17 April 1998

Edward Remus Lupin

Remus Lupin had always known Nymphadora to be resilient, but the night she bore him their son, he saw a completely different side of her. And the moment the baby—his baby—was placed in Remus's arms, he was filled with an entirely unfamiliar torrent of emotion—ecstasy, amazement, purpose.

Never in his life had he felt more grateful to have been proved wrong.

And though Remus could not experience his son's magnificent life, he left little Teddy in the care of those who loved him endlessly. Teddy Remus Lupin, a Hufflepuff—and, indeed, a great wizard in the making.

I'm SUPER excited for this new project! :) It's a collection of teeny intro stories, one for each of the kids in my NextGen headcanon.

Disclaimer: Inspiration for the format of this story goes to My Dear Professor McGonagall! Check out her story "The Twenty Five Labors of Dumbledore's Army." It's fantastic.