"our lives has changed a lot. I remember that Joel told me once how crowded these streets were with people all living their own lives, kids that needed to a place called a school and adults that had to go to work and ofcourse the poor people who lived in boxes. But now these streets are one living jungle. An virus that scientists made and that would "cure" the people from cancer is the cause of this living hell. I lost my family when the virus broke out. They we're infected and got shot infront of my head. Ever since then I was trying to look for food by myself until I've met Joel and promised me he would take care of me. Our dayplans are always the same. Hunt for food but don't get hunted by the other living people and those monsters. My name is Elie and I'm one of the last normal people in this miserable world."

"krr aahgr". I ran as fast as I could in the bedroom where a dead body was laying there all covered with blood. Before this guy died he wrote with his own blood HELP ME on the wall. Krrrr! The noise came again it looked like it came from upstairs. "c'mon elie don't be scared" I was telling myself and ran up the stairs. Suddenly when I was running on the stairs a part of it broke down. When I finally got upstairs I saw Joel fighting against another human. Joel was already covered with blood and the other guy had the coat of a military guy that he probably killed. The guy punched right in Joel his face and Joel smacked down on the floor.

"Joel take that wood wooodd!" I screamed and on the moment the guy was planning to stab Joel he took the wood from next to him and smacked it right on the head of that dude. "uhgr Sunday bloody Sunday" joel said while he was trying to get up.

"what did you find elie?" "Well joel I've found some water and a banana and couple of bullets but aren't we…." On that moment we heard something screaming like a child. I closed my ears because I couldn't take the noise. "Quick go to the bathroom" Joel screamed.

Krrr krr krr the noise from downstairs came of. We saw a couple of shadows running like hell upstairs. 5 infected people ran into the dark room where the stranger was laying now. Directly they began to eat the stranger. He wasn't death. We heard him screaming while the infected we're eating his legs and arms. It took 5 minutes before it went all calm and the guy lost his life.

These infected people are in stage 3 or reapers as me and joel call them. They aren't that dangerous and are more like dumbasses. The only thing you have to be careful of is that they don't bite you because they can infect you to. They look like normal people but their heads are bigger and there teeth are as sharp as a knife of a blade.

Joel was looking at those reapers while he was looking for something in his pocket with his right hand. He took a gun. "Are you ready kido?" he asked me. I took my knife and agreed and did my thumb up. Joel came closer and closer to the corner of the room we we're hiding and the room where they were. On the moment Joel was ready to enter the room a reaper jumped on him and pushed him on the ground. A gunshot came and birds began to make noise. I began to freak out and began to stab the monster 5 times until it looked to me and threw me on the wall that was all covered in blood. It came closer to me and on the moment it wanted to bit be a big noise came. BAM. I looked again and saw that the reaper lost a part of his head and that my face was covered in this green slime. Joel had killed him.

"c'mon kids we don't have much time left before those others are coming back."

We ran downstairs while windows smashed and reapers came in. we kicked the door open and there we were back in the jungle outside.