Disclaimer: This is an original Grand Theft Auto fan fiction. All names are entirely fictional and may be purely coincidental to others. However, the locations and references are real. This is purely for fun and storytelling.

Author's note: You can suggest, comment, rate and review. I'll be obliged by that. :) This is just the first story out of the trilogy. Enjoy the read! *Note* I'm resuming the story. I may update as soon as I can.

Chapter 1: Rock and a Hard Place


The city of Los Santos - the City of Saints, with its neon eyes glimmering, lit up in flames. The gloom has started to fade in as my eyes rolled down to see the sunset whispering me goodbye. Sirens howled noisily against the quaint atmosphere of Richman. The foreboding smell of death and gunpowder mustered around me. Flesh and blood broke down beneath the cold gray smoke from my gun as it dissipated amongst the shadows. Corpses and guns littered all over the floor. The final click of the trigger was ringing back to me, a sign that my whole trial in this mess was over. My thirst for revenge has finally quenched my losing hope but the whole scene was not the end, it was just the beginning. In fact, it started three weeks ago where all the chains linked...