AN ~ This is for the TARDIS forum's Christmas Challenge where we are given a prompt for each day of December leading up to Christmas. We didn't have to theme them any particular way but mine are based around the reasonably current progression of the show: that is, Amelia/Amy, Rory, Melody/River, Eleven. Mostly fluff, because it's Christmas but not all. If a certain prompt strikes me as particularly relevant to Ten (Tennant...LOL I hadn't noticed that until now. TENnant?) or Nine I will write it but otherwise, there are plenty of other Christmas collections out there for them I'm sure.

Above each chapter/drabble/oneshot, I will give the prompt and the characters. Skip some if you so desire.

I reeeeeaaaaaally late, but I actually wrote this one a while ago. At the rate I am going I will catch actual Christmas. I'm up to about Day/Prompt 9.

Prompt 1: Snowman

Character(s): Amelia Pond


The Raggedy Snowman

Amelia Pond loved the snow. She liked to watch it fall, to catch it on her tongue, and to draw angels in the layers of frozen fluff all over her enormous yard. Sometimes her aunty tried to stop her, saying that she would catch a cold or some such, but she was left to her own devices soon enough – and she used those devices to make snowmen. Specifically, as she liked to call him, the Raggedy Snowman.

First, she made a mound of snow about as tall as herself – the Doctor was taller but she couldn't reach any higher, so that would do. She gave him coal eyes and a carrot nose, naturally, but instead of a scarf she dug up an old brown tie from a dusty box in the attic. She tried a few times to tie it correctly, but ended up just pulling it into an awkward, lopsided bow instead. She put a top hat on him, but decided that didn't look right. She tried a bowler hat, a felt-covered riding helmet and a straw hat like Frosty, but none of them looked right. Then she found a bird's nest, empty for the winter, and upturned it on the snowman's head. Perfect.

Content with her creation, Amelia skipped back into the kitchen for one last thing: the Raggedy Snowman had to have something to eat, didn't he?

She placed the bowl of custard at the snowman's feet, and opened a box of fish fingers. Her stomach growled and she realised that, while making her snowman, she had forgotten to have dinner! She asked the Raggedy Snowman if he wouldn't mind sharing, and he said he wouldn't, so Amelia stuck one of the fish fingers into the custard and began to eat.

She watched the sky late into the night, sometimes talking to her snowman and other times just staring. She just made it to Christmas morning before she finally fell asleep at her Raggedy Snowman's feet, waiting for the real thing.