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Chapter 22

Quinn gazes down at her lap, her eyes landing on the small box clutched in her hands. It's strange to think that this is what it comes down to. A life long relationship, eighteen years of bad memories, a twenty five years long marriage and this is all that's left. A small box of ashes. That's all that is left of her father. Sadness that she expects to hit her; doesn't. All she feels is a strong sense of relief. She doesn't have to arrive home from school worrying about kind of mood he is in and what he's going to do or say to her. Olivia will no longer be sent to bed in tears just because she can't eat all of her dinner, even when the portion of food was much too big for her in the first place. Quinn won't have to fight to keep Olivia, won't have to worry that leaving bruises on her won't be enough for Russell and one day, he'll turn on Olivia. No. From this day on, Olivia will be under only her and Santana's care. As much as Santana is nervous about having so much responsibility, Quinn loves and trusts her implicitly. She has told her that already and she plans to remind her every day; every single day. Quinn can't wait until they start their senior year, then they can finish and Quinn can completely focus her energy on raising Olivia. Olivia deserves to be loved and looked after with everything in a person's body. It makes Quinn's heart soar that she can do that for her, both she and Santana can. No more feeling unwanted and in the way. No more walking on eggshells.

"Are you okay, babe?" Santana asks softly, taking her eyes off the road just long enough to glance at her silent girlfriend. "You've been pretty quiet since we left the crematorium," she adds gently, removing one hand from the steering wheel so she can place it on Quinn's thigh.

"Yeah, babe, I'm fine. I was just thinking," Quinn smiles. "Hey, can you take a left up here, I need to go to the golf club."

"The golf club? It's getting pretty dark, I didn't know you liked to play golf," Santana frowns in confusion. Her brow furrows even further when Quinn chuckles softly at her.

"I'm gonna scatter his ashes there, it's pretty much the only place that brought out a smile in him," Quinn murmurs. "It needs to be dark anyway, I doubt the staff would appreciate me pouring my father's ashes all over the green," she explains.

"So, you're gonna sneak in?" Santana questions, a small smirk pulling at her full lips.

"Yeah. You want to come with me? It could be fun and I figure I may as well have one night with my father that I actually enjoy," Quinn shrugs.

"That actually makes sense," Santana nods, "and yeah, I'll come with you. You don't need to make thing sound fun before asking me to go with you," she murmurs. "I'll go anywhere that you ask me to, I don't need somewhere to be fun before I agree to support you," Santana adds. "I get to spend time with you, fun is just a bonus."


Santana cautiously glances around her as she chews on her thumbnail. She slowly edges towards the tall fence, glancing around the dark street again. She can hear Quinn giggling at her and Santana glares into the darkness on the other side of the fence.

"Santana Lopez, the badass, is too scared to climb over a fence," Quinn chuckles. " I can not wait to tell Olivia that you are actually a giant chicken. Although, you are clearly not a free range chicken considering you're stuck behind a fence," she adds, clearly amused at her own, very lame, joke.

"Oh, really?" Santana drawls out, "you're gonna tell your four year old, highly impressionable little sister that we broke into a golf club after dark. And in doing that, we climbed a dangerously high fence. Really, you're gonna tell her that?" she asks in amusement.

"Shut up and get over here," Quinn grumbles, no longer finding it amusing. She hears Santana sigh and can make out the tell-tale metallic rattling of the other teenager climbing over the fence. Quinn suddenly finds it amusing again and almost bites through her lip while attempting to not laugh when she hears the muted thud of Santana landing on this side of the fence, an extremely unladylike grunt reachin her ears a second later. She moves forward helps Santana to her feet, her grin finally fighting it's way to her lips. "Finally, San, what took you so long?" Quinn asks around her laugh. The only response she receives from Santana is a steely glare and breathless muttering about never putting out for her again. Ever.

"Where do you want to spread them?" Santana asks, ignoring Quinn's quiet laughter. She's thankful that it's so dark as she's sure that she's blushing furiously. Way to embarrass yourself, Lopez.

"I can think of a few places, I hope there's no security guards around," Quinn murmurs, picking the box, that contains the remains of her father, up off the ground.

"Security guards? Quinn, if we get arrested I'll..."

"You'll what? Sulk?" Quinn smirks.

"You act like I'm whipped," Santana scoffs. Quinn doesn't respond. "Wait, you think I'm whipped?!"

"Of course not, baby. You're not whipped at all," Quinn placates her girlfriend. Santana eyes her suspiciously but doesn't say anything. She's not whipped, is she?

"I'm badass," Santana eventually grumbles.

"Of course you are."

"Badasses aren't whipped," Santana adds sulkily.

"Exactly." Santana doesn't think that Quinn sounds very sincere but she doesn't push it, she's not sure she really wants to know the answer. They fall into silence as they walk across the golf course, Santana being extra careful not to trip on one of the holes or something. Her dignity has taken a big enough beating today already. She stops walking when Quinn does and she's surprised to realise that they're standing in front of a pond, how had she not noticed that?


"Yeah," Quinn nods, "he was happy here and, despite everything, I want him to be somewhere that he likes."

"You're amazing, you know that?" Santana is in awe of her girlfriend, she doubts she'd be so gracious towards Russell if it had been her decision to make.

"I could say the same to you," Quinn remarks. She opens the box and gazes into it for a few moments, her features sober. Santana places her hand on Quinn's lower back as she carefully tips her father's ashes into the pond. "I hope you can be happier now, dad," Quinn whispers. "You might believe it, but I still loved you. Goodbye, daddy."


2 weeks before the beginning of senior year.

The first thing Santana hears when she wakes up is an adorable giggle and the creak of Quinn's bedroom door. She keeps her eyes closed as the sneaky giggling gets closer and closer, waiting until she is sure that Olivia is right beside the bed before lunging upwards and grabbing the girl around the waist. Olivia squeals in surprise as she is hauled under duvet, relaxing into Santana's arms a few seconds later, her hair tickling the teenager's chin as she snuggles closer to her. Santana doesn't know what time it is but she knows it must be pretty late as Olivia is dressed and Quinn isn't in bed with her.

"Quinn said you need to get your lazy butt out of bed and stop sleeping the weekend away!" Olivia tells Santana seriously, causing her to raise her eyebrows in surprise..her butt isn't lazy.

"What time is it, pretty girl"? Santana asks her.

"I don't know, Quinn didn't tell me," Olivia responds with a shrug.

"Well, what time does it say on the clock beside the bed?" Santana questions, keeping her eyes firmly squeezed shut.

"I don't know. I can't tell time yet, I'm only four, Santana!" Santana chuckles lightly and pokes Olivia in the ribs, eliciting another adorable giggle from her. Santana groggily lifts her head and glances at the clock, shocked to see that it's after four in the afternoon. Wow, maybe her but is lazy.

"Alright, pretty girl, I'm getting up. Why don't you go ask Quinn to make me some coffee and I'll be downstairs soon."

"Okay, but don't take too long! We're having a movie night!" Olivia exclaims as she scrambles off of the bed and hurtles from the room. Santana lays in bed for a moment, trying her best to wake up properly, listening as Quinn tells Olivia off for running in the house. One day, that girl will learn. Maybe. She pushes herself out of bed and stumbles into the bathroom, taking a quick shower and brushing her teeth before heading back into Quinn's bedroom to get dressed. When she eventually gets downstairs she finds Olivia bouncing on the sofa while Quinn tries to grab her.

"Olivia, get down! I've already told you three times, I am NOT playing around," Quinn scolds, lunging forward and attempting to grab the bouncing girl again and failing miserably. Santana quickly walks around to the back of the couch and scoops Olivia into her arms before walking with her to the corner. Olivia pouts as Santana places her in the corner.

"Four minutes, 'Liv. When Quinn tells you to do something, you do it. You're in time out for ignoring her," Santana explains before walking back over to Quinn. "Was that okat?" she asks nervously, suddenly unsure of herself. Quinn smiles and nods, pulling her girlfriend into a searing kiss.

"That was definitely okay," Quinn murmurs. "Thank you. She has been a nightmare all damn day."

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to sleep all day," Santana states apologetically.

"It's okay, babe. You were up most of the night helping Britt, I didn't expect you to be awake at dawn," Quinn shrugs. "There's fresh coffee in the kitchen," she adds, taking Santana's hand and leading her into the other room. "I ordered pizza and Olivia and I went out and bought a ton of unhealthy crap for movie night."

"Olivia mentioned we were having one," Santana nods.

"She's been pretty excited about it," Quinn smiles, "plus I think the time out will calm her down."

"At least now she knows she can't screw around and get away with crap with me now," Santana chuckles, accepting a mug of coffee from her girlfriend.

"Now there's a whole two people in the world that she'll listen to," Quinn jokes.

"At least sometimes," Santana laughs, placing her coffee on the counter and pulling her girlfriend into her arms. "We'll tag team her though and it'll be fine," she murmurs before placing a gentle kiss to Quinn's lips, her tongue sneaking inside her girlfriend's warm, wet mouth. Their tongues dance together in an intricate, well practised dance and they sweetly and slowly kiss until the emergent need for oxygen forces them to break apart. "Shall we go check on the little troublemaker now?" Santana asks with a dazed smile.

"Sure." Santana picks her coffee back up and she and Quinn wander back into the livingroom where Olivia is still obediently standing in the corner, although she is beginning to fidget a little. It doesn't take long for the apologies to come and for the pizza to arrive. Santana can't help the grin that takes over her face as Olivia snuggles close to her on the sofa while Quinn places pizza and lots of sugary goodness on the coffee table in front of them. She doesn't really pay attention to the animated movie that is playing on the tv as Quinn settles on her other side, both blondes laying their heads on her shoulders. Sure, they've been through loads of crap recently but they've managed to come so far that Santana can only feel pride when she thinks about it.

"We're gonna be okay, right?" Quinn asks in a whisper.

"Yeah, babe, we're gonna be great," Santana murmurs as Olivia turns to glare at them.

"Shh, the lion is singing!"


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