So... yeah. I've decided to upload my Bullet Heaven story here. Not much, but I'm still working on it. I just want to help expand the EBF fandom. And it's also a good place to store all my insane EBF theories. Yeah, so this is the first chapter. I hope you all like it.

Chapter 1 - Of Wings and Leaves

One day, while I was gathering some feathers to decorate my Whitemage dress, I stumbled upon some sort of magical portal. Curious, I stepped inside carefully. I held my Obsidian staff at the ready, in case of enemies.

What I expected was something weird.

What I found instead was something awesome.

"Cool!" I squeaked, staring out at the vast lush forest. Then, I realized something. The ground was moving below me.

Or rather, I was flying above the ground.

"Awesome!" I practically squealed, looking over my shoulder to find a pair of beautiful orange translucent wings. "I can't wait to tell the others!" I turned around to go back through the portal, when a bush hit me right in the face.

"Agh!" I quickly swiped it off and reached for my staff. To my horror, it wasn't there. My staff wasn't there, neither was my basket of feathers. That's when I realized something else.

The portal wasn't there either!

"Oh, no! How am I gonna get back to Matt and Lance?" I wailed, flying around frantically. An arrow whizzed by, barely missing my face. It struck a bush monster that was behind me.

"Sorry!" A voice yelled out, apparently the owner of the arrow. A girl with green hair stepped out from behind some trees, a leaf, a bow and arrows strapped to her back.

"Who are you?" I questioned her uneasily. Was she an enemy?

"My name's Anna. And who are you? Not from around here, I can tell." She replied, staring in awe at the wings on my back. "Uh... I'm Natalie, or Natz, for short, and I'm kinda lost." I said sheepishly.

"How d'you get into the Forest?" Anna asked, still interested in my wings. "You wouldn't believe me." I replied with a nervous laugh. "Oh yeah? Try me." She said with a smirk. Weird.

I told her my story of how I got here, and, believe me or not, she says she's gone through the same thing!

"And check this out. You got wings when you stepped through the portal," Anna stated, pulling the leaf from her back. I nodded.

"But I got this big floating leaf!" She got up onto the leaf and it started hovering, a few inches above the ground. I've got to say, I was impressed. But then the dilemma of being stuck here hit me again, and I felt a pang of sadness. I think it showed on my face, 'cause Anna asked me what was wrong.

"I need to get back to my friends, but I don't know how!" I said, rubbing my arm. "In that case, I think we can ask the CatGod for help." Anna replied, smiling, trying to brighten the mood.

"CatGod? I echoed , the soul of Nyan personified into two cats, Longcat and Tacgnol. Anna stated. The name 'Longcat' does seem familiar... Haven't I seen a long, white cat in one of my battles?

"Okay, how do we get to hi- them? It?" I muttered, shaking my head to clear it. "First, we need to get out of this Forest. Got any weapons?" Anna asked, picking up her bow and arrows.

"Uh, well, you see, I... kinda lost my staff on my way here." I said sheepishly. "No, silly. The portal takes away one of your stuff and gives you a power in return. I lost my doll," Anna stated, "But then I got this weird floating leaf."

"Oh. Okay then. I'll concentrate and we'll see what I got." I replied. Anna nodded.

I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and concentrated my magic into something, anything to try and get a reaction. And I did. When I concentrated the magic into my hands, a fireball formed and shot out of them swiftly. "Cool..." I breathed, almost not believing what had happened.

"Hot!" Anna shouted nearby, stamping out a burning patch of grass. It was my turn to apologize for nearly hurting Anna.

"Okay, now that we got our weapons, it's time to start the adventure!" Anna shouted childishly, waving her bow in the air.

Another adventure? Oh boy, here we go again...

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