Title: Opposites Attract

Rating: will vary, probably K+ to T

Note: Because sometimes I have ideas that only solidify into brief scenes and I desperately try not to write novella-length fics (like Shake the Glitter Off turned out to be). Some of these bits will be prompt-inspired; it will be noted if any ficlets are connected. Having this as a master post to update is easier than constantly posting new stories. Each fic/vignette will be less than 1000 words.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters or locations unless I say otherwise.

Bored Now

((Post-Mindy Loves Josh - Rating: K+; Words: 616))

There's really no reason for Josh and Mindy to continue pairing up on class projects together since they've broken up but on occasion they do. It's more of an annoyance than anything else for Drake when he's leaving the house or returning home and Mindy's sitting there on the sofa or at the table with Josh.

Drake returns home from a lackluster date one Friday evening to find Mindy sitting on the sofa, books and printouts spread out over the coffee table. He glances around the room, leaning over to peek through the window into the kitchen. "Where's Josh?"

"Crazy Steve had a meltdown at the Premiere and had to leave, that made them short staffed so Josh was called in to work," she says plainly.

"And you're still here why?"

Mindy looks up at him, annoyed in spite of the fact that she is the guest in his home, for a second. "Because both Josh and your parents said that I was welcome to stay and continue working until I reached a reasonable stopping point for the night. I have yet to reach my stopping point."

Drake makes a face as he sits at the other end of the sofa, grabbing the remote and turning the television on. "Don't you have a hole to crawl back into?"

"I am actively ignoring you," she says, shuffling through a pile of index cards.

Drake mocks her as he turns up the volume on the television. "TV's not too loud for you, is it? I wouldn't want it to bother you."

She takes a deep breath and slowly releases it. She focuses on the task at hand.

Drake frowns. Why isn't she reacting? It's no fun messing with her if she doesn't react. Nah, it's still fun, just not as fun. He spends about ten minutes channel surfing, mostly because he notices how Mindy's hand balls into a fist every time he changes the channel. He grins, satisfied as he flips through every channel, barely paying attention to the images flashing across the screen. It's enough that he's getting on her nerves right now.

Mindy looks straight ahead, "Fine. You win." She starts the long process of gathering and organizing her belongings.

His smile grows and he sets the remote down on his leg. There's absolutely nothing of interest on TV but he's bored and it being on is what's getting Mindy to leave. He watches her body stretch as she reaches over the side of the sofa to pull her bookbag from being wedged between the sofa and the end table; the fabric of her skirt shifts a centimeter here and there. He tilts his head to the side as a completely unbidden thought enters his head.

She settles back in her seat, placing her nearly empty bag on the sofa between herself and Drake. She leans forward, grabbing the books that she'd already stacked, nice and neat, and sliding them into her bookbag.

All of a sudden, Drake's hand lands on the bag and he tugs it ever so slightly, catching Mindy's attention. She looks at him curiously. He leans forward quickly, his hand wrapping around her wrist, and presses his lips to hers. She freezes in shock as his lips move over hers. She lets her eyes close for just a second, opening them the instant she feels a lessening of pressure from Drake's lips on hers and she jerks backward, eyes wide.

Drake sits back, relaxes, crossing his leg, and begins to channel surf yet again as if nothing just happened.

She draws her eyebrows together in confusion. "Why did you kiss me?"

He shrugs, not bothering to look at her, "I was bored."

*** Finis ***