Act 6: Urban Intervention

The sun was on the fritz, upset from our urban intervention. It was the brink of day. Humidity consumed the previous empty cold night. Honking of cars, people chattering, and the trains blazing along the rails beset the sun-soaked metropolis. Fizzy orange smog started to appear above the skylines stretching across the background. Golden rust poured beyond the clouds, silently floating unconcerned and aloof. Below, two cars were dangerously speeding fast along at the crisscross streets of El Corona and its adjacent districts.

We zipped through their dangerous game, Sonny on the wheels, and Rey and his cronies leading us the way. I was the riding shotgun. Rey had his own, two of them, welding TEC-9s. Rey was driving erratically, avoiding crashes that could lead to his inevitable end. His boys were managing this shootout, pumping jacks and sticks towards our fragile Washington. Sonny evaded most of the gunfire, about three or four bullet holes were been made so far. I wanted to shoot them but I needed the right moment so I had to watch the set piece come together. Friction sparked between theirs and ours. Sonny rolled down the roaring streets with caution whilst the leading car tailgated and bumped every car facing opposite of them. Obstacles we were facing were unpredictable traffic and hailing gunfire, which we need to avoid almost and always. Rey then shied away from traffic, turned towards the train tracks, sharply turning right through Ganton, the Grove country. Sonny followed but he headed through another route. He drifted down the next intersection and within seconds, successfully kept up with Rey.

"Come and get closer Rey." Sonny remarked as he changed gears and kept this foot at the accelerator.

Rey was on the fly, turning towards the cul-de-sac and heading through a narrow alley between an old wooden brown house and a cement fenced abode housing a Picador. Rey exited the alley and proceeded to pass through the Los Santos Aqueduct. Sonny jumped off the bridge and onto the Los Santos aqueduct, following back.

"Come and get me!" Rey taunted us beneath the soles of Los Santos.

After a brief moment, his cronies stopped firing at us and carried out a new game for us – Satchel Charges. Oh, they want a new challenge for us to achieve, how condescending am I. The rule of the game was straightforward: Avoid the satchel charges on the ground or its game over. There were neither twists nor cheats, just get out of the way. Sonny had our chance right in his hands. I had to strike through. The aqueduct was perfect for this since there were no people and cars. Followed suit, they dropped the first charge. Sonny veered out from the bomb as it exploded on time. I came out of the car again soon as we escape the blast and aimed at the tires. However, they dropped another satchel charge. Unfortunately, Sonny slipped through the on-ramp, though managed to miss the bomb again, but somehow I missed my shot.

Bad news had struck us again. By the time we pass the Commerce aqueduct bridge below, more of his men showed up, joining in. They were riding motorcycles, PCJ-600s, with the riders holding pistols and UZ-Is. I prioritized at the incoming attackers while Sonny focused in following Rey. I aimed for their tires, all exposed and easy to shoot. However, there was this "disadvantage", Sonny had kept the car out of his usual control, as a result, wobbly. I had to accept this but my aiming would seem to be the casualty. I had to understand the sacrifice so I had to go for an alternative and that is to divert myself away from the targeted car and take the incoming attackers out one by one instead. Despite the poor aiming, I had managed to hit two of them, watched as they rolled out onto the wet slate. This did not stop long enough though. More of them appeared once I took out the first wave. Bad news so far, Rey's friends had not stopped dropping charges but the good news is that two clueless attackers, recent of course, were been caught within the blast.

All of a sudden, a Packer came out of nowhere, crashing straight towards us. Four motorcyclists were guarding the Packer, also fiercely charging at us. Ignoring the convoy, I concentrated back at my attackers, hastily shooting some of them, hitting three by luck. We soon pass through a tunnel with haste and taut. Seven remained and they were still coming straight towards us. Three of them were about few meters apart. The Packer was running far behind, slow as if it could not cope up with the rush and go. The mayhem rung through the long and deep tunnel. Shootouts meandered through the silence and explosions ripped through the slate and the attackers. I was not finished from the fight. I was still battling with the motorcyclists. Rey's men dropped almost of their charges. It was an unfair battle but a battle nonetheless. Sonny was busy evading them while I am been occupied in taking out the nearest attackers and then the next wave. My pistol was running out of ammo yet there were enemies that needed a handful to waste at. I was hoping for the charges to comply with me, blowing them up with resourcefulness and patience. Yet, it destroyed only about a half of the attackers. Fortunately, the pillars were also their annoyance, hitting them could incapacitate the riders. After a couple of minutes along with their capability to hit those pillars with relative ease, it reduced their portion to just four attackers. I finalized by putting an end for the last four and hid back in the car to reload.

"Matt! Shoot the Packer!" Sonny's voice echoed.

The attackers were dead and the tunnel was clear with only the Packer, now near, and its guards remained. The Packer's body, I am sure of, was like an armor, absorbing bullets as if its panel were made of titanium. On the other hand, the windshield was not. It was rather a bit "exposed". The driver was clear through my eyes. He was emotionless, wearing a trucker's hat, sleeveless plaid shirt. I focused on killing him. I was on a gamble, the chances for the hit was slim. I was at three bullets short so I had to change to Desert Eagle-mode. There were been still more left yet it was hard for a proper response due to its recoil. I had to be careful in not letting go or I would become a splatter-bug on the pavement. The momentum was short yet strong, capable for the gun to take them out long enough to end the chase.

While bullets zipped through us, I armed myself with my Desert Eagle and fired at the front guard, taking out his first offensive. Then, I struck the second rider on the left side. I coupled off more shots towards the remaining riders thus enabling me to kill the ramp truck driver without interference. It seemed too hard to aim at the small glassy slit. I had to apply optimism here but to no avail. The rough and jagged floor of the aqueduct along with Sonny's unprofessional driving had made my aim worse. I could try some couple of hits but as I tried it, it only hit the hood and made a crack on the windshield, worsening the driver's and my line of view towards him. I fired two shots. The result was that only one bullet had hit the windshield, completely breaking it apart. I had to reload then back to the same routine. I thrust myself on to the side at the edge of the car window a little bit to get a good view of the Packer. I raised my Desert Eagle and shot the vehicle again. This time, it had hit the driver. He was been shot straight into his face and was killed instantly, slumped on the wheel with the appropriate lead-foot dead-foot. The Packer sheered through the left and began to slide over. The Packer went through three meters before it halted. The truck blew light grey smoke coming from the steaming hot engine as it finished sliding down. The impact was unbelievable. The remains of the beast began to disappear as the chase goes on. After a moment, the truck had disappeared from the outline. The zooming speed and the squealing of tires caught me back from my attention span.

"What? They're still alive?" Rey expressed disbelief.

Sonny laughed and said, "Look at them. What a shame. Matt c'mon! Shoot the tires."

I followed Sonny's order.

Finally, Rey was not on his unnerved and wracked driving anymore. It was at my ease after several minutes of running and gunning. I shot both back tires, spinning Rey's Savanna out of control. They were in a dizzying state but had expected an outcome, Rey's car rolled over unexpectedly. Sonny stopped the car and the rollover stopped simultaneously. The Savanna turned upside down, with Rey's boys dead inside and Rey coming out of the car all bloodied, and injured. He had escaped through the maintenance area. Both Sonny and I followed him, with our guns prepped up and ready.