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The leaves on the tree were changing colors, there was a slight chill in the air, autumn was definitely here. Lila loved this time of year, she thought it was beautiful but Sebastian didn't see what she liked about it. He existed for centuries, he saw it all before, but for his wife and his daughter's sake, he put on a fake smile and walked stiffly beside Ciel, who also wore a fake smile, while watching Lila and their daughter searching the field for the biggest pumpkin they could find.

"Oooh how about this one, peanut?" Lila asked, carrying her child in her arms over a few rows of pumpkins and squashes until she reached a massive pumpkin. "What do you think?" Lila was answered with a squeal and a round of applause.

"Sebastian!" She called, smiling at her soon-to-be-husband, "We've found one!" Lila stayed beside the pumpkin until Sebastian picked it up like it weighed less then a feather. "May I ask what you're planning on using this pumpkin for?" Sebastian asked, walking back to the barn where he left Ciel.

"I'll be making pies. We already picked out a few pumpkins to use to make jack-o-lanterns," Lila smiled. "Bard and Finny have already placed them in the carriage, didn't I tell you?" Sebastian didn't say anything, he just continued to walk to the carriage with the pumpkin while Lila took Ciel and their daughter to pick apples with Meirin and Elizabeth.

"How'd you get so lucky to find a girl like Lila?" Bard asked, blowing a smoke ring in the direction of the wind so it didn't blow in anyone's face. Sebastian put the pumpkin in the back of the carriage that Soma and Agni arrived in and smirked. "We are similar." He responded.

"Remember, peanut," Lila said to the three year old in her arms, "Twist and pull, so you don't hurt the trees." The little girl did exactly as she was told, reached her tiny arms up and picked the apple from the tree.

"Good job!" Lila cooed, kissing her pale blonde hair. Elizabeth squealed at how cute she was and Soma smiled. "May I hold her, Lila?" She briefly considered saying no, but Soma was pouting and Agni was standing right beside him, so she knew that even if he did drop her, Agni would catch her before she hit the ground.

She looked over her shoulder to make sure Sebastian was still at the carriages with Bard and Finny before she handed over her toddler to Soma. He had his arms around her waist and he held he with surprising grace, like he knew what he was doing. "Hello Priya." He cooed, stroking her pale cheek with his index finger, which she immediately grabbed hold of and put in her mouth.

Lila snorted when Soma made a noise of disgust and took her baby back. "I think she likes you." She teased. Soma pouted and went off to annoy Ciel, Agni quickly followed, Lila rolled her eyes. "I don't want Soma to hold her." Sebastian informed her from behind, he wrapped his arms around both his girls and inhaled the scent of her perfume.

"Why not?" Lila questioned, leaning into his embrace. "He was perfectly gentle with her, and Agni was standing right beside him so she was safe. Do you honestly think I would let him harm her in any way?" Sebastian didn't answer, he just released Lila and took his baby in his arms.

He pushed a lock of pale blonde hair behind her ear and marveled how she looked so much like her mother, with her pale blonde hair and her green eyes, but she had his facial features and smile. She yawned cutely and rubbed her eyes with her tiny fists.

"I think it's time for her nap..." Lila remarked. Sebastian nodded in agreement and cuddled his daughter closer to his chest, where she rested her cheek and fell asleep. Lila smiled and took one of Sebastian's hands in hers, together they walked back to the carriages.

Lila went into the carriage first, and she took the baby from Sebastian so he could get in himself. She put the baby in her carrier and tucked the pink bunny baby blanket around her. She instantly turned over and clutched the stuffed panda that Lau and Ran-Mao gave her when she was born. The blanket was a gift from Elizabeth.

"We made a beautiful baby." Lila said quietly. Sebastian kissed her. "Yes we did." He turned to his child and pressed a kiss to her forehead. "Good night, Gracie Adele Michaelis."