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Chapter 5 - Of JetPack and Stars

I was just walking through the Desert, gawking at all the awesome ancient technology of the cats, when I stumbled upon this weird scary-looking portal-thingy.

"Cool." I said casually, being the totally-interested-in-anything-techy kind of guy (not really), and then I immediately jumped into the portal-thing. Now, when I was back in my battle factory with barely any experience, this would be idiotic. But now, I've got my gunblade, my scouter, my Sniper Gun, a few coffees, Matt and Natz for backup (where are they anyway?), so this should be A O.K.

If you've never been through a portal-thing, lemme tell you this. This time it ain't that bad, just a minor headache, that's all. But last time, when Matt poked that demon-god Akron, that was horrifiying. It was like being forced to watch multiple babies steal all your weapons, suck out your powers, and laugh at you with a distorted, creepy face like a freak. Oh, wait, it didn't feel like that. But I'm ranting now, moving on...

So yeah, through the portal, minor headache, and BAM, I'm on this weird pier at the ocean in a place my scouter reported as the 'Freaking Nowhere'. And then it blew up. Great.

And then, all my other stuff blew up, too. First the scouter, then the bunch of coffees, the Sniper Gun, and my precious gunblade. Sob.

So there I was, lamenting the loss of my most favourite weapon, when I spotted a... something under the remains of my exploded stuff. I sat there and dug through the piles of junk to find...

A winged jet-pack (in a sleek black design. Nice).

"Cool." I said, putting on the jet-pack. It was... pretty light. Surprising.

As soon as my mind could get over the temporary awesomeness overload, I got back to thinking how the hell I'm supposed to get out of this place.

"Hmm, I could call up Valkyrie and ask her to pick me up, but I don't think she can go through different dimensions. Damn, I have got to upgrade her when I get back to my factory." I thought out loud.

A bubbling sound jolted me from my thoughts, and I flew up a bit, still unused to a jet-pack. A jellyfish peeked out from the water and started shooting... glowing orbs at me.

"Ah... woah!" I dodged it and quickly flew to a further location. The jellyfish followed me, though. Smart.

A star suddenly shot out of nowhere and impaled the jellyfish, killing it. I turned around to see NoLegs, sitting on a small golden star that hovered above the ground.

"NoLegs!" I hugged him happily, and landed on the pier to talk (as much as I could talk to a cat, anyway).

"Hey, do you know where we are?" I asked it. NoLegs only shook his head sadly, small stars spraying out of the bigger star it sat on when it moved.

"Huh, thought so." I groeaned, looking out at the sea, when even more jellyfish started flying out and assailing us with some shiny projectiles. Damnit!

"Come on NoLegs, we gotta defeat these guys before we think about something, 'kay?" I stated. NoLegs nodded, surfing the air with his floating star.

I found a button on the jet-pack that lets me shoot bullets, so I used that as my primary weapon. And when the jet-pack overheated, I simply pressed another button that unleashed the heat in a concentrated beam of energy.

Another adventure, eh? Can't wait to see the final boss...

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