21 September 2013

Lorcan Xenophilius Scamander

Lysander Newton Scamander

After spending ten years circumnavigating the world together, both Luna and Rolf decided it was inevitable that they spent the rest of their time together, too. So, even as Rolf slipped an amethyst ring onto Luna's finger, even as they said their vows in a grassy meadow, even as Rolf jingled a small, brass key in front of Luna's face, both were very relaxed. After all, it was meant to be.

Lorcan and Lysander were born in Rolf and Luna's cottage, on the hillsides of Ottery St. Catchpole. Identical in looks, but that was all. Lorcan was the intense being, loyal beyond words, a pure Hufflepuff…and, Lysander, the romantic, a little genius, an exceptional Ravenclaw.

And, as Luna and Rolf gently scooped them up and took them outside, letting the gentle, fresh summer breeze fall upon their tiny faces, they smiled blissfully at each other.

It was meant to be.

AHH I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S OVER. *cries* Thank you all so much for your loving support and consistent feedback. 800+ reviews! That's a milestone for me :') I love you all madly!

Yours sincerely,