Harry's Nightmare Before Christmas

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(Story start)

Dumbledore took the book once more knowing this would be the end and started off,

Chapter 15; The Nightmare Ends

Over the radio air the reporter was finally speaking some good news to the people up this night. "Good news folks. Santa Claus, the one and only, has finally been spotted. Old Saint Nick appears to be traveling at supersonic speed. He's setting things right, bring joy and cheer wherever he goes. Yes folks, Kris Kringle has pulled it out of the bag and delivered Christmas to excited children all over the world!"

The students cheered much to Santa's amusement. Jack chuckled as well but listens as he never knew the details of what Santa did when he left.

Indeed Santa was moving at speeds he never moved before. He appeared in homes that Jack had visited and grabbed the toys and presents the skeleton left behind and left the real ones instead. While he was moving fast he still took time to see the scared children and took a bite of a cookie or two and a drink of milk to help refuel the magic he was using.

"So that's why we leave out milk and cookies that night." One muggleborn first year exclaimed.

Santa nodded, "Yes, traveling around the world in a single night is not an easy thing to do. While Mrs. Claus always makes sure I have a box of goodies for the trip to help I always have one or two of the cookies left out to help refuel the magic I used. It is hard work but the result of seeing all the joy the next morning is well worth the effort."

The students smiled, thankful that Santa went through all that trouble just for them and many vowed to leave something special for the next Christmas and the ones to come after.

He took one jumping possessed jack-in-a-box with a pumpkin head and handed a large candy cane with a ribbon to the frighten boy.

He took the flying cat doll and the wooden vampire duck that was pounding on the door to get inside and left a toy sail boat and teddy bear in their place on the floor before he left. The kids heard the sound of the toys stop and they peeked out and gasped in joy seeing their real presents.

Colin looked at the head he gotten frowning sadly while his parents were still out cold. He gasped when a gloved hand took the head from him. He turned to see Santa, the real one he decided, and he held him a puppy which was panting happily with its tongue out and tail wagging all with a bow around its middle. Colin cried out in joy before he hugged his new puppy.

Colin smiled and turned to Santa, "Thanks Santa. We love Sparky."

Santa chuckled and nodded.

Hermione was in her mother's arms as they heard the sound of the dragon monster outside the door. Then the sound stopped and Hermione peeked her eyes from her mother's arm. The parents and child got up and slowly move towards they door. Before her father could open it they all heard a laugh, "Ho! Ho! Ho!"

Hermione gasped knowing this was the real Santa. And ran pass her father and open the door. On the floor was a pile of three thick books and a note on top. Hermione picked the note up and it said,

Hope these stories are better than the one I picked up. As for a friend, I cannot make a child be your friend as that is something you must do yourself. But somewhere out there, are friends that will be beside you always.

Have a Merry Christmas,

Santa Claus

Hermione gasped at Santa's note believing him. She then picked up her books, after checking they were fine, and brought them to her parents.

Hermione smiled remember that part of her frightful night. Not only for the note but the fact Santa was right. 'Who would have thought one of my best friends would be the one to cause me so much grief that night.' She then had a thought, "What did you do to all the presents?"

Santa looked her way, "Well I took them to a storage unit up in Christmas Town. When Jack came by later he took them back. I believe that he still has them."

Jack nodded with a smile causing several student to look weary.

Santa even manage to bring a present to the reporter by setting a fruit cake next to her as she finished her report. In Halloween town the townsfolk were sleeping after the terrible night and news of Christmas failing. They all were too tired and slept wondering what will they do now.

Then the two witches work with a start as they heard a loud toy horn. More folks woke up as the gate open and Jack rode into town in Mayor's car with Zero, Lock, Shock and Barrel and last but not least Sally. As they say him the townsfolk all cried out. People open their windows and stared out seeing Jack. "Jack!" "Jack's back!"

"Jack?" the creature from the black lagoon asked as she peeked out from the fountain.

"He's ok!"

"He's alright!"


Ron laughed, "They are really glad to see ya mate."

Jack nodded, "Yes they were very relieved to see that I was okay."

"Our reaction would have been the same if you were missing Harry," Hermione added to which Jack and Sally smiled gratefully.

As he rode pass them Jack waved at them as they started to sing.

Dumbledore cleared his throat as he started,

Jack's OK, and he's back, OK

As Jack got out of the car and walked up the steps to the town hall one child hugged his legs as Jack kept walking.

He's alright

Let's shout, make a fuss Scream it out, wheee

Jack is back now, everyone sing In our town of Halloween

Jack smiled as he picked the child off his leg and toss him lightly before he place him on top of the Mayor's hat.

Jack smiled at them all, "It's great to be home."

Jack laughed here while other students shook their heads.

They all paused when they heard the sound of jingling bells and the sound of a laugh. "Ho! Ho! Ho!"

They looked up as Santa flew overhead, nearly finish with his ride. He now had one last present to give, a peace offering so to speak. As he flew overhead he cried out, "Happy Halloween!"

Jack smiled as he wave back to Santa, "Merry Christmas!"

Santa and Jack shared a smile; that was the first time either of them spoke of cheer for the other holiday.

The townsfolk's all looked around as snow began to fall as Santa flew away. They all looked at it strangely as it gathered around fast due to the magic. Then the child on the mayor asked first.

What's this?

What's this?

I haven't got a clue

What's this?

What it's completely new

What's this?

Must be a Christmas thing

"They never seen snow before?" Ron asked wondering why they were acting like that.

Sally shook her head, "Never; that was the first time we ever saw snow before."

Santa then said, "And every year since we made peace I make one last stop at Halloween town, to make it snow one night for everyone in Halloween town to enjoy."

"And enjoy it we do," Jack added recalling all the times it snows and the games they played. He remembered when it snows at Hogwarts and he played like he did with Ron, his brothers and the others.

The werewolf looked as he started to become covered in snow and he shook his body to get rid of it.

What's this?

It's really very strange

The Mayor stuck out his long tongue and caught a snowflake. His face turned to his happy side as he found it delightful.

Soon the townsfolk were now starting to enjoy the snow. The vampires were skating on ice as they plays a game of hockey with a pumpkin. The zombie and the sea creature were making snow angels despite the weird shapes.

This is Halloween Halloween! Halloween! Halloween!

What's this? What's this?

Students were laughing hearing how the town folks played and acted in the snow for the first time. Jack smiled recalling how he played with them in the snow. He wished he could recall playing in the snow for the first time but it was a distant memory.

Jack was enjoying the snow as he was walking around seeing everyone enjoy themselves. He was hit in the face by a snowball much to his surprise. He looked and spotted Lock, Shock and Barrel laughing and peeking over the side of the fountain, Shock's hat still visible. Jack watched as the children played, one getting rolled in the snow like a ball collecting more snow. Jack laughed as he stepped over them so they would not have to stop.

Then Jack heard the professor, "Careful my precious Jewel."

Jack as stunned to see the Professor getting pushed by his chair through the snow wearing a coat and hat by someone new. She was tall and wore a coat as well. She looked a lot like the professor but with lipstick and clearly female.

"That's what he made?" Ron cried aloud stunned.

Fred and Gorge grinned at him, "Maybe he can help you brother,"

"After all,"

"There is no other way,"

"That you would be able to get yourself,"

"A girlfriend," they finished at the same time.

Ron glared ignoring the other students laughing.

Jack gaped at them not knowing what to say. He turned and then noticed something. Sally was slipping through the gate and out of town. Jack looked concern while Zero floated next to him.

Sally walked up to Spiral Hill in the moonlight. She knelt in the snow as he plucked at the pedals off a flower she picked in town. She sat there plucking thinking when she heard a voice she knew very well.

My dearest friend

But it was not Dumbledore who sang this verse. Everyone turned to see that Jack has stood up singing as he remembered that night. His attention however was solely on Sally. Dumbledore's eyes twinkled as he read on.

She turned and saw Jack standing at the base of the hill.

If you don't mind I'd like to join you by your side

Where we can gaze into the stars

Jack held his hand out to Sally as she stood up as well.

Jack starting to walk to Sally, making slow even stride with his long legs up the hill towards her as she stood up. As he got closer both beings on the hill sang softly,

The students were quiet as the pair sang together much like they did that night.

And sit together, now and forever

For it is plain as anyone can see

We're simply meant to be

As to everyone's surprise as they ended their song Jack and Sally kissed just like that night. Soon cheers and claps were heard, mostly from the ghost while students were recovering from this bit of news. Several girls were happy seeing as Sally had deep feeling for Jack even if he could not see them. Dumbledore finished the last paragraph with a smile that was shared with Santa.

The two stood in front of the other as they finished. The pair then pulled the other one closer and the two kissed. As they kiss the two pulled each other into a hug. As Zero watched on the two felt at peace and Jack now knew what he was missing.

And with that Dumbledore closed the book. Hermione turned at Jack and Sally who were smiling at them all. "I thought you said you two were simply friends."

Jack laughed, "I did not want to spoil anything and I was sure this would be in there."

Santa chuckled as he sat up "and so, everything worked out just fine. Christmas was saved, though there wasn't much time. But after that night, things were never the same; for each of holidays now knew the other one's name." he turned to Jack "And though that one Christmas things got out of hand, I'm still rather fond of that skeleton man."

Jack laughed "Yes well at least we all had fun that adventure."

The hall groaned while the ghost all seem happy that Jack enjoyed their gift. Santa then said, "Say Jack, shouldn't you be going?"

Jack blinked before he slapped his skull lightly, "That's right. I got to get back to Halloween Town. I still have to finish for tonight's Halloween."

Santa nodded, "Yes and I should head back home as well. Mrs. Claus is making a nice supper for tonight. Drop by if you can Jack."

Jack nodded as the three, Sally walking next to Jack, headed for the door. Students and ghosts all cried goodbyes and waved. Jack grinned as he turned at the door to the Great Hall, "Happy Halloween!"

"Happy Halloween!" the students, ghosts and some teachers cried back.

(Scene change)

That night at dinner talk was all about what they heard and what they believe. The visiting students asked about what they think while others talked about what they should do to help Hogwarts celebrate the Holidays better. It was not until Dumbledore brought in the Goblet of Fire did the students remember why everything was going on. In a flash of fire the three champions were named and Dumbledore was speaking to the crowd, "And now that our champions are named I would wish that all of you would cheer then on in the tasks ahead. For they will-"

But Dumbledore stopped and everyone watched as they saw why. The Goblet flashed fire again and a single piece of slightly brunt paper fell in the air. Dumbledore grabbed it and read for everyone to hear, "Harry Potter."

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