squirted lube directly onto Light's already erect penis.

"Are you sure you are ready, L it is your first time isn't it?" Light's voice sounded concerned but even so you couldn't miss the desire and lust in it. L moved his hand to gently stroke Light's member rubbing the lube over it so it entirely coated Lights member. Before he positioned himself over it and quickly sat down on Light's member, taking it completely into his hole.

"Does t-that answer your question Light?" The only response L got to that question was a loud groan and Light saying how tight he was, which was fine with L, since he could tell by Light's expressions and groan that he was enjoying it and had completely forgotten about his original question.

After a few moments L was sure he'd be fine with it continuing, feeling that the pain he felt had decreased, so he moved his hips and whispered close to Light's ear. "You can move now, Light, unless you are fine with us just staying still and doing nothing." This was said of course to try and bug the younger male.

Light began to move slowly, though it wasn't just for L, with how tight it was, he was sure if he went fast he'd end up finishing way too soon which he couldn't allow, he had to prove himself this time unlike earlier with the fellatio earlier that the detective was so much better at, Light would prove how good he was at the actual sex even if it was his first time with a male partner.

"Tell me when you think I should go faster L." Light said in a way that he was sure would make it seem like he was only going slowly for the inexperience L. Unlike Light's thoughts at the moment, L was in no way feelings competitive with the younger male at this moment, he felt extremely pleased for some reason, one he wasn't even sure of himself.

"Ah... You can go faster, no need to worry about me Light." The detective said with a small smile, waiting for Light to pick up the pace they were at. What he didn't expect was for Light to flip them so that Light was now the one on top, he felt the younger males lips press into his as they began to kiss passionately before it was broken. After the kiss Light didn't move until L looked up at him, causing Light to grin before he thrusted deeply into L, and continued to thrust in and out at a more moderate speed, cause L to bring his right hand to his mouth to silence himself from any groans or gasps he'd make.

"Let me know if it gets to be too much for you Ryu- I mean L." L was just about to ask why Light was saying this when the Kira suspect picked up his pace thrusting deeply and quickly into him, making the detective thoughts go blank and allowing him only to focus on the pleasure he was receiving. Light had also completely forgotten about how he was trying to compete with the detective under him, the way L was using his hands to cover his mouth and the pink color across his cheeks, was cute in its own way and that was something Light never expected himself to relate Ryuzaki to. Pulling L's hand away from his mouth, Light continued to thrust his dick into the delectable man under him, hearing loud groans escape from the detective Light increased his speed, feeling his orgasm approaching his other hand made its way to L's forgotten member and began stroking it in time with his thrusts.

"Aah…Light if you do that I'm going to…" L's voice came out husky, since he hadn't had time to think about trying to get it to come out in its usual monotone way. Light continued to thrust into the detective, his hand following the exact rhythm. Light knew he was going to orgasm and in less than a minute too, but there was no helping if he was the one to finish first at the point, he picked up his speed. Just as Light felt he was about to orgasm first he felt L's inner walls twitch roughly around his cock.

"Fuck… Light!" The detective moaned loudly as he violently came over their stomachs, causing Light to release his hot load into L, passionately kissing the detective as he did. After a few moments they broke the kiss and Light pulled his member out of the older male. A minute or so later L's hand gently moved across Light's member.

"What are you doing L?" Light said in a confused tone, did L want to go for another round or something.

"You are no longer erect, so it seems the effects from the drug has passed, wouldn't you say Light?" The detective said in his usual monotone way, as if nothing had happened at all.

"So it seems, sure took it awhile." Light's tone was relaxed as he continued to lay there not ready to get up from his currently calm state known as the afterglow of sex.

"Yes it did… But I was thinking, what do you think we should do regarding this… incident?" L had brought his thumb up to his mouth in thought as he waited for Light's answer.

"What do you mean, hasn't it already happened?" Light said as his gaze went to the male lying beside him.

"Yes, I mean should we act like nothing happened or should we… " L stopped his sentence halfway through, for some reason he felt like he didn't want to complete the question at all, it gave him an odd feeling he wasn't entirely sure of.

'Or should we what? Was he thinking we should be lov- wait, does L have those kind of feelings for me, or did he not know what he was going to suggest there and couldn't think of any other options besides pretending it never happened, do I want him to feel that way…' Light thought to himself, for once not feeling sure of what he thought about the whole thing himself

"Or should we what?" Light asked in a calm voice not sure if he wanted to actual know or not, but as usual he felt he needed to know, like he did with most subject/topics.

L cleared his throat silently, which he had somehow mastered. "Usually in a situation like this one, usually the people involved pretend nothing happened, they end up in a relationship, or they end up being awkward with each other and avoiding each other. Obviously the last one isn't an option since we are working on the Kira case and are stuck together."

"Which one would you prefer to do in this situation L?" Light seemed to be pretty neutral about it on the outside, he decided he would think about things more once he knew what L had wanted to do.

L stayed silent for a few moments, he really didn't want to answer the question, so what does a great detective like L do in a situation like this? Easy he turns it around and gets the other to answer first. "Well I think Light should be the one to answer this question, he was the one who was effected by the drug and caused this situation, so it'd be more logical for Light to choose first." He brought his thumb to his mouth and chewed on it slightly while waiting.

'Damn, doesn't seem like I'll be getting an answer out of L just like normal… Hmm What should I answer, he could be trying to test to see if I'm Kira in some way, maybe that means I should try and go for the second answer, but wait that would affect the investigation wouldn't it? So maybe I should just say we pretend it never happened that would probably be the safer choice, not that I really know how I feel about all this anyways.' Light nodded slightly to himself not realizing he actually did so.

"I think it would be better for the investigation if we just pretended that none of this happened at all, after all I was drugged and it couldn't be helped much." Light said in a casual tone, stretching slightly. L felt his mood drop just like that time when he was depressed over not proving Light was Kira and letting him out form his confinement, but he felt it wasn't the same kind of depression he had then. Even though he lacked experience with feelings and such, with Light's answer he knew, he actually wanted Light to choose the second option, meaning he probably had developed feelings of some sort for the his own Kira suspect. He cursed to himself mentally before sitting up.

"That does sound like the best logical choice… We should shower and get dressed now." L's voice lacked any emotion whatsoever as they quickly had a shower, got dressed and Light fell asleep leaving L up by himself, the detective didn't sleep at all, which wasn't all that odd for him.

The next day Misa ended up questioning Light how his night went last night, which ended up in her getting lectured, privately by Light in L and Light's room, which was only monitored by Watari and not the rest of the task force, getting her to apologize and not allowed to have any dates with Light for the rest of the week. L didn't really say much to Misa besides that if she ever does something like that again he will be forced to use it against her to higher her percent on being the second Kira.

The rest of the day went by pretty normal, but Light had noticed that something was off today besides the lecture with Misa, but he hadn't figured it out yet. 'What could it be, I know there has to be something that different today, but what could it be.' He thought to himself as he took a sip of his coffee, the rest of the task force had just left at their usual time, so Light figured maybe if he couldn't figure it would L could.

"Ryuzaki, does anything seem different to you today?" Light gaze went to L for a moment as he continued to slowly drink his coffee.

"No." L didn't look towards him at all and seemed fully focused on his work, did L find something on Kira that he wasn't told about.

"Have you found anything new that I should know about?" Light asked as he stood up and made his way over to where L was sitting.

"Nothing yet." L's gaze didn't leave the screen as he continued to look through his files in search on some clue that would help in the case.

"I see, I think we should have a short break, you must be hungry, you haven't had any cake in a half hour or so." Light said as he waited for L to get up and join him to leave.

"Oh… I don't feel particularly hungry right now, I can call Watari to bring something for you, if you wish." L said plainly, even more than his usual monotone way of talking.

'Hmm I think I found what's been off today…' Light thought before he decided to speak again. "Is there anything bothering you L?"

"No, aside that you know that you are to call me Ryuzaki during the course of this investigation. Tell me what you want and I will let Watari know, it's hard to concentrate on this while you are hovering over me like that." L said as he clicked a few times while going through files.

"You seem to be in a bad mood to me, Ryuzaki." Light blinked a few times and moved so that he was covering part of L's screen.

"I am not. You keep disturbing me, are you trying to make it so I don't discover that you are Kira?" L's eyes narrowed slightly before he shrugged slightly. "Can you move out of my way Light, I am trying to find a clue that will lead to the end of this case."

"I know I have been searching the whole day as well, but you need a break L, we usually do take a break around this time." Light moved back slightly away from the computer screen.

"Fine, if it will help with the continuation of the investigation." The detective got up and headed towards the kitchen, not waiting to see if Light was following, he knew he wasn't doing a very good job at seeming like his usual self but having Light around him when he had these feelings that he hasn't fully figured out didn't help. He had decided he would have to solve this investigation faster and then he wouldn't have to deal with Light and even more his odd feeling he had towards Light that he shouldn't have.

"You could at least wait for me you know." Light followed him into the kitchen and they got cake as well as some normal food for Light. For the rest of the night they hardly talked, even though Light tried, the older detective didn't seem to want to talk at all. After a few hours the night came to an end, meaning that it was time for them to go to sleep well for Light to get some sleep anyways, he yawned before speaking loud enough for the detective to hear.

"Ryuzaki, it's time to go to our room." Light said while stretching, as he got off from his chair, he had already turned off his computer, L got up and followed Light to the bedroom he knew it was pointless to go against Light getting his sleep, he just ended up getting irritable if he didn't get enough sleep anyways. Light removed his clothes down to his black boxer-briefs, before getting into the bed, L on the other hand had already decided he wasn't going to bother sleeping and just got on his side of the bed in his usual clothes.

"So are you going to tell me why you seem to be in such a bad mood?" Light asked again turning on his side to face the older detective.

"I just really want to solve this case, I thought that was obvious." L said staring at the ceiling, he'd usually pull his laptop out after Light had gone to sleep since with it on it took Light longer to fall asleep which at the moment L didn't want Light to stay up all that long.

"For some reason I don't believe that, you were always focused on trying to solve this case and you didn't act this way before." Light was still staring at the detective trying to see if he could get anything from his movements, which he didn't, being how L was he was great at masking most emotions.

"I feel that we are getting close to finding something that will help us find Kira." L's tone was as emotionless as always his eyes still focused on the ceiling.

"Is that so, then why won't you look at me Ryuzaki, is it because of…" Light flipped over so that he was on top of L. "What happened yesterday." L eyes widened slightly as he felt himself become nervous, he stared directly up at Light.

"Didn't we say that we were pretending that it never happened?" L said in his usual tone, though he could feel his heartbeat going at an irregular speed compared to normal.

"Yeah but you haven't been acting the same since yesterday." Light moved a bit closer so that he was only a few inches away from the detective. "You sure that it's not bothering you at all." L could feel the heat rising to his cheeks, as he tried his best to remain calm in this situation.

"No, now get off of me and go to sleep, isn't that why we are here." Lights moved a bit closer, for some reason how L was acting was actually making the brunette feel as if he was right and he wanted to confirm it somehow.

"We'll just have to see about that." Light brought his hand up to the side of L's face, the detective stopped moving for a moment.

"This isn't a good idea Light… You should know that." Light grinned slightly and whispered into the detective's ear.

"Well I think it should be fine, we've already done it and it seems like you can't forget about it at all, with how fast your heart is beating." L was about to say that he heart isn't beating fast when he realised that Light had one of his fingers against the older males pulse.

"That's a normal reaction to have when you are surprised with someone invading your personal space. Now if you don't mind I want mine back." Light moved so that his lips were hovering right over L's that they could feel heat from each other as well as every breath.

"I wonder how long we can stay like this until one of us moves forward." Light's lips nearly touched L's as he spoke, the detective didn't know how much more he could take of this, logically his mind was telling him to try and sink further into the bed, while something else was telling him to press his lips to the delicious ones in front of his.

"Light this is ridiculous; now get off before I kick you off of me." L's tone tried to be as serious as possible, though for some reason Light smirked in response.

"You realize where my leg is don't you?" Light's leg then moved and in moving rubbed against L's member, causing L to automatically thrust his hips up slightly trying to get more of the friction.

"You liked that didn't you L." Light said as he took extra time saying the detectives name at the end. L smashed his lips against the Kira suspect's above him, he couldn't take it anymore, for most of the day he kept remembering the day before and with Light doing this to him it didn't help at all. Light blinked in surprise, he didn't expect L to give in so fast, before he closed his eyes and gave into the kiss. L's tongue traced along the other lips gently before his tongue pressed against the younger male's lips asking for entrance, the brunette instantly opened his mouth and allowed L's sweet tongue into his mouth. Their tongue pressed against each other as they battled for dominance in Light's mouth which the detective won, before they broke for air.

"That's not fair, and I thought you didn't want to stuff like that with me again." Light voice had a slight pant to it as he tried to gain the air he had lost.

"You're the one who said to pretend that it never happened, I never said anything about not want- you started it." L said as he looked away a bit, he knew he said way more than he should of, it was the lack of air that didn't allow him to think properly as well as his thoughts going elsewhere.

"So you didn't want to pretend that nothing happened, is that it L?" Light said in a normal tone as his mind tried to wrap around the idea that L wanted to not forget things happened as well as maybe wanting to continue things with him.

L let out a small sigh before he started to talk in his usual monotone voice. "That is correct, I have already realised that I feel an attraction for you even though I shouldn't." L closed his eyes while he spoke before opening them to look directly into Light's eyes.

"So you have feelings for me, and you want us to be together or?" Light knew he would have to answer how he felt, which he wasn't exactly sure of, he always thought he was straight and just didn't have a huge interest in being with anyone, he didn't even know why he was dating Misa other than this gut feeling that he shouldn't dump her.

"Yes I have feelings for you, and that I am unsure of, considering you are my Kira suspect." L brought his thumb once again up to his lips.

"Are your feelings only that you are attracted to me or is there more to it?" Light blinked a few times, he was starting to feel pleased, he wasn't sure why knowing L liked him in this sort of way pleased him, maybe it was just that he like being liked.

"I have feelings of attraction towards you, lust towards you, I respect you, I see you as someone who is pretty equal to myself, I think I might…. Maybe, no never mind... But what about you Light?" Light blinked a few times he wondered what L was going to say but knew he should probably answer the detectives question first.

"Well I… have been avoiding thinking about that actually, I know there's attraction, lust and respect in there. I think there might be something else but I don't know. And what were you going to say before you changed your mind." L started to feel a bit nervous after his sentence not that he was sure why he did.

"I think this is what having what people call their first love feels like… I felt an unpleasant feeling when you said that we should forget everything happened, and then my mood wasn't that good most of today, though I am unsure if that's how it is when you... love someone." L said this in a tone that was more curious than anything almost as if talking to himself in a way, saying the word love as it was a word in some foreign language.

"I've never really had a first love either, I liked people but never really loved them, after a bit I stop liking them in that way anyways. So you are saying I'm your first love L?" L said with a small smile as he looked down at the older detective.

"I, would suppose so…" L said with a small smile of his own, before Light moved down to place feather light kisses against the detectives paler lips.

"I've never really felt this way towards anyone else." The brunette said in-between one of the kisses he places on L's lips. The detective's lips pressed against the ones of his first love before he pulled the other down and rolled so they were side by side in gentle embrace.

"You should go to sleep Light, you have been tired for hours, I heard you yawning earlier." L said in a tone that was a bit quieter than usual.

"I thought you weren't paying attention to me then." Light said before he let out a small yawn.

"I was paying attention just not wanting to talk to you then… Now you should get some sleep." L said in the same tone as before as he felt Light move closer to him so that the brunettes head was right in front of L's chest. He felt Light start to drift to sleep before whispered quietly into Light's almost perfect hair.

"I love you Light."

"I love you too, L." Light said in a very quiet tone showing he was just about to fall asleep, before falling into a deep comfortable sleep.

"I hope my deductions were wrong before and you aren't Kira." L whispered to himself before pressing his lips gently to Lights forehead before falling into a peaceful sleep, even if it would only last a few hours.