Harry's Nightmare Before Christmas

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(Story start)

Professor McGonagall turned to Flitwick and held out her hand. She knew something big was about to happen and wanted to see what her students, even if he wasn't one at the time, would get out of this. She open the book and started,

Chapter fourteen: Showdown with Oogie Boogie

The rest of the hall was silent was they wait with baited breath for what was to happen.

Inside Oogie Boogie's lair the boogie man was preparing to finish off both Sandy Claws and Sally in style. He had them strapped to a table which would tilt when the lever next to it was pulled. Before them in the center of the room where the pit of Snake and Spider stew simmer with a spider shape claw was stirring. As he cackled at his evil plan to drop the pair into the stew Sally was making threats. "Just wait till Jake hears about this! By the time he's through with you you'll be lucky to be…"

"Is he really scared of you mate?" Ron asked getting Jack to nod although his face was still passive.

"We had a fight before and I proved to be too much for him and his tricks. Still he is a crafty one and not to be taken lightly."

But she stopped as did Oogie Boogie when they heard the Mayor calling out as he drove within range of the lair. "The King of Halloween has been blown to smithereens! Skeleton Jack is a pile of dust!"

The students winced here at both the reminder and the fact Oogie Boogie would not be scared to hurt them with Jack gone.

Sally gasped in fear hearing this. Santa paused hearing this as well. While he was upset with the Skeleton he did not wish him dead. Oogie Boogie was over joys and laughed cockily at this news. The boogie man could not help but gloat, "What's that you were saying about luck rag doll?" he shook a pair of dice in the air as he wished to gamble with their lives.

In the graveyard not far from Halloween town and Oogie Boogie's lair Jack came out of a door in one of the large graves. "C'mon Zero, Christmas is not over yet." The pair race pass the gate as Jack heads off to find the trio he put in charge of Sandy Claws.

"How did you know to go there?" one student asked.

"Lock, Shock and Barrel are the only ones that knew where Sandy Claws is so I was going to them first instead of looking aimlessly."

"And a good thing you did," Santa added frowning remembering how Oogie Boogie treated him and Sally.

Jack raced through the woods and over the hill till the large tree house came into view. He slid to a stop in time to avoid falling over the broken bridge where a rope lead down below the house. It was then did he hear Sally cry repeatedly, "Help! Help! Help!"

Jack narrowed his eyes before he motion for Zero to be quite and he slid down the rope. Dow below Oogie cried out, "Seven! Looks like its Oogie's turn to Boogie now."

In his lair Oogie Boogie pulled the lever causing the table to tilt, "One, two, three, four," with each count he cranked the lever before he did the last three numbers fast in his glee, "Five-Six-Seven!" before he laughed at their cries.

The students all glared, some mumbling to themselves angry while some were scare for Santa and Sally.

Jack peeked into the lair when he reached the bottom of the rope and say the view as Oogie moved around Sandy and Sally taunting them, "Ashes to ashes and dust to dust. Oh, I'm feeling weak…with Hunger!"

He held up the dice, "One more roll of the dice oughta do it." And with that he tossed the dice. They landed in the eye of a skeleton on a table before they dropped onto the table by the bottom of its rubs. Oogie looked at them and growled, "What!? Snake-eyes!" he pounded the table causing the dice to bounce and land on a new number. "Eleven!"

"Cheater!" one first year shouted getting shouts of agreement. Jack sighed but said nothing as McGonagall waited for the students to calm down.

He laughed and turned to them and reached for the lever, "looks like I win the jackpot. Bye-bye, doll face...and sand man."

He waved at them before he pulled the lever three more times as the screamed. Oogie laughed but stopped. The screams stopped but there was no splash nor did they seems to fall into the stew. "What the?" he mumbled before he reached up and pulled the table down to see. When he did he was shocked to see Jack laying down, glaring at him with one hand on his head waiting.

The students cheered at the quick save, Santa nodded knowing it was too close for comfort. The Gryffindor's all hooted and hollered at the display with jack simple yet well pulled off entrance. "Nice one mate," Dean Tomas said, "He did not see that coming."

Jack grinned and nodded. He hasn't really been able to pull off move like that since he came to Hogwarts. In fact when he came in here for the reading was his first time going out like he normally does. He will have to find a way to top that.

Snape sneered glancing at Jack. It seems that Jack or Harry still had the big head like his father in his opinion.

Oogie gasped seeing Jack. "Hello Oogie," Jack stated and you can tell the displeasure from the sound of his tone.

This caused smirks to many students. Fred and Gorge grinned thinking that Jack's was of showing his displeasure is better than their own mother who just shouts. At least with him you feel you in trouble and waiting for the bomb to go off.

Oogie Boogie was shaking seeing Jack and the face he looked very angry with him, "J-J-Jack!" he stated as he stepped back with Jack stepping down after him.

"Wow you really do scare him," Hermione observe with a raised brow. She found it odd that her best friend could scare even the boogie man.

Jack nodded, "And he should for good reason."

Others stared wondering what caused Oogie Boogie to be so scared to a scary monster like him. The ghost were all excited for Jack's actions with Oogie Boogie. They knew Jack would not go easy on him.

"They said you were dead. You must be…Double Dead!"

And with that Oogie Boogie stomped on a sticking out button shape like a spider. The ring they were standing in came alive. Red light came to life as the wheel suddenly move. Jack was force to recover his balance from the jolt before he move to avoid getting cut as metal sheets shaped like card, kings to be exact, out of the outer edge of the ring and sword came out. He move to avoid more swords as Oogie Boogie laughed when he moved to safety. The spider from before rose from the stew and spun it blades outward forcing Jack to bent down like a spider as he glared at Oogie Boogie.

"Well Come on! Bone man!" Oogie Boogie taunted him seeing Jack trapped as the sword on the cards started to spin.

"Get him!" cried many students, even those not from Hogwarts.

Zero bark from his spot while Sally and Santa peeked out from their hiding spot. Jack was able to get up between two cards but also out of reach of the spinning spider blade. Jack timed it right before he jumped through the gap in the card's spinning blades. His body moving and shaping in slim impossible ways as he did his feat again with ease getting closer and closer to Oogie Boogie.

Hermione looked at Jack expectantly, who answered the unasked question "my body like this is all bones. Add that to my magic in that for and I can bend and twist into ways you think it would be impossible."

The Boogie man noticed this before he reached up and pulled a chain cord. The cards stopped their blades, flatten themselves and lowered back into place. Jack walked in time with the wheel as he gained ground towards Oogie Boogie. What he did not see was the trio was shooting slot machines moving out and Jack was in their line of sight. When they were close enough and the arms with the guns lowered Oogie Boogie commanded, "Fire!"

Students gasped worried that Jack could be hit.

That was Jack's only warning before he jumped up into the air as the guns fired. With quick timing Jack landed with his feet on two of the guns out of the range of fire. He was force to move his feet to avoid getting hurt from the still firing guns below his feet. He moved his feet from gun to gun before he gained a rhyme going as kept his glaring eyes on Oogie Boogie. Oogie Boogie was waiting for Jack to be finished before he noticed his trap had failed. What was worst because he was waiting the wheel was moving him closer to Jack.

Oogie Boogie turned and started to run away from Jack when the fast spinning wheel was getting to be too much and he was getting closer to the Pumpkin King. With great effort Oogie Boogie dove forward and his hand slammed a switch that was a skeleton's eye, setting off his latest trap. What he did not see was a tread from his bag like body was loose and caught the mouth of the skeleton.

Hermione raised a brow here and she was not the only one who noticed this sentence. The rest of the students were on the edge of their seats to what would happen next. "How many traps does this guys have?" Ron asked aloud.

High above them the saw blade like wheel with a skeleton captured spun rapidly before it swung down with Jack in its path. Santa and Sally saw this before jack did, "Jack, Look out!" Sally cried.

Jack turned to see the saw blade before he jumped out of the way. The saw kept going and the arms of the slot machine were cut off. Jack landed not far from Oogie Boogie who cried in terror at this. But Oogie Boogie had a finally ace up his sleeve when he slammed his foot on another switch and the metal board he was standing one sprang up and sent him flying. "So long Jack!" Oogie Boogie laughed as he landed safety on the spider blade which was rising higher out of reach.

The students shouted in annoyance not wanting the man/monster/thing to get away after what he did.

Jack noticed that a piece of thread was attached to the spring board and lead all the way up to Oogie Boogie. He grabbed it as he cried, "How dare you threat my friends so shamefully?!" before he pulled.

Oogie Boogie noticed the arm started to come undone and split while bugs started to fall out. Oogie Boogie was sputtering in terror before Jack pulled the thread into the spinning blades under Oogie Boogie. In an instance more thread was pulled before the rest of Oogie Boogie came apart with a mighty RIP!

The hall winced here. That sounded a bit painful. Malfoy gulped here, if Jack was ripping someone 'skin' off he did not want to know what he would do to him if pushed.

Oogie Boogie was now without his bag showing his true form underneath. His body shape and form was made with countless bugs. Million and millions of bugs of all shapes, sizes color and species. With nothing to hold them the bugs started to fall while Oogie Boogie cried out. "Now look what you've done!"

"He's made of bug?" Hermione exclaimed and she was not the only one shocked and grossed out by this news. Many students shivered or gagged at the fact his body was nothing but bugs. It was a nightmare to some. Ron closed his eyes trying to focus on the hopeful motion that he was not part spider.

His 'mouth' even moved like before as he started to squirm and fall apart all the while Oogie Boogie cried "My bugs, My bugs, my bugs…" his form became less and less prone as more bugs fell, many into the stew he tried to kill Sally and Santa with. He kept crying while his voice became more high pitch and distorted. "My bugs, my bugs, my bugs…"

Sally watched open mouth at this while Jack stared solemnly and even Zero came forward as all of Oogie Boogie was small crawling and dying bugs. One single bug was crawling away fast with the smallest high pitch voice cried out, "My bugs, my bugs…my" before he was squished underneath Santa's boot.

"So the boogie man is a harmless bug to begin with?" Hermione said solemnly thinking hoe it made a bit of sense.

Ron could not help but grin though, "And he was squished by Santa in the end."

Santa closed his eyes. He may have a bit of regret ending the life of Oogie Boogie but he also felt it was the right thing to do.

As he grinded the bug Jack came forward to Santa, "Forgive me Mr. Claws." He said as he pull out Santa's hat from his coat. "I'm afraid I've made a terrible mess of your holiday."

"Bumpy sleigh ride Jack?" Santa asked as he took his hat back.

Jack chuckled, "You always seem to know everything huh?"

Santa also gave a small laugh, "Well…not everything."

Students looked at him and they say he had a twinkle in his eyes.

"The next time you get the urge to take over someone else's holiday, I'd listen to her!" he pointed to Sally who was half hiding around a pillar. "She's the only one who makes any sense around this insane asylum."

Santa dusted off his hat and places it on his head as he mumbled to himself. Jack then said as Santa made to leave, "I hope there's still time…"

"To fix Christmas?" Santa finished. "Of course there is! I'm Santa Claus!"

The muggleborns nodded knowing their nightmare ended on a good note that night even if they had to relive it.

And with that Santa touch the side of his nose and with his magic flew up the same vent he came down in but this time with ease. Jack stood there staring at Santa, wondering how he did that.

"Magic Jack, Magic" Fred said with a grin.

Gorge nodded, "You think you would know that by now."

Jack laughed as did the other students.

Sally came out and walked over to Jack. "He'll fix things jack. He knows what to do."

Jack turned to her, "How did you get down here Sally?"

Sally was embarrassed, "Oh-I was trying to…Well I wanted to-to…"

"To help me?" Jack finished stunned and slightly touched.

Jack smiled at Sally glad she went all out of her way to help.

"I couldn't just let you just," she started turning away slightly.

Jack placed a hand on hers. "Sally, I can't believe I never realized that you…"

Several students gasped softly wondering what Jack was thinking off.

He was stopped when a light broke through the darkness and the Mayor cried out, "Jack! Jack!"

The students before groaned softly at the bad timing. Once again Dumbledore chuckled at the antics of the Mayor.

The pair turned, shielding their eyes to see the Mayor with Lock, Shock and Barrel peeking out of a door high up while Shock shined a light on the pair. "There he is!" Lock tried.

"Alive!" Barrel added while Shock finished, "just like we said."

"Grab ahold my boy!" the Mayor cried as a rope was thrown down.

Jack took the rope in one hand and Sally's in another before the pair was pulled up.

McGonagall sighed as the chapter ended. Students were talking quickly among themselves each talking about what they heard. Some talked about what jack did in the fight while others talked about how freaky Oogie Boogie was. Jack grinned as did Sally, "Almost there," he muttered to himself.

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