17 April 1998

Edward Remus Lupin

Remus Lupin would never be able to entirely fathom just how his wife managed the nine-hour process of giving birth to their son. He'd always known Nymphadora was strong, but—well, childbirth looked like a completely different animal. Nonetheless, the moment the baby—his baby—was placed in Remus's arms, he knew immediately that he was absolutely and utterly grateful for it. Remus knelt down by Dora's bedside, watching their little one snuffle in sleep.

"Teddy," Dora whispered happily, brushing his cheek.

They'd picked the name ages ago. But it was somewhat more satisfying to hear it when the baby was finally here, in the flesh.

Remus could not survive to experience his son's magnificent life. He couldn't watch him become the great wizard that he would grow to be. But he left Edward Remus Lupin, future Gryffindor, in the loving care of those he knew would raise him best.

I'm SUPER excited for this new project! :) It's a collection of teeny intro stories, one for each of the Next Gen kids in my Head Canon, so far.

Disclaimer: Inspiration for the format of this story goes to the lovely My Dear Professor McGonagall! Check out her story "The Twenty Five Labors of Dumbledore's Army." It's fantastic!