Why is even NATO and Parliament trying to call me? Am I really necessary in this process? Why I was even elected to even be near humans? My energon rushed through my circuits. Thy called me because of unspeakable happened, and they want to consider it as a law ? What an act of foolishness...

During the years after the war, everything was finally in piece. Transformers lived among humans, disguising in human "skin".

Years calmly passed , sanitizing property damage and again rebuilding trust. My leadership was over, punishing both of our factions for bringing our war here.

Unfortunately, even living among humans, some new idealist were born. Transformers claiming that they are in love with humans. I couldn't even hear that theory. I hate humans, even loath them. At the beginning, I was idolizing them too much, but they proved to be... very.. primitive and unreasonable. I started to hate them by their decisions, way of thinking and even the way of living. Hate is a strong word, but I'm really feeling that way... No, I need to stay calm, now just waiting to call me.

Standing in this lobby is pain in the ass, I am focusing now on a text on a nearby wall, it was on Cybertron language: " Thus I shall enter here and have a good intentions, working for all races and citizens or I shall exist... Nevermore"

I started to growl in low tone, what a mockery...

After Megatron was defeated, NATO and Parliament joined forces, becoming one in decisions and plans.

A small man is now approaching me in a hurry, clacking with his business shoes on clear, white floor. He is holding a bundle of papers in his arms, handing them over to me, gently: "Mr. Prime, you are now clear to join this meeting."

I replied in a calm tone, smiling: "Thank you."

I started to walk in this long and boring hallways. Searching for a main room where everything will take place. On this meeting, all country's will partake, military officials will be there and President itself.

Finally, I approached doors made of wood, with carvings shaped in a world and two snakes.. One snake is metal and one looked like it is regular.. organic. They were curled, surrounding with their body's one another, their mouths open, looking on one another.

Placing my hand on that carving, it felt so right and yet in the same time I was angry. I paused for few minutes, still looking at this beautiful art. Opening those doors, I found all eyes now watching me.. human eyes. The hall was massive, decorations are everywhere, flags are waving near the windows and more then thousand seats for every human that means something.

I sat on my place, representing Cybertron race in general, but in most situations when I was called, I was always protecting, working for piece on human side. Protecting them from themselves.

In center of hall, there was speech stage, on top of it, it was yet again that logo with world and two snakes. Now a women with glasses, wearing black suit approached the stage. She started to talk, loudly, so anyone can hear: " All rise, for President of this New World!"

All of members rose from their places, giving most highest honor of them all. I just did this from regular respect for a "Top Dog". After all, there was only one President trying to maintain all of the country's.

President was a tall man, a real idealistic figure. He approached the stage, with grace and dignity. Now, talking, his voice is ringing in courage and hope: "Dear Parliament and NATO, my dear humans and Transformers alike. I have a revolutionary news that you will vote on behalf of it. Pushing love and laws in a new heights." He continues, now watching entire room: "Now, have in mind that you are the people who will vote and make the decisions on behalf of your emotions.. May the God be with you and good luck, ladies and gentleman."

The hall now echoed with applause, I feel sick, my receptors will fall off if this continues.

President is now taking seat in the first rows, crossing his legs. Being far more comfortable? Are you, Mr. President? Again I watched the stage, now approaching some Colonel, he is in his black uniform with white stripes on it, having medals on his left pocket.

He started with a long briefing: "Dear Parliament and NATO, Transformers and humans alike, I will be briefing you with this situation You may know me as a Colonel Radford." He paused slightly, moving and preparing his papers. He again looked at all of us, now echoing with only his voice: " You where invited on this discussion to be part of new law and future. In this past years we experienced great hardship and pain, but yet, we gained great allies and new friends. This past years, we had situations that they involved humans and Transformers alike, being in love relationships. We encourage those idealists so we can convert in new laws. Starting from legal love, to have a Hybrid. If you ask me what are Hybrids, I will tell you right now."

Hybrids? Human and Transformer? This is outrageous... This is ridiculous... How? My engine is working rapidly, watching more cautiously on this matter. Now grinning with pain expression.

People who are next to me, they felt that something is wrong, they pulled away from me.

Colonel continued, with blank expression, putting his hands on speech cabin: " Hybrids are species, a product of love from Transformer and Human, we gave this project a go. Chromosomes are practical match. So some of our top scientist researched and of course concluded that is possible that human and Transformer have a baby or a cub. We just need to help them and provide some of fusion material, to help fetus grow metal and skin alike , so that mother is not harmed in this process. Fusion material is a "gene" correction, where our Searchers place the electric impulses from their father to fetus, monitoring they growth and binding chromosomes and other parts on fetus. Fetus is being created by having sexual intercourse, of course."

This is disgusting.. I cant take it anymore... "You idiotic humans! Don't you dare vote for this law or abstract idea! How can you even bring this too discussion?" My wires tingled in my neck, interrupting the speech, now standing tall above anyone. It felt so good.

The whole hall is now looking at me, murmuring among themselves. Colonel stopped with the speech, tilting his head, being curious.

I continued: "How can you even let this? Humans and Transformers should not have any relationships at all!"

Somebody asked in a whisper: "Why? Because you are maybe a Prime? A "pure one"?

I roared across the room: " Yes, I am a Prime, I have some respect for everyone but this I will not approve. Why? Because of your intolerance, and primitive behavior! Disaster will fall upon us all if you do that! Just Imagine! How can I approve a mating that is involving my species with yours? Who is inferior? YOU! HUMANS! "

Now murmurs are becoming more and more louder, more country representatives are on their feet, pointing finger on me, hissing furiously. One women, from a country called Raizen Islands, stood up, she rose proudly up from her seat, turning microphone: "My dear fellow friends, I'm begging you, please stop arguing with a being that is too selfish.. Don't drop down to his level of reacting."

The whole hall was quite now, listening to her words in a some sort of relief and hope.

She continued with a smile: "Mr. Optimus, although we encouraged you and you've been a great help this past few years, you cant judge this, by your own cultural standards."

I hissed, now growling and scratching with my nails on wooden bench. No one will address me like that, no one.

"Listen here, you bitch! I will not tolerate this humiliation, just remember I am the one who defended you during the war!"

She started to laugh, unconsciously, she laughed at him? How could she? My teeth are now lightly transforming, metal spikes forming in my mouth, energon is now spilling onto bench.

She again laughed: "Just look at yourself, you are trying to be human, but you will never be one. As for a reply on your question, just remember the fact that you brought the war here."

She crossed her arms, watching me. I am trying now to pull myself, away from this shifting process that already began. My hands are now metallic dark gray ,claws sprouting, fake flesh twisting, reformatting. Transformers are allowed to have a mid-transformation, it is a state which Transformer is neither human nor mechanical in this form.

My metal teeth now clacking: "I warned you, don't make me trigger another war if this.. monstrosity happens."

Another man rose from the benches, having a cold stare in his eyes:" Mr. Optimus? Is that a threat? Really, why cant you even give a chance to them?"

I roared, climbing now on a bench, being in fear, my whole body is shaking, my face is sweaty and I could taste my own Energon in my mouth.

"I will never agree to this terms, It is despicable, literally having a hybrid between machine and flesh! This creature will be nothing, with no identity."

This man is now looking at me, with almost a pity now in his eyes, now whispering: "Have you ever been in love, to now such a thing? Who knows, maybe this will happen to you one day?"

I yelled now, my consciousness now almost fading, now thinking about to cut them all up, to end those miserable little lives right here. "I will never have a human mate, ever, it is a rarity that even a Prime has one. Besides, I don't need such stupid creatures in my sight , nor deserving nor being my equal."

I snorted, almost now feeling victorious, but those stares now became more harsh, more disgusted by this conversation. No, I couldn't take it, I rushed in a flash truth the entrance. I did it in a hurry, banging trough the door, scratching that emblem on the outside of it. Running away from them all, I just need a time for myself. When I shut the door tight, with a loud banging noise, I heard again continuation of voting.

I quickly left the building, just hoping that someday I will prove them that I am right. The Sun outside was bloody red, almost knowing that they sealed their faith. As I walked trough the streets, I started to question myself, returning back, being mainly "human". People are now used to Transformers walking or driving down the busy streets, having jobs, friends and... and mates..I guess. Maybe I was wrong? Maybe I should give them a chance? Maybe that human was right? Maybe having mate is a beautiful feeling? No, never.. I will never be In love, not even trying to having an equal beside me. I changed. I could never be with a human.

As I walked, I try to feel all scents from the streets, wanting to calm myself down. I could scent different meals, spices, various emotions and atmospheres. I just walked without a goal, time passed and deep night was upon as all. There is now a low commotion, almost mysterious air ,filling the streets. I remembered where my apartment was, it was two blocks away from this place. I started to walk again after I stopped, crossing few traffic lights. I could see now hookers on the streets, criminals and Transformers with bad intentions. In bars man and "bots alike are howling, singing dirty songs and regretting their mistakes.

Yes, this night is beautiful! Finally I reached my destination. Finally... I was in familiar surrounding, the children park was nearby, and at this time of night, there will be no one. I stopped to walk now, thinking where should I go. Yes, I could go there. It is perfect for cooling my head and my thoughts. Feeling yet again irritated and disturbed. My head was now a mess. Yes, I'm going there, no one could hurt me there or touch me.

"This activity..." I grumbled to myself walking in a hurry. The moon dancing behind my back with the stars, covering me in a pale moonlight.