I do not own Glee or any of the original characters, it all belongs to RIB and Fox. Anyone you don't recognise are my own creations.

A while back, Kalexico gave me the idea to write a prequel for 'Life with Olivia' and so I figured now would be the best time to write it as I'm struggling too much with LWO.

This starts at the beginning of Junior year, Olivia is three at this point.

For K,K and H. Thanks to Kalexico too!

Chapter 1

Santana glares at Quinn as Mr Schue stands between them, breathing heavily, suddenly aware of the huge crowd that has gathered around them, a terrified Brittany included. She shoots Quinn a filthy look, turning on her heel and storming through the crowd that seperates for her, marching straight to her locker and throwing it open. The latina is aware of Brittany's presence as she rifles through her things before slamming it closed again in frustration.

"Are you ok? Brittany asks quietly, watching the brunette warily.

"No, I'm not ok Brittany. That bitch told Coach Sylvester about my surgery just so she could get her spot back as Captain, I'm definitely not ok, I'm pissed as hell!" Santana snaps causing the tall blonde to flinch. "I'm sorry Britt, I didn't mean to take it out on you" she sighs, leaning against the row of lockers as she looks at the other girl, Brittany's demeanour instantly changing after the apology as she grins at the latina.

"It's fine, why don't you let me cheer you up" she offers and Santana can't hide the smirk that appears on her lips as she nods and takes the blonde girl's pinky. "We have to be careful though, I think Lord Tubbington has put cameras in my room again" Brittany adds cautiously.

"Sure thing B" Santana replies, used to the girl's weird comments by now. She allows the taller cheerio to lead her to the parking lot, noticing Quinn standing with an older teenager and small child. "Who's that?"

"Oh that's Quinn's little sister, she's cute. I don't know who the other girl is though, I've never seen her before. Come on, let's go before you and Quinn go all cage fighter on each other again"


Quinn feels a surge of guilt hit her as she watches Santana and Brittany enter the choir room, pinkies linked as usual. The latina doesn't look at her as she makes her way to the back row of chairs and slumps down in her chair, Brittany sitting next to her. Quinn wishes she could take back what she did the day before as she glances back at the other cheerios, noticing how stiffly Santana is sitting, obviously in pain after having clumsy freshman clambering on top of her for two hours the night before. She knows that apologising to the latina isn't going to be as easy as apologising to anyone else, Santana being known for holding a grudge. She sighs, smoothing down her cheerios skirt as she stands up, moving to sit beside the latina, not missing the dark look that is sent in her direction.

"I shouldn't have stabbed you in the back like that, I'm sorry" Quinn states as Santana gives her a disbelieving look, "I know you're mad at me and I wish I could take it back but I can't so all I can do is apologise" she adds, going to stand up, Santana's hand on her shoulder stopping her.

"I would have done the same thing" the latina shrugs and the blonde stays in the seat, realising that this is Santana's way of acknowledging and accepting her apology. Quinn relaxes as Mr Schue starts the lesson, Rachel soon interrupting withing a few seconds and she can't help but giggle as she hears the latina next to her start muttering under her breath of that 'damn hobbit'.

"Uh Quinn" she looks up to see Ms Pillsbury standing in the doorway with her little sister standing behind her. Quinn makes her way over to them, the little girl holding her arms out as soon she reaches them.

"What's going on?" the blonde asks, picking her sister up.

"It seems that your parents forgot to tell Olivia's childminder that they were leaving for their cruise this afternoon, she waited as long as she could but she said she was late for work and dropped Olivia off here" the guidance teacher explains and Quinn sighs as she positions the girl on her hip.

"Is everything Okay Quinn?" Mr Schue asks after catching the end of the explanation, his face growing concerned as he takes in the stressed look on his student's face while she tells him what happened. "Well it looks like we have a guest for Glee today then" he smiles genuinely. Quinn gives him a grateful smile and she walks back to her seat, ignoring all the questioning looks as she sits down with Olivia in her lap. Brittany leans across Santana to speak to Olivia.

"Hey Olivia" she grins, the small girl excitedly moving to sit on Brittany's lap and the pair chat animatedly while Santana looks on. The latina watches curiously as her best friend talks to the tiny brown eyed version of Quinn, listening as the girl asks the dancer when she will be babysitting for her again, answering the brunette's question of how they know each other.

"Who are you?" Olivia asks the latina, eyeing her warily as the rest of the glee club turn to watch the exchange, expecting the person that they view as the she devil to be mean to the child.

"I'm Santana" she states with a small smile.

"I'm Olivia" the small blonde tells her, "you're really pretty" she adds and Santana chuckles.

"You're very pretty too" she responds, shooting Olivia a wink and shocking most of the room. Santana ignores all the stares she's getting from her team-mates as Olivia leans forward to touch the latina's ponytail, running her fingers through it.

"Your hair is so soft" the child says in awe, "Feel it Brittany" she urges, grinning as Brittany does as she asks and feels Santana's silky jet black hair, tugging it playfully before leaning back in her chair. "See?" Olivia says, Brittany nodding while chuckling softly. "I like you" she states, smiling at Santana.

"I like you too kid"

Kinda short start but I wanted to see what you guys thought about the whole idea of the prequel before I went on, worth continuing? Drop me a review if you like it :)