XLV. Calista Hestia Emmeline Shacklebolt

28 June 2023

Hestia Jones couldn't believe the words that were coming out of the Healer's mouth. It was mad—positively raving, in fact. A baby? She and Kingsley had never even married, not to mention that they were both pushing sixty…

Hestia had her daughter on a sweltering afternoon, a full month before her due-date. Overcome by a bizarre combination of blinding pain and fierce emotion, she cried unabashedly as she cradled the beautiful little girl in her arms. Hestia looked up at Kingsley; his eyes too looked unusually bright, as he stroked his daughter's curl of dark hair.

Calista, beloved Gryffindor.

Author's Note:

YAY KINGSLEY HAS A FAMILY! Anyway, thank you all for your feedback and support! Glad you enjoyed this journey as much as I did :)