Authors Note: This is the epilogue to the story Mrs. Rarity, found here (.net/s/7630445). Updated to fix spelling errors.

Rarity was an old mare, but still in decent health, and still stunning. She had had a long wonderful career, and the name Rarity was recognized everywhere. She was proud of her achievements, but never over bearing. She spent much time, tallents, and much of her considerable fortune promoting new designers, giving them opportunities she never had.

She had never married, never finding the right stallion. Oh, she had seen many and even loved a few, but, in her heart, there was always something missing, they were never 'the one'. She no longer turned the heads of younger stallions, but it no longer bothered her. She had been alone for many years. She had lost touch with the girls once they passed the elements of harmony to the next younger generation. She never felt compelled to contact them, choosing simply to relive their adventures in her mind.

It was a warm summer night and the doors to her balcony was slightly open, letting the lovely night air in. Rarity was not asleep, just staring at the ceiling, thinking about the past, thinking about missed opportunities, ruing on past regrets. Of all her regrets, Spike was the one she lamented the most. Soon after the passing of the elements, Spike had left to join his fellow dragons.

He was the one person who always believed in her, who was always there. He had loved her no matter how shoddily she had treated him. A pin cushion. She had actually allowed herself to use him as a pin cushion. She had dropped the subject of his crush after their tea. She behaved as if it had never happened. She told herself it was for his benefit. That she she generously sacrificed her feelings for his sake. The truth was far more selfish. She simply did not want to be known as the mare who dates baby dragons. Oh, how she rued that stupid, selfish decision. If she could go back in time and embrace him, tell him how much she loved him, she would sacrifice everything to have him now.

But, she had though these thoughts many times, and if wishes were stars, the night would be bright as day. Why did she torture herself like this. She should be generous with herself. Why did she selfishly wallow in self pity. She was sure Spike out there, somewhere, happy. That should be enough.

'No doubt, he had forgotten all about me, as he should,' Rarity thought. A tear staining her perfect cheek.

As she was slipping into sleep, a gush of wind blew the doors open. Sighing, Rarity made her way to the doors to close them. When she go to the door, just outside her balcony, was dragon. Purple scales glistened in the moon light, green spikes shimmered.

A voice of iron and stone and fire gently spoke, "I have returned, my lady."